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  3. We also want to maintain an atmosphere that is welcoming to David Cook fans everywhere, regardless of race, color, national origin, ancestry, creed, age, sex, disability, arrest or conviction record, marital status, sexual orientation or military status. Posts containing racial, ethnic, religious, political, sexual or other slurs, intentional attempts to drive posters away or make them feel unwelcome, or posts with the purpose of criticizing or insulting another poster will be removed.
  4. Please refrain from spreading rumors. If you did not receive the information you are posting from a credible source, please do not post it. Moderators reserve the right to edit or delete any posts they believe to contain false information.
  5. Discussing the personal lives of David, his band and/or his crew is not appropriate for these forums and will therefore be subject to removal.
  6. Posting stolen music or links to download content protected by copyrights and other proprietary rights is prohibited in these forums will result in disciplinary action that may include being banned from these forums.
  7. Impersonation of a band or crew member on these forums will result in the banning of that user.
  8. Image banners or advertisements for other sites are not allowed in these forums. The companies that advertise here have paid for that privilege. Exceptions: links to your social network pages (e.g., Facebook, MySpace) or to your DCO profile are fine.
  9. No spamming of the boards. This includes, but is not limited to, repeatedly posting the same or similar content or posting identical messages more than one time or in more than one forum, or registering for the sole purpose of promoting your website, e-bay auction, etc. (Exceptions: if you have or find an authorized charity auction that is directly David Cook related it may be posted to the Fan Discussion forum). Spamming also includes excessive no-text posts or posts made with such frequency as to disrupt normal operations of the forums.
  10. We’ve included a variety of forums for all sorts of different discussions. Please read the forum descriptions and post on the most appropriate board. Threads may be moved from one forum to another more appropriate at the moderator’s sole discretion.
  11. If you would like to start a new thread, please take the time to see if there is already a thread started for that topic. Duplicate threads are subject to removal at the moderator’s sole discretion.
  12. Please post in English only if possible. The moderators for this board can only moderate in English and will delete any posts or post content in any language other than English if deemed offensive.
  13. Internet etiquette states that UPPER CASE letters are shouting. Unless it is something urgent, please use lower case letters when adding new discussions.
  14. Any abuses of the private messaging system will result in a warning to the offending user and/or a possible ban. The contents of another member’s private messages should not be publicly posted on the boards without that member’s permission.
  15. Along the same lines, personal information (including photos) is not to be given out about any individual without their permission. In particular, persons under 18 years of age should seek parental consent before giving out personal information in public or private through the use of the forums. You are cautioned not to post your own personal information in the interest of safety. You should not post your address, telephone number, or anything that might put you at risk. We are not responsible for monitoring this information, nor liable for any consequences that may result from the exchange of this information.
  16. If another poster violates the rules, please just ignore their post and notify a moderator directly or by clicking on "Report as Offensive" link on the violator’s post. Debating with a hostile poster about their behavior only causes threads to degenerate. Stick to the topic of the thread, rather than the personalities involved. Another person's poor behavior is not an excuse to misbehave.

Please remember that moderators are also members and are dedicating their free time to preserving the integrity of this forum for every member’s enjoyment. Please make sure you treat them with the respect they deserve.

Moderators are neither employees of the record label nor artist management; they work as volunteers to help ensure the success of the online community.

Management of these forums reserves the right to amend and/or implement new rules at anytime, with or without notice. New rules may be posted periodically. It is every member’s responsibility to read, understand and comply with all posted rules. Your continued access to or use of the forums after any such change to these rules shall constitute your consent to such change.

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Thanks for the guidelines..

Great guidelines

These are great guidelines, I wish more websites had similar types of detailed descriptions of appropriate forum behavior.

Thanks for posting about this. Everyone should respect one another on boards like this one, So far I really like Davids everyone seems to get along, and don't psot rude remarks. I had to leave another artists boards (I'm not going to name drop on whos boards it was) because of all the rude remarks I was getting after just one post. Another thans Davids boards, I really love Jake Owen's boards as well, everyone there watches out for each other, and are friends.

Thank you soooo much for putting forth the effort to maintain rules and guidelines. I know it takes time to keep things like this up and running. Giant hugs for your volunteer work. I know being a "Official David Cook Groupie" I looked at all his vlogs over and over. Could you possibly suggest a monthly vlog for us, we are jonesin' bad for some of the personal touch that made us fall in love with David. Stuff that gives us personality, like the behind the scene clips are my favorite. Happy New Year to the staff! Lots of love from Flordia


TY for David Cook Great website.. But could you add Come back to me to Davids Myspace page.Well all his new songs.



