Best of Acoustic Dave (DCO)

Best of Acoustic Dave (DCO)

With all the new acoustic performances, I've decided to revive this thread.

We previously compiled a playlist of our favorite Acoustic performances by David up to roundabouts end of 2010. Here are the links if you want to check them out.

Best of Acoustic V 1.0
> Best of Acoustic Dave (Youtube Playlist)
> Best of Acoustic Dave (Mp3's)

Now it's time to start creating a Best of Acoustic Playlist V2.0. My thinking is that this list will only include acoustic performances from the TLM era, starting in 2011. The procedure is pretty simple - I'll nominate a song, then you vote on your favorite video and/or mp3 of David performing that song acoustically. You can either give the link in your post, or just give the Youtube username of the person posting the vid in your vote, so we know which video you are referring to.

Best of Acoustic V 2.0
> Best of Acoustic Dave (2) Playlist
> Temporary Youtube playlist (possible vids to choose from on current round of voting)
> Concert Setlist Archive (thanks to Livehead16)

Voting is usually open for a 24 hour period, but over weekends it stays open until the following Monday.

We've defined 'acoustic' pretty widely in the past - almost the only kind of performance that doesn't qualify as acoustic is when Dave and/or Neal/Devin are using electric guitars.

To help you with finding vids, I've created a temporary Youtube playlist where I will post some vids of the song we're currently voting on. If your favorite performance is not on there, just add the link in your vote.

Once we have chosen our favorite performance of a particular song, I will add them to the Best of Acoustic Dave (2) Playlist linked above

Thanks in advance for participating!

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Sorry guys - I'm a bit stuck trying to sort out my priorities. I still have to make mp3's of our choices (not a biggie, but something I want to do). Plus I really need to get some RL work done before I set off for my GDCCE V3.0. Best of Banter and Best of Covers will prolly be easier to do - there are simply too many vids to choose from if we want to do all TLM-era songs!

Will chew on this a bit, and let you know.

I have missed this thread but agree that waiting might be a good idea Smiling
Or do something like covers. He seems to do those for awhile and move on to new ones....

What a difference a day or two makes. I think it is safe to say we have put the best of banter or the best of TLT on hold for a wee bit. I'm pretty sure we will be kept busy for a while with the new tour. I just want to keep this thread up so it doesn't get lost again.

CYE - I'm looking forward to meeting you in Grand Prairie, and when it gets closer we need to figure out a good meeting spot.

Thanks Earlybird - yeah, it's wonderful how it all worked out perfectly within my time frame. Smiling

Heh, let´s do it all! The best banters might be a bit too tough ( tried it by myself for a while! )
Love the idea of best covers, but love also the idea of the best of TLT.

CYE, you lucky lady being able to go to see him!!!

I am just too fond of the FIM videos we already struggled over to vote for the Aloft performance. It was very good, but I think we already have the best of the best out there.

CYE, Are you talking about doing a Best of This Loud Tour like the Best of Declaration tour where we vote on the best videos for each song overall for the tour? That sounds like fun, but so does the covers best and the banter and other antics would be great. That Ugly meter pro would have to be close to the top.

CYE, I like the idea of a follow-up to the best of this Loud tour and beyond. The covers would be great because some he did some so many times, it is hard to process it by myself....I need you guys to help Smiling AND you can't go wrong with banter either, though I think that would be tough because there is so much out there. I guess anything works for me Smiling

I haven't forgotten about you guys, just got distracted by CONCERT!!! DATES!!!!

LOL Earlybird, I would take your suggestion if we didn't already have 4 FIM's on our playlist Eye-wink

We would have to kick off Jakarta if we add it as 1st place acoustic tie - anybody want to second that?

I agree, I don't want it to be over. Best covers is a suggestion I've heard quite a few times, so I'm up for that. Was also thinking of a Best of This Loud Tour & Beyond (all songs), to mirror the Best of Declaration Tour playlist we did on the previous cycle. Or (a personal favorite of mine) - Best of Banter & Antics (2). What do you guys think?

I agree with HB with her choices, but I´d love to see FIM, Aloft among the best three performances, perhaps even at the second place right after IP. I love the sensitivity of the Aloft performance and his guitar playing on it ... so beautiful!

I don't want to be done Sad I agree with Hummingbirds choices!
Maybe we need to do the best covers since we are finishing the acoustic!!

Okay, I guess the time has come to get these votes in.

CBTM - no changes. My vote stays with the original 2.

