Anyone write their own lyrics?

Anyone write their own lyrics?

I myself am 18, my name is Chad. I am wanting to make a career out of music myself, David Cook has been a huge Inspiration to me! I am just teaching myself guitar at the moment, I haven't actually written anything myself yet. I hope to get there someday soon Smiling

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I've written my own lyrics and music. I actually recorded some songs with a guy that use to be in Ricky Nelson's band. I've written more poems and songs, but not too much lately since working and living life usually sucks my energy. Every once in a while, when I get in the mood, I write something new. I always find David Cook an inspiration and good influence in that way. Good luck and welcome to this site.

I've contributed to the Poetry & Lyrics thread. Great thread, by the way.
Writing and music are my "things". They just click in my head, like how some people can draw/paint. That doesn't work for me so much Smiling
Once again, thanks for the new contribution to the DCO community!

I write lyrics too. I have been working on getting my lyrics published for the last 3 years.
I started the Poetry and Lyrics thread on here ( Off Topic) about 2 years ago and I'm glad people are still contributing to it. Smiling Although I am not musically inclined I sing and I have a good ear for melody. I love music and writing.. Thanks for this thread. Smiling

I love to write lyrics to the songs I play on piano. I'll just play some random notes, throw in a few words here and there...(: I love music and I love to write. I'm so passionate about creativity....thanks for this thread Smiling