♥ღ L♥SA ღ♥ Plaisancepleasures David Cook Fan (Freak!) Cool

Tue, 10/21/2008 - 00:12 — DavidCookFan01
I have some suggestions for the website.
1. We need a weekly blog or vlog from David Cook where all of us word nerds submit questions in for David Cook to answer in his weekly blog or vlog.
5. We absouletly need weekly e-mail newsletters from David Cook.

The first thing I thought when I read this was, "If you give a mouse a cookie....." (pun intended)

As much as I love the occasional blogs and vlogs from David, I don't think we should expect that sort of thing from him on a weekly basis. He is a busy guy who doesn't even have enough time to sleep. He's finishing the album, rehearsing for upcoming performances, getting ready for a ton of appearances next month, planning a tour...... Let him focus his time on those things. They're more important than a weekly blog or newsletter, IMO.


Thanks so much for making this an inclusive site, April and Josh. Kudos to everyone else involved, as well. A big thank you hug coming your way!


Bravo, FoolsApril, for taking on moderation duties. And bravo, RCA, for recognizing the need.

Sorely needed.

Thank you.

I laugh at myself while the tears roll down....

I have some suggestions for the website.
1. We need a weekly blog or vlog from David Cook where all of us word nerds submit questions in for David Cook to answer in his weekly blog or vlog.
2. We absouletly need a Listening Party for David Cook's upcoming album....
3. We absouletly need a Official Fan Club where all of the word nerds can sign up....
4. Online Contests.
5. We absouletly need weekly e-mail newsletters from David Cook.

Hope these help make this site more fun!
A Fellow San Diego, California Word Nerd: Christina Morrison Word Nerd #2772

Keeper Of Cookie's Magic Rainbow Pants!!!

Wow...lots of new rules. :S

But better to have a lot of rules than no rules at all. That just leads to chaos. lol

"If I could have a super power, I'd like the ability I can, you know?...soar...with...the birds."

Thanks for the update! And thanks for the work Eye-wink

Thank you so much for the new guidelines!!


thanks for the updated guidelines. It would be great if we could also get responses to PMs sent to you all...I know you are busy...but when it's not even read, it sort of defeats the purpose of trying to communicate an issue.

Format is still an issue...we look forward to the promised changes.

thanks for all your hard work.

Thanks for your time!! This is WordNerd MYAIRKRDC. I'm wondering if you might be able to help with wordnerds purchasing David Cook album David Cook, Not his single LO? I'm not sure if your aware that some wordnerds are having troubles pre-ordering DC album from iTUNES. Here what I did: I just pre-orderd mine, I hope it works in the end.
I clicked opn iTunes, then clicked on iTunes Store, then typed in david cook in "Search iTunes Store" then clicked return on my keyboard. After that anything with the name david cook came up from my search, in the Albums section DC was listed by his single LO and his album David Cook. I clicked his album David Cook Not the LO single. Since, it's not Nov 18, the Album can only be pre-ordered. I clicked PRE0ORDER, PRE-ORDER is to the right of the price $9.99 After clicking that PRE-ORDER, it blinks top middle of iTunes window Purchasing "David Cook"... After the words Purchasing "David Cook"... disappears a pop window appears that says:
Are you sure you want to pre-order David Cook? Your account will be charged at the time this pre-order becomes available. To review or cancel your pre-order at any time, go to your Account page and click Manage Pre-Orders. (Cancel) (Pre-order) I clicked (Pre-order)
After I clicked the preorder in the pop up window a second pop up window opened saying I already purchased it. I bought LO once from iTunes. Now in the purchased window the single LO is listed twice. I'm not sure why, I was pre-ordering the Album, Not purchasing the Single a Second time. I went to my Account page to review and it shows the First LO single I purchased, and nothing from today, although in Library and in Purchased folders, his LO Single shows, but in when I review account. I'm wondering if you might be able to help?? Should I pre-order the album again, and hope the album is pre-ordered and not LO the single again for a third time?? Thanks for your help and us WordNerds are so excited, we can't wait until Nov. 18!!!! DAVID COOK ROCKS!!!!!
Thank You,

Thank you so much for all you've been doing on this site. We fans really appreciate your hard work.