Kiss You Tonight - by tiggy3323 at the Tin Roof in Nashville.

Laying Me Low - again by tiggy3323 at Tin Roof in Nashville.

We just can't be done. We have to have missed a song or 2 or a venue or 3!!! Sad

Sorry CYE. There are a lot of videos to go through and I had grandchildren this weekend. I will get on this tonight.

By the way, thank you for the link to that mp3 of High and Dry from Nashville.

Hey hey HEY!!! Where is everybody? Eye-wink

I was hoping to get more people in on this, but let's just go for # 7 as winner and #12 as honorary mention. Which means .... WE'RE DONE!!!!! *throws confetti*

That is, unless we want to change any of our previous winners to one of the performances at Aloft. We've already chosen High & Dry, so the question is whether we want to replace any of the following:

Here's a playlist with vids from Aloft:

You can compare that to our previous choices:
> CBTM (winner) and (honorary mention)
> LO (winner 1), (NOH)
> FIM (acoustic) (1st place tie) and (tied(

And then of course, we have to choose our best Laying Me Low. We also haven't chosen our favorite vid of Kiss Me Tonight. For both these songs, I've added the vids I know of to the temporary playlist. So ... you know the drill.

Hmmm .... looks like this is going to take us a leetle longer Eye-wink

Hummingbird, great minds must think alike because I went back and forth on those 2 as well! Maybe we should have them both Smiling

Oh geesh!! I got down to two but i'm stuck right there. I am split down the middle between videos numbered 7 and 12. 7 is the same one millybee voted on, and 12 also Andy and Kyle in it just like 7 but there is something about the harmonies in that one. I think I need to sleep on it.

Well, after watching all 29 videos I am down to 7. Pretty good for 1 night I would say. I will try to narrow it down tomorrow night to 1 or 2.

This was the toughest one yet for me. So many great videos to listen too Smiling I think my choice though is Mix 102.9 ( )

So nice to see activity here again Smiling I will start listening to the new list !

Ok, I've added all the performances I'm aware of to the temporary playlist:

If you have any others you want to nominate, please feel free.

There is a mp3. Hummingbird - Password is dc42

Okay, will add them to the playlist as soon as I figure out my login details (on vacay, so not on usual computer).

Next up is The Last Goodbye. There are dozens of them - check out the playlists here and then there's a few other concerts too.

I agree with both songs too. That new High and Dry is the most beautiful thing I have heard in a while. I wish I knew how to do an mp3.

I also agree with both songs!

Agree CYE, on both songs Smiling

Changing my vote QTT's choice. If we can get 1 more vote for that 1, it's a wrap for To Be With You.

In the meantime, can we all agree that Kccatdr's vid of High & Dry is the new best?

Sorry guys, still hopelessly embroiled in RL. Just a few more days, then I will have much more time and we'll get this thing done, I promise!

I know I don't usually speak up in here, but I happened to stop in and saw you were considering To Be With You videos, so I thought I'd put in a word for my favorite: I think the vocals are clearer than the one mentioned, PLUS it has the most complete banter - both before ("You're about to see history being made...") and after ("Someone take that microphone away from Monty. Please."). What's not to love? Eye-wink It's taken from the other side, so alas, there's no closeup of Monty's adorable smiling face, but I think there are strong points for both, so maybe both could be included? Laughing out loud

(CYE, I'm with you on the beauty of his voice on that CBTM video. With his one-time-only singing that amazing phrase in one breath, hitting & holding that note, it's a one-of-a-kind version. It's unfortunate that so much was cutoff at the start. I'd love if someone could add the missing beginning from some other version. Wish I knew how to do that.)

Very quiet in I am bumping this back towards the top of the page Smiling

That video of TBWY is my to go for that song, so ITA with your choice CYE. Smiling

Got 2 votes via twitter for Nashville Light On so adding that as winner. Next up is To Be With You - Downtown Orlando Festival. This is my fave -

If you have a different favorite vid of this performance, feel free to link. Otherwise we'll just add this one.

LOL Hummingbird it did help. Not to worry - I just heard *my* version again for first time in ages and was overcome with love (again). Your reasons are very cogent, so let's leave it as is.

So let's get back to business. Thanks for finding the Purple Rain vid, Hummingbird - adding that to our list. We're still agreed on the original CBTM and FIM, but there's a difference of opinion on LO. Gonna put this out to a twitter vote - if we don't get any more votes, I'll just cast a deciding vote so we can move on to the next song.

