Cookie Crumb Thread! (David Cook Misc. Info)

Cookie Crumb Thread! (David Cook Misc. Info)

Thought this would be a great place to put the little things re: David Cook that are not really news worthy for the Main Page Daily Digest! Just put the stuff in here! Thanks!

Putting this link to the sister thread!

Also putting this link in here so we can see what events etc are coming up! It has all the links for the interviews and such!!

Also adding this Twitter acct to get daily updates!
AND this link for Radio Shows!

THIS THREAD IS NOT for Complaining about his hair, smile, or cloths!! Please do that somewhere else! Thank YOU!

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DC mention #23!!! 28 Signs You Grew Up In Kansas City … via @danoshinsky @buzzfeed

[BLIP] via @nashvillegab | 6. Kiss You Tonight [Written by David Cook, Jay Knowles & Trent Summar] - a song (cont)


[BLIP] US Weekly - No. 24 | Steven Van Zandt mentions Edie was gift from David Cook

‏@FoolsApril64 23m

[ROUNDUP] David Cook related tweets, photos/video, etc. re 25-Jul private event at Hakkasan (Las Vegas)

David, Nick and Andy in Las Vegas on 7/24/13 (Private Show?)

@andyskib how does @nickadamsdrums do it? Wha??? Hash tag amazing

‏@andyskib Get it @thedavidcook!

[ROUNDUP] David Cook related tweets, photos, audio/video re 3-Jul 99.7 The Point Summer Concert Series

Here's the link to the David KC pics!

David at Tin Roof!!

@TinRoofNash - David Cook joins 'OKIES & friends' to benefit tornado victims of OK

3 songs #FromHereToZero a NEW song and #LayingMeLow Acoustic set with @thedavidcook @andyskib @TinRoofNash

@drccougar1: Mr. David Cook, ladies and gents. #americanidol #tinroofnashville

[ROUNDUP] 29-May David Cook joins "OKIES and Friends" to benefit tornado victims of OK - Chirpstory -

@drccougar1: Mr. David Cook, ladies and gents. #americanidol #tinroofnashville

Mr. David Cook, ladies and gents. #americanidol #tinroofnashville

Ran into sir @thedavidcook at the Tin Roof in Nashville show benefiting the families in Oklahoma! Awesome show!...

Saw @thedavidcook for the first time in forever tonight!!

always good seeing @thedavidcook

Yea, im really awkward in this, but David Cook was awesome tonight!

me and @thedavidcook at the Tin Roof last night.

Just a little sneaky peek from last night!!

David Cook and Andy Skib - From Here to Zero (2 partials) - Nashville, TN (5/29/13):
Kiss You Tonight!!
Laying Me Low!
@tiggz David Cook and Andy Skib - Laying Me Low - Nashville, TN (5/29/13)

From @Livehead16
Laying Me Low!!
Kiss You Tonight!
From Here to Zero!

GREAT Audio on these from @DRCRocksMe!
FHTZ & KYT 8:38
LML 3:35
and a 2 nice pictures from her! //
Ans this:
‏@DRCRocksme 6h
David Cook and Andy Skib warming up @TinRoof in Nashville,Tn.(snippet teaser): via @YouTube

Audios a bit scratchy but I love these 3 songs - David Cook: Okies and Friends Concert Video: May 29, 2013 …

These from @MayDayDC

Catching Up With David Cook

And Another CBTM from BTE Nashville!

Nice picture of Dman in Nashville at the BTE show

esel ‏@TheRealEsel 17m
With much hair pulling and gnashing of teeth I present my first YT upload ever. DC in Nashville.

RT @TheRealEsel Part two of my DC Nashville experience. … …

Another Purple Rain and banter at the end!

[BLIP] BuddyTV | Ranking the "American Idol' Goodbye Songs : No. 4 Don't You (Forget About Me) - David Cook

@lindsaybelcher: Sitting at a favorite watering hole and @thedavidcook comes on! Dammit! We miss you!

Aww <3 @tpepper1: My 4th grader had to draw a famous Missourian. She chose @thedavidcook andsome

David Cook News/Info ‏@FoolsApril64

[BLIP] Fox 17 WZTV | Kevin Griffin promotes benefit show 14-Mar (w/special guests David Cook & Emerson Hart)

Ida Red ‏@IdaRed

Thanks to @thedavidcook for shopping in the store today! Super nice guy. Tulsans make the best music!

@DavidCookSG: Ever wondered what's in @thedavidcook 's bag? Straits Times URBAN finds out!
7 Things In thedavidcook's bag.