It is a great site. I love the buddy/my space-type aspect, and the videos and blogs you post from David. I appreciate having a forum that brings together such a diverse group to David Cook fans, and encourages us to chat with each other. Thank you for all the fun!

To improve the site further, I'd recommend:

(1) Organizing these forums with more subcategories. I enjoy this site, but participating in forums on is much easier because they are better divided by topics.

For example, there is a section for discussion of the new album, which has sub categories for album discussion, chart rankings and lyrics.

Another section has separate sections for introducing yourself, help, and important announcements.

Another section includes subcategories on David Cook, the tour, news articles, during American Idol pre-American Idol, etc.

Another section includes subcategoires for donations, song writers and off-topic discussions.

If you could set up more clearly labelled subcategories, I think you would have fewer duplicate threads, such as the many threads giving you guys suggestions for the site.

(2) Dividing the forum discussion into more categories would allow you to set up a section for the more risque discussions. I know a fair number of people are enjoying those threads, but since several of the threads do not have titles that indicate their contents, it would be better to put them in a separate category so younger fans or people not wanting that type of discussion can more easily avoid the risque threads. (I leave it up to you as to what you want to allow to be posted in those threads, because you know David's tastes.)

(3) I like the way you have recent postings appear on the home page. When we click on the comment, however, we cannot tell what forum it is. If we could see the forum as well as the full comment, we could join the discussion.

(4) Since so many people complain about the small type, you may want to have a button on the home page or forum page to enlarge the type, or the button could lead to instructions showing people how easy it is for them to change the type on their own computers.

(5) 64Aprils Fool did a great unofficial Frequently Asked Questions Section telling people how to add photos, find their buddies, and other technical tasks. If you had a clearly identifiable FAQ section, you'd get fewer questions about how to use this amazing site you've set up.

Thank you again for your great work on the site. Thank you as well for encouraging us to send comments on this thread.

All the best,

seems like it's time for some word from you guys about the "guidelines" which don't seem to be working too well. We appreciate you guys are very busy but no one wants to assume that any one person here knows how things should be on the site.....and unfortunately this community doesn't self-regulate too well.

Kinda like the human race. Eye-wink

Looking forward to hearing from you all or DC on these issues.

Hi Josh,

Any chance of putting the threads with questionable content in their own folder, preferable password protected. There are children on this site who should not be exposed to these threads, and the "if you don't like, don't open it" opinion doesn't protect them.

Other sites have done this in the past and it does help. I know there are people who won't like it, but at this point, I think it's necessary to protect the younger fans.

Hey there, Josh. Thanks for all you do. Any chance you can clarify for me what the rules are concerning the use of outright profanity and blatant sexual references (as opposed to innuendo) in the forums?

Haha hiya Lola!! We are all about love Smiling

~The sexier, the better~

Hi Josh and webnerds, thanks for all you do, this place rocks...patience, it will get more organized peeps, hang in there...oh and Josh, come over to the fanbase, melanie and I will be happy to show you the love...

"A naked light, a fire to keep me warm
Try to leave a light on when I'm gone
Even in the daylight, shine on..."


LOL u really make me laugh my dear. Thanks for the giggles.

~The sexier, the better~

"Trust me, if David just wants to keep his AI fans, it’s not an issue, but if he wants to attract new ones to this site too, then this is going to remain an obstacle for many of them."

Umm first off it is a very very tiny % of fans that are actually on a forum. So to say that is absurd. Davids fans are about his music not about his forum?? Come on.

I'm sure the webnerds will adjust the site as they see fit and when they see fit. Just enjoy it. This is supposed to be a happy place. Don't make more if it then need be. Have a great day.

~The sexier, the better~

Josh and other webnerds. I just want to say not everyone is unhappy. Yes things can be adjusted and different areas setup, but we understand it is a work in progress and takes time.

I think you guys are doing a fabulous job and appreciate your effort in getting the site up and running for us to enjoy. You guys rock!!!!

~The sexier, the better~

Division of topics - what a MUST that is. It's driving me mad to sort through all the posts each day.

And the pages/posts load slower than a carefree wombat on a lazy Sunday morning. Frustration is creeping in...

smooth seas do not turn captains into heroes...