Hummingbird, I like the idea of both songs on the playlist Smiling

Hi CYE, and its good to see you back here.

I remember voting on these. You are right. That 1:50 part of the video you like is killer and I don't remember David doing that again. Back when I voted though, and still today, I like the original choice better for several reasons. It is a better audio but look at the venues too. It is on a sound booth at a radio station. The audio should be better so I can't really give it to the videographer on that point, or that it is a very professional looking video because it was taken by, most likely, a pro. For me one of the reasons is that the one with the 1:50 moment is not the full song. Quite a bit was cut off at the beginning. There were also a few seconds in that video just before David quit playing momentarily, where it sounded like some bad notes were hit. I noticed Neal looking at David a little strangely when I heard that, and it wasn't very pleasant to my ears. My last and lamest reason for choosing the first video we chose is the humor I find in it. I start chuckling when I see that the 2 guys are not taking their eyes off of David and at least the one guy is bobbing his head to the music,but the girl is unaffected. She watches for a few seconds then turns around and does other stuff all throughout this video. Then when the guys are appreciative at the end, but all the guy said to David was "You are obviously very well rehearsed." and at that, I crack up laughing.

(Pats thread-mom on back to soothe any ruffled feathers, and gives giant ((((HUGS)))) to make her calm down and stop stomping feet, and then says "I love you anyway." to hopefully keep dear thread-mom from throwing a full blown temper tantrum with tears and all.) Did any of that work CYE? Honestly, I do like the original best, but can't we have them both on the playlist? It is your thread and your rules.

But the second one has that beautiful part at 1:50 where he goes up and just stays there! *stomps foot*

CYE: What I wanna know is how come we didn't choose this one. Why not, huh? You tell me one good reason.....

Welcome back!

Personally, my reason is the first video has better audio Smiling I am ALL about that beautiful voice Smiling

I'm back!

But before we carry one, I want to correct a patent injustice. For Best of Acoustic 1 we chose this CBTM. (from the Bob & Tom show) -

What I wanna know is how come we didn't choose this one. Why not, huh? You tell me one good reason .... *looks around pugilistically*

After careful consideration, I think I will stick with the original favorites for CBTM, LO and FIM. For Purple Rain I would like to vote for from Nashville.

Favorites are
Come Back To Me (943thepoint)
Light On (lightonforcookie...Nashville)
Fade Into Me (justicelvr)

Wow, I can't believe I've been away that long! *kicks work and RL*

I've added those two to the final playlist. Before we go on to TLG, let's decide if we want to replace any of our current choices with one of the Nashville vids. The other songs performed at Nashville were:
1 Come Back To Me Previous choice:
3 Purple Rain Previous choice: Video lost Sad((
4 Light On Previous choice:
5 Fade Into Me Previous choice: and (tie)

The Nasvhille vids I know of are on this playlist: . Enjoy!

Have to agree with Hummingbird: Cooksongrl's from Tampa and tiggy3323's from Nashville

And welcome back CYE!

Since we can choose two I am going with Cooksongrl's from Tampa and tiggy3323's from Nashville.

Oh, and CYE, I'm very gla-ad you are ba-ck. Smiling

I'm ba-ack Smiling

I've added 2 vids from Nashville to the temporary playlist -

You know the drill ....

And yes Hummingbird, we can choose 2 versions, one from Nashville, and one from another concert. Anything to make the choices easier Eye-wink

Sure we can CYE. I think I want to change my vote on TLSIWFY anyway. I loved the performance in Nashville, but it seems like a different song so I am hoping we can pick 2.

Have a fabulous vacation!!! Smiling :) Smiling

Sorry guys, I'm on vacay with limited internet access - can we let this stand over until late next week?

These songs just seemed much more personal, intimate. It was like he was singing just to the listener. They were so easy to connect to! He is such an amazing talent!!

LOL, it seems that every new performance of any song feels better than the earlier one Sticking out tongue. David simply gets better and better performance after performance. Or - is it because we miss him so bad!

LOL I was just coming to post the same thing Hummingbird! But for now, let's just add this performance of TLSIWFY to the current round. We can wait a few days for more vids to surface.

So thread mom, are we starting over on the 5 songs David did last night in Nashville? LOL!!!

Good, then I´ll stick to my both #1 videos Sticking out tongue Smiling

We could choose two as a tie ...... If we can agree on which two Smiling