Cookie Crumb Thread! (David Cook Misc. Info)

Cookie Crumb Thread! (David Cook Misc. Info)

Thought this would be a great place to put the little things re: David Cook that are not really news worthy for the Main Page Daily Digest! Just put the stuff in here! Thanks!

Putting this link to the sister thread!

Also putting this link in here so we can see what events etc are coming up! It has all the links for the interviews and such!!

Also adding this Twitter acct to get daily updates!
AND this link for Radio Shows!

THIS THREAD IS NOT for Complaining about his hair, smile, or cloths!! Please do that somewhere else! Thank YOU!

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So awesome David's hosting the WT30! What does it mean though? Is FIM in the Top 30 or is he promoting TLM still? Or does none of that matter & it's just because he' know....AMAZING!! lol

WOOT! RT @Karen_FH re: Weekend Top 30 - David Cook to host Apr 7/8!!

Cant wait to see David on Idol Smiling XO.

Autographed baseball donated for school in Blue Springs sports team fundraiser

[IMPACT] David Cook w/RJ 'Tough Guy' Kaufman (pls read uploader comments - click 'Show more')

David on Idol! Fantastic news! Can't wait! Probably the only time I'll watch though.

~The World I Know is a better place because of David Cook~

David is going to be on Idol in May!! 4 years in a row!

@DTFoodWineFest: Take a look at pictures of @thedavidcook from the beginning of @AmericanIdol! #dtfoodandwine

David Cook singing "Billie Jean" has the record for most youtube views of an #Idol performance at 7.3 million

Thanks to Fools April David's last Q&A

Check out this link to see David as one of AOL's picks for their 10 top reality show musicians. Scroll down below the story about KC and click on D's picture to see the human vanilla Oreo "Cookie"..

1) Kelly
2) David
3) Carrie


another SC:

Scott ‏ @wehoscott
On the set with #DavidCook //

Hey P! Pwellwer 7... any change the whole interview w DJlisaFoxx would be on main page?

@Charley Belcher:: Me & the Cook boys. @TheDavidCook
and here is another one:

@COOKistas: PHOTO --> RT @rtbleck: Kickin it last tour with David Cook and world famous drummer @MikeOdabashian

Here is the whole interview from @DJLisaFoxx

More David at the Whiskey Jam:
Check out these pics from @TheWhiskeyJam with @TheJoshThompson @davidcookmusic and then some!

Part 1 of the interview that DJLisa had with David has been posted. Parts 2 & 3 should be up tomorrow.
2nd part

@SareenaPearce GHETTO VID of @thedavidcook's "We believe" on Germanys Next Topmodel last Night!

from @andyskib
bigger picture!/andyskib/status/175406805260845056/photo/1/large

Another nice picture of David at the Whiskey Jam!

Another David picture from last night!

Brought over from DWoP thread thanks to closeyoureyes

LOL. Poor Jim Shearer. He's as helpless as the rest of us. Now he's even dreaming of David ... and admitting it in public Smiling
@JimShearer: Last night I had a dream this happened. // Hairmageddon! Eye-wink

@Lissy_1224 reports that David Cook just called @MIX1051 . He'll be at the Food & Wine Fest in Orlando March31

@MIX1051: David Cook coming to the MIX105.1 Food & Wine Fest, get all the details on

and another one from Whiskey Jam!
American Idol winner David Cook @thewhiskeyjam


David Cook's "The Last Goodbye" music video on Japan's "Music Joy Full", video recording by @kyo_dcol

More info re: Rodeo
[FYI] more info posted re *UNconfirmed* 26-Apr David Cook at Clovis Rodeo (Fresno) per @CBS47 and @Y101Fresno

Concert News: 'Idol' David Cook yee haws in Clovis

[FYI] *UNconfirmed* Per @CBS47 and @ZaraTV David Cook is set to perform at the Clovis Rodeo 26-Apr (Thu)

from Twitter
Had a killer time with david cook! Great singer.

Here is one of my pics from the theatre when American Idol came to visit - "Pick a winner" lol

Nice David Mention:
Pssst. DC fans: Read last sentence of first paragraph: She gets it. Soothing to me too

Great song! I love Rocker Dave!!

Steven Cooper @iamstevencooper
Most people don't know that I'm old friends with American Idol WINNER David Cook. Here's a song I recently found...

That was funny. He said he believes everything David Cook says. Cute.

[VIDEO] *ghetto* Jim Shearer chats w/The Darkness' Justin Hawkins re David Cook stache tweet this AM on VH1

@COOKistas: Anthology San Diego reportedly* entered @thedavidcook 's "Light On" into the NATAS-PSW Emmy (cont)

David's Twitter Round Up thanks to Fools April 64:
[ROUNDUP] 2-Feb 11:35 PT David Cook Twitter Q&A (Note: @ signs removed only) … … … @thedavidcook: Home (cont)

Was then and still is: ADORABLE.

Per the OP ... NO hair convo in this thread please (it's meant for posting crumbs) ! Please take that discussion over to The Hair thread. Thank you!

thanks for both the link from the girl who won the skype chat and the link for the pass the bowl thing =)