I think Huntwork's suggestion of a rating for the site is a good one, definitley agree there needs to be more clear rules. In fact, besides a rating, I think that a definition of what that means would be better. I am not really sure what PG or PG-13 really means in the context of a forum, so rather than that, I think a clear statement of what kind of discussion is acceptable would be helpful! Thanks!

Jane's Siggy
Thanks Manz for the signa

Guys -- i second what huntwork said below -- ya gotta clarify how you want to handle the sexy talk here -- cause there are people who don't want to be in those kinds of threads, and people who do, clearly, and right now there's no way of figuring out the ground rules, and very little overall categorization of post types within the big forum.

And if David really wants this to be a place that consolidates the entire fan crowd -- then some more active moderation and better organization is going to be essential, I think. Cos if I were a, say, 25 year old guy who wandered in here wanting to talk about MUSIC, and I saw the general tenor of a lot of the stuff on page 1, I'd probably run off and never return.

Y'all have to decide what you want this place to be. Free-for-all, or something more actively moderated? Expecting people to self-police using "flag as offensive" is a pretty half-hearted solution, imo. If the idea is a community and not just a promotional site -- every community has to have rules, or it devolves into chaos.

Please address this. It's important. Frankly, the best thing would be for da man himself to wade in here and make some more noise about his vision for this place, and the rules that apply. Otherwise, everybody's just ... in the dark. And in "light on" land, that just seems wrong....

I laugh at myself while the tears roll down....

I have a couple of questons concerning the site:

How do you know if your post has been flagged? Do you get a PM about it? Just want to know ahead of time. . .just in case. Eye-wink

Is there a way to switch the order of your Buddy List?

Can we please add more sections? The David Cook discussion section is getting really crowded with posts because it seems most posts go there. Maybe we can split it up somehow? Maybe a section to Ask David Questions, another where people can post David Cook info, like articles or appearances they read about, or pictures, maybe a Fan section where people can post comments about meeting David or something like that, a Music section would be cool too. And there could even be subsections to keep things more organized.

Just wanted to throw some ideas out there.

Love the site though, having a lot of fun here so far!

Smiley Smiling

"To Whom Much is Given, Much is Expected."

i learned a great lesson when i made a comment about david's personal life. I was really insensitive that time and i called myself a frustrated fan of david. now i guess i am in control. like the title of this forum, i learned the etiquette of dropping a comment.


Thanks you for putting this forum together. Not having done a facebook has created a slightly steeper learning curve for me here. I guess I'll figure it out as I go along or will get help.

I am really posting to you to beg you to change the bg/letter coloring and to increase the font size. My eyes get so fatigued reading the posts here. Right clicking and switching to a bright white bg with blue lettering really isn't much better.

I'm a refugee from TWoP and would like to stay here, but sometimes it's painful.

Josh, we really need to know what rating this site is and go accordingly. People are getting their posts flagged as offensive which really isn't the goal of anyone here. You need to have a defined set of rules here. I know it's not something that anyone really likes to do, but you are gonna have to make a specific list to follow and tell us if this site is G, PG, PG-13 or R. Having posts flagged for seemingly innocent comments is frustrating.


" May I just suggest that if you'll allow image signatures in the forum, to please have people at least limit the size of the images. It's really overwhelming when you open a thread and see rows upon rows of hyooooge image signatures that it becomes hard to even see the text. I'd rather that they not be allowed at all, but I know how people enjoy having them."
To take this one step further, the option to simply turn off graphic signatures would allow those of us who find them distracting to eliminate them while still allowing other members to enjoy them.
Best of both worlds.

I really like the idea of member chats and a chat set up with David. They could possibly be two separate things with his being moderated or something so that he doesn't get overwhelmed.

I like that you guys are trying to get a community up and running here.


That flag as offensive feature is a bit too trigger happy for me. I have... coordination issues. My fingers are usually faster than my brain. And before you know it, instead of add reply/write to author, I clicked flag as offensive.

Hi Josh! May I just suggest that if you'll allow image signatures in the forum, to please have people at least limit the size of the images. It's really overwhelming when you open a thread and see rows upon rows of hyooooge image signatures that it becomes hard to even see the text. I'd rather that they not be allowed at all, but I know how people enjoy having them.

I'm sure it's been said before, but I'd also like to comment on the format of the forum, if you can do something to make it more readable - the space provided to me is too small (adding all that space at the right side would be lovely, more room to type on!), and the way it's formatted makes reading difficult in that you don't immediately see where a post begins and where it ends - it's nigh impossible to speed read or skim through a thread. I'd love to be able to read many threads, but my time online is limited and I'd very much appreciate if we had a nice spacious easy to read forum.

