Magazine articles thread

Magazine articles thread

With the new single out I would think David would be in a lot of magazines. I was wondering if there is a thread that lists what magazines he is going to be in and when, as people see them in the store. Or if people have information that they are going to be out.

If there is no such thread, maybe we can use this one. I think it would be a good idea to keep this information in an easy to find thread.

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If you want to order a print edition of the Broken Records mag w/interview here is the link:


Thank you so much for the AMAZING interview today @thedavidcook. I was really honored since you're one of my favorites! Sincerely, Markos Smiling

More of an interview than magazine lol!
David Cook News/Info ‏@FoolsApril64
Digital Journal | @MarkosPapadatos Interview with David Cook: 'Laying Me Low'


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Thanks, pweller! Been waiting all weekend.

LOOK!!!! “@BrokenRecordMag: PDF Samples of 4 Articles from Upcoming Issue

@BrokenRecordMag | July 2013 issue PDF sample from article David Cook Does Anything but Lay Low

News about the Broken Records next issue with DC's story - finally -

>>Broken Records Mag ‏@BrokenRecordMag 2h
So I think That we will be releasing some PDF's of the articles This weekend. Whatcha think?

>>@BrokenRecordMag Will that include the David Cook article???

>> ‏@BrokenRecordMag 2h
yes it will

>>and will be the full article


So, this weekend. Barring any further delays.

I think something is about to break open (In my considered opinion).

>>David Cook ‏@thedavidcook 11h
Make a wish...
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"Bring the gasoline and we can start the show"


Awesome I'd be really interested in purchasing copy and will do soon

"Is this a magazine found in like retail or online"

It's both, Migi-Padi - here's the link to their FAQ "Where Can I get a Copy..."

Short version - "As the industry changes and stores are charging more to carry magazines, our store distribution has lowered. While you can find our magazine in many of your favorite stores, it is much easier (and cheaper) to order the print editions through our webstore."

Long version at the link is interesting - and also - there is more content in the Digital version now.

This is the third time they have done a story on David since 2008 - he had the cover story for TLM in 2011. If you would like to buy or read the back issues check the link. Also. The editor has been to two of David's shows - he's an actual fan (who doesn't talk through his hat).

Is this a magazine found in like retail or online

Heh. Migi-Padi, the teaser also has me impatient to read the rest of the story - and hope it has more intel about the new album!

Scott from the Magazine says a few weeks for this next issue in one of his Twitter answers - so here we go, pretending to be patient again. Eye-wink

Wow that teaser got me eager for the new album.

Finally!! The Broken Records Magazine teaser for David's upcoming feature story, in the next issue. HERE

An excerpt:

"When speaking about the single and the other “6 or 7 strong songs,” David tells us that these songs won’t all be about “boy loves girl and love with a pretty bow on it.” Instead, his new music may be a bit darker in tone."

Read more at the link.

Standing by after seeing this tweet in the timeline - 5/17/13

>>Broken Records Mag ‏@BrokenRecordMag 33m
Interview with David Cook @thedavidcook in a few minutes-sv


Broken Records Mag ‏@BrokenRecordMag 1h
Article won't be posted today. Maybe a teaser very soon. Full one will be in the issue

Broken Records Mag ‏@BrokenRecordMag 23m
@NyCArole426 first draft is done. Maybe a teaser tomorrow

@BrokenRecordMag: What do ya'll think of this as the title for the article: David Cook Does Anything But LAY LOW
What are your thoughts?

A little blurb in "American Profile" (a mag insert in newspapers)

A question to Maria Carey

Q: How do the judges on American Idol feel when one of the contestants sings one of their hit songs?

A: Idol judge Maria Carey, 42, has listened to contestants' versions of her No. 1 singles "My All," "Hero" and "We Belong Together" this season, and says if someone comes up with a really nice rendition, she loves it. "A couple of years back, David Cook sang 'Always Be My Baby' and he did a great [acoustic] twist on it," she recalls. "I love to see when people get creative because you see the artist within them."

[DCO NEWS] David Cook - Cooking up a Musical Storm @thedavidcook

[DCO NEWS] David Cook featured in Men's Health 'Guy Wisdom'

pweller: Thank you for that link. The lyrics quiz at the bottom was cool.

David Cook. Guess whose upcoming album is in Rolling Stone's top 10 most anticipated for 2013? … #thedavidcook #squidoo


@thedavidcook David! You're on Singapore Teenage Magazine! Smiling)

David Cook in this week's edition of '8 Days' entertainment magazine (Singapore)

Easier to read

Transcription thanks to @LilCrashersAsia

SCAN: Most Wanted Hits, Vol. XII Issue 173. David Cook on the cover. (Thanks @chapark !)

SCAN: Most Wanted Hits Cover Story: The Enigmatic Rock Singer David Cook Returns! p.1 (Thanks @chapark !)

SCAN: Most Wanted Hits Cover Story: The Enigmatic Rock Singer David Cook Returns! p.2 (Thanks @chapark !)

DC in the Japanese Magazine, INROCK! via @Masashi819

More pictures of DC's article in INROCK (Japanese magazine)! RT @Masashi819: @kyo_dcol これが表紙で~

and here is a Twitlonger by a fan who was on a Delta Flight!

(re: David Cook featured @ Delta Magazine (tks @AheadofStraight)David Cook featured @ Delta Magazine (tks @AheadofStraight)

On Sunday, we learned from @AheadofStraight that some of David's songs are on a channel on Delta flights. (cont)

cool pweller. that's actually a part of the directory for the Delta airlines audio channels and it's still current apparently though that person's photobucket folder is labeled June 2011.

Here's the current Delta audio program listing:

David Cook featured @ Delta Magazine (tks @AheadofStraight)David Cook featured @ Delta Magazine (tks @AheadofStraight)

@FoolsApril64 [FYI] Galaxie Mag (Malaysia) | Favorite Album: THIS LOUD MORNING -David Cook (w/thx2 @michelledoodles)

@thedavidcook look! You featured in India's Elle magazine! Now you HAVE to visit! :3

Reading about @thedavidcook and his awesome 3/4 star rated album This Loud Morning on my lunch. He's so pretty..

Here is the US Magazine ref. below

David is US Magazine