COOKistas ‏@COOKistas

[VIDEO.] David Archuleta & David Cook greet ASAP a happy 18th anniversary (Tnx @jackryan4DA !)

David Cook News/Info ‏@FoolsApril64

@thedavidcook check out @pbschools Gavin Acree's "David Cook" in school's "Famous Missourians Living Museum" Smiling

@lmc1121 @bassnationaudio Guess Devin did a great sell job on Dave! lol j/k
BassNation-Audio ‏@BassNationAudio
Check out our NEW "Artist Page"

David Cook News/Info ‏@FoolsApril64

[BLIP] United Nations Foundation (fb) | "The world needs more bear hugs! [...] David Cook w/7-year-old Mekdes, ...

YES I have/HAD permission to post these this AM. I would NOT have done so if I did not so here we go again:

Just want people to know if you really want something bad enough you save for it & you can get it. I did!

Yes! I was the one who won the Analog Heart CD...and I'm not rich. I saved up really hard.

Being a very big fan of David's since the very beginning I am so happy to own this CD!

I actually cried like a baby when I won it. That's how happy I was to get it!

I am smiling from ear to ear.

‏@andyskib Just a couple a regular dudes talkin bout hearts and love and thangs (@nickgibsonmusic & @thedavidcook)

‏@andyskib He thinks he's betterT than Jimi Hendrix....I'll give him @montyanderson

Nick Gibson ‏@nickgibsonmusic
The @andyskib licious...from where I sit next to @thedavidcook as we craft a sawng ...

@coreycrowder: Hangs with the dudes tonight in downtown Nash!

Not Bad mr Cook!
David Cook News/Info ‏@FoolsApril64

[BLIP] Forbes | The 10 Top-Earning American Idols of 2012 - No. 10 David Cook

[BLIP] FtLeavenworthLamp | "David Cook signed a short snorter during a USO tour of Operation Enduring Freedom"

David Cook News/Info ‏@FoolsApril64

[IMG] The David Cook-signed short snorter referenced in article tweeted earlier

Mariah Carey mentored the Idol contestants during David's season and now I love her even more after reading this:

PHOTO MENTION] Sprint Center Turns 5-concerts etc. thru the years | Slide 106 David Cook/Idols Live

#Awesome David Cook images to be included in Joseph Llanes upcoming photo book / love this pic

Brought over from DWoP by Incipit9:

There's DC and TC - Heh. About to enjoy MeatLoaf tonight -

>> @thedavidcook Getting ready to watch the glory that is @RealMeatLoaf and Co.!!! Even @turnmeuptc is excited!!!

And another quarter heard from -

>>Charley Belcher ‏@CharleyBelcher
@thedavidcook Dude! Meatloaf?! Color me jealous. - which is very damn funny.

and also THIS from last night!!
@thedavidcook: Finishing up a song with @BlairDaly. Two lefties writing! In medieval times, that would constitute witchery.

@strawberrius: @thedavidcook @BlairDaly that's gonna be a good one!!


@thedavidcook Happy 3rd TwBirthday! You've been around since 13 August 2009!

David Cook's Declaration is used as back sound of AXN Asia's August Program Promo. Ghetto video: @thedavidcook

Ghetto Video. ANC: Celebrities Tweet #PrayForThePhilippines. Features @thedavidcook 's message.


Foreign celebrities like David Cook and Ryan Seacrest tweet their support for the Philippines.

David next to Regis backstage at the Coliseum. Ha

@BrokenRecordMag RT @aimee2621 Haha @mattnathanson approves of @thedavidcook being on a cover of @BrokenRecordMag Smiling

Finally!! David on the XIX site!


[VIDEO] @fusetv | David cook Says Music and Sports Go "Hand in Hand" - Interview

Welcome to Jakarta Mr. David Cook Smiling

@EuniceGracenote: with David Cook. Always be my baby. Smiling haha #airportmagic

Went to the same place with DAVID COOK Laughing out loud //

Patti, thank you so much! I don't know what we'd do without you!

[AUDIO] David Cook phoner w/DJNina & VinceGolagnco at Mellow 94.7 (PHI) (w/thx2 @COOKistas)

Another David Sighting!
Dustin and I just saw David Cook in Guitar Center. Nashville...

Facebook - What does American Idol winner David Cook love about Lifetime Films "Making mothers cry since 1991"?

D sighting

Just finished batting practice for the MLB All-Star Celebrity Game. In 100 degree heat. Whew.

Me and David ran into @thedavidcook at the batting cages! (:
Jessica Urffer ‏@jessicaurffer

Me, David, and @thethedavidcook (: Urffer ‏@jessicaurffer

@jessicaurffer nice meeting you guys!