Carrie Underwood "Blown Away" era.

Carrie Underwood "Blown Away" era.

Hi guys! If you read any of my comments or my introduction, you know how much I love Carrie, and the fact that shes good friends with David. I think this is the right place to start this post.

Since Carrie´s first single from album #4 was released yesterday, I wanted to create this thread to keep the ones interested in updates of what's gonna be her very best album yet. (Her own words, and she never said this before).

Yet to be titled album is due to be released May 1.
Lead single "Good Girl" is out right now. Here's a link to hear it:

It´s a rocker and of course I'm super excited.
A few tips here and there:
*Album has a lot of rock and a lot of country.
*It's got "the biggest ballad of the ballads"
*More than one song with death as a subject.
.She´s convinced that this time she has the best group of songs possible, and she took her time with this one since she felt she needed to "take a step back" and think about why she´s doing this.
*No mushy love songs on the album.

Also there is another (appearently) pair of songs confirmed.
-Leave Love Alone (info and demo here:
-Wine After Whiskey (Co write form Play On era, recently listed as a performer and ´demo taken down FAST. Here's a link to the lyrics:
We know it's a ballad with lots of falsettos.

If you guys have ANY questions, or want links of something I said here, I will search them for you. I will also update this thread regulary.
Love, Leandro.

EDIT: Just a while ago the title and cover art were revealed, piece by piece. Album's called "Blown Away" and here´s cover art:

Personally, I adore the picture, the atmosphere, and everything about it. I'm incredibly happy right now.

EDIT 2: Video for Good Girl was just released. Link:

EDIT 3: Tracklisting is out.

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For some reason that Idol stage seems to rattle even the best of the AI's. I think Carrie seemed a little rattled, but she still did a great job. I do love the song. I think she might have another hit on her hands. Can't wait until David rocks the stage on 10 May!

It's been a while since I posted...anyway, the album's out today. Itunes, ohysical, everything, here's a link (youtube) with the whole album, but you can buy it wherever you want if you want it.

Music video for Good Girl just released, see above.

Boy, she has sure come a long way from Chekotah. Looking forward to hearing this.

Album title and cover art revealed today. Chek above.

I take it back, Mainedefan - I thought I had bought it but I bought a salute to Carrie so its someone that sounds like her. Drars! Had no idea until now.

Mainedcfan - I happen to have bought HSM just recentlybon itunes. Its definitely there.

LaviniaP: She is!!! Number 1 on Itunes, SOOOO Much buzzzzz lol. It's yet another samsh for her, for sure. The diference is, this time she´s really, fully satisfied with what she's done. Not that she weren't before, but it seems this time she's done what she wants to completly, hence taking more time. So happy.

mainedcfan: Can you send mp3 files by PM? If so I'll send it to you. I have no idea if it's available on Itunes anymore. I can also send it by hotmail. I don't think it's possible in facebook right? Just PM me with your favorite route hahah.

Leonuru - I've been trying to find her cover of "Home Sweet Home"....can't find on I-Tunes or (another place I was told to check). I put a question on her website & only got 1 suggestion - to make an MP3 of a Youtube of it. I don't know how to do that.

Maybe you can help me? Do you know where I can find a download of it? I'm certainly willing to buy it if it's available somewhere. Thanks!

Just popping back in to say your girl is already setting things on fire with thisvnew song. She strikes gold every time!

I love it!!! Its very hooky and fun. Should be another hit for the very talented Carrie Underwood.

Now if only she could convince her good friend, David Cook to do a duet ... Heaven.

Anyway, great song. Sure the entire album is fantastic.