Jerry Gaskill / Kings X

Jerry Gaskill / Kings X

As David Cook tweeted earlier this week, Jerry Gaskill, drummer for the band Kings X, had a significant heart attack this past Saturday. He had emergency surgery and remains in the hospital, sedated and using a ventilator, in NJ; here's the latest update from Kings X lead guy DUg Pinnick, via Facebook:

Update! Jerry is still sedated and no change, the antibiotics are working on the pneumonia. Dr. says he's not alarmed, these things will take time. He will recover. Thanks for your support, prayers, and love.
For everyone who asked where to send a card for Jerry...the address is: Riverview Hospital 1 River Plaza Red Bank NJ 07701 For patient Jerry Gaskill. Since he is in ICU flowers are not accepted.

I've listened to a lot of Kings X since D started singing "Dogman" and will always appreciate how cool it was that Jerry joined him in Irving Plaza for that epic show. Just wanted to share the info and the address. My dad had a major cardiac thing like this and I know the road back is long, so i am sure any encouragement would be appreciated.

Rock on......

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Good news and bad news.

The good news is, Jerry made a great recovery from a very serious heart attack, was eventually able to go out on tour again, married his longtime sweetie Julie, and is making plans to work on a solo record (recording starting next month).

The bad news is, his and Julie's house was just destroyed by superstorm Sandy. They lived in NJ, near the waterfront, in part of the area devastated by flooding.

Jerry reportedly still has a very positive attitude but needless to say it's a blow after the huge health challenge he already dealt with this year. He's a good man and a good musician and I know DCook admires his work. Jerry's management has set up a 'pay it forward' contribution site (something like a kickstarter) as a mechanism for fan donations to help the Gaskill family keep moving forward.

I know multiple DCO'ers are dealing with their own Sandy messes right now. Just wanted to keep everyone in the loop. here's the site with some additional info:

Have to say, that Jerry Gaskill is a class act.
I was very surprised to find in my post box today a handwritten thank you card from him. On the cover of the card is a text "Your prayers, thoughts and outpouring of love Will remain with me always- I am forever grateful... Plus on the other side is a more personalized text handwritten and autographed of him.
This moved me very much! What a thoughtful and grateful man he is! So, if Jerry happens to read here (or someone near him) - Thank you very much of this beautiful gesture!

just saw this linked on twitter,
video from jerry gaskill

Awww, I`m so happy to hear, that Jerry is OK again, and home! Thanks for keeping us informed, Minstrel and Jeff Kent!

Great news -- Jerry's out of the hospital at last! DUg Pinnick put this foto on Facebook earlier today:

And the man himself -- or whoever's running his account at the moment --tweeted:
@jerrygaskill is.............................HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Such wonderful news. That was a bad heart attack and it is great that Jerry is doing well. I did the Boston thing but had some trouble w/the download -- working with the provider, cos I want the tunes. This band, it rocks -- and i'd not ever have known it w/o "Dogman" and Cook.

And oh, ps, RCA Ed. It's nice to see your "face."


Jeff, what the hell are you doing here? Smiling

Thanks for sharing Jerry's news here on DCO - I'm sure David's fans will lend a hand.


"Burning Down Boston: Live at The Channel 6.12.91" is a special MP3 download-only title. As many of you are aware, King's X drummer Jerry Gaskill suffered a serious heart attack in the early morning hours on Sunday 2.26.12. Many of you have overwhelmingly expressed a desire to help and contribute. We have compiled this exclusive live release from the archives -- and 100% of the proceeds from this release will go directly to Jerry to help offset mounting medical expenses. A big THANK YOU goes out to everyone for the outpouring of concern and love.

All recordings previously unreleased.
14 songs. 89 minutes.


Dear Friends, in addition to the gift with this download, please let anyone who wants to further make a personal gift to Jerry to help him with his medical bills know that they can send a check made out to Jerry Gaskill. Mail it to: Jerry Gaskill, c/o World Entertainment Inc., P.O. Box 3095, Sea Bright, NJ 07760. 100% of your gift goes to Jerry Gaskill to help him defray his medical bills. Jerry Gaskill is an individual and not a charity. Any funds given to him would be a gift and no further tax deduction for charitable contributions would be coming from him. We appreciate your help.

Thank you Jeff for the update on Jerry. Keeping him in my thoughts Eye-wink

yeah, Jeff, thanks for keeping us in the loop -- we'll be watching for the info re the benefit download.

For all else -- DUg tweeted today that Jerry's awake from the sedation (finally) and getting stronger. Now would be a great time to send a card (see the OP) if you are so inclined. Smiling

Thanks for the update Jeff.

Thank you very much for the info and I will be waiting for the announcement.

Hi Guys,

As any of you who saw David in New York City recently know, David is a big King's X fan and he had Jerry Gaskill sit in and play drums on the King's X song 'Dogman' at Irving Plaza.

Jerry suffered a heart attack last week and is currently in the ICU at a hospital in New Jersey. He's getting better, but very slowly and he's going to have some big medical bills when all is said and done, even WITH insurance.

To that end Molken Music will be offering a special live King's X show from the early 90s for download. 100% of the money raised will go DIRECTLY to Jerry. Molken Music is run by Jerry's good friend Wally Farkas (ex Galactic Cowboys) so it's all legit.

Please check the Molken Music site or Like them on Facebook to be notified of the details.

Thanks a lot!

Jeff Kent