Thanks for reading this!

Pinoy fans represent!

Ppph! I just thought of something else! When you show the fans list on the front page, it would be cool if you could hover over the picture and see whos icon it is. A lot of people use the same pic, so you never really know who it is until you click away.

I do LOVE the idea of the live chat with David...HELLOOOOO!

One other thing...give us codes for the CD countdown and I will have it plastered on everything I have a password to! "Get your David Cook CD when it comes available!!" Yes...I will sell you baby! but I'm keeping the best parts for me! =oP


LOVE all the suggestions so far, but by far my favorite is a LIVE CHAT WITH DAVID!
Personally I would prefer to arrange a private live chat with David, but since you all seem very cool I will be fine if you all are there too! ; ) LOL

As for the thing with not seeing your friend's list until after you have 9 friends. . .I may never have 9 friends! Especially after my last comment about a Private Chat!! Haha! It would be nic to be able to see the list from the start!

And would also love to have a way to reply to a particular post instead of just randomly replying this way. Maybe a way to "quote" the person even?

Hey we obviously have a lot of Message Board experince with all the great suggestions so far! Hope someone is listening!!

Smiley : )
"To Whom Much is Given, Much is Expected."

hey im totally in favor of this, haters, we are all here for one reason David Cook, so love to everyone Smiling
**bebe mOsH-o**

I know chat with David was mentioned....but like others here have said, can we have the chat box now and start without him?? LOL....he can join in any time he wants, of course ...ha ha

aka "That (American) Girl From Vietnam"

One thing I notice on some of the posts, is the FLAG AS OFFENSICE and WRITE TO AUTHOR button covers the posters information. Not sure why, but it blocks out the name of the author and sometimes their post.

Loving the site, there is so much to do, and so much to learn!


Rallichik, there actually *is* a section like that, but it doesn't appear until you have at least 9 friends that *you* have added. Then a link pops-up at the bottom of your friends list that says "show all friends". Once you hit that link, you can see who has added you. What they need to do is make it available *before* you have 9 friends. lol

"If I could have a super power, I'd like the ability I can, you know?...soar...with...the birds."

First off, love the site. The only issue I am having is that when more than one person adds me before I log in again, I loose the list that has added me when I click to add one of them. It would be really convienent to have a section on our person profiles that would list everyone who has added us. I do agree with some others that there are easier sites to use, however as we become more familiar it will get easier. Thanks!!

There are so many excellent suggestions on here! I really want this site to be something user friendly and special, but improvements will have to be made. For one thing, how do I reply to someone's post? I haven't figured it out? Is it even possible? There should also be an easy "contact us", "help", "report problems", etc section. If this forum is the place to post questions, suggestions and problems, then the responses need to be posted in a very visible, easy to read way. Thanks, Sara

Ok, did anyone else have this weird problem? If I have youtube open and I then open this site, the audio on the vids for both sites is disabled! Then, if I close youtube, I get the audio back again on this site?!
Strange... any ideas?

No problem, Smiley. Glad I could help Smiling

And I think the problem you're having with the words covering the names is happening to everyone. Site glitch, I suppose.

"If I could have a super power, I'd like the ability I can, you know?...soar...with...the birds."

Someone should set up a live chat with David.

"This silver leaves me longing for gold
Second place has never carried me home"

One more thing I wanted to point out is that the highlighted blue
"Flag as offensive" and "Write to author" seem to be covering up the screen name
of the persons who reply to posts. It will show my name, but I can never see the other posters
names because they are covered by the other links.

Anyone else having that happen?


Smiley : )

"I get to my inbox by going to my own profile, hitting "message me" (as if I'm going to send myself a message), and then going below the message area to the blue links that say Home > Private messages > send a message, or something to that effect. I click on "private messages" and it takes me to my messages."

EXCELLENT! That helps a lot! Thank you!!

Smiley : )

I agree that there should be more forum topics.

I get to my inbox by going to my own profile, hitting "message me" (as if I'm going to send myself a message), and then going below the message area to the blue links that say Home > Private messages > send a message, or something to that effect. I click on "private messages" and it takes me to my messages.

"If I could have a super power, I'd like the ability I can, you know?...soar...with...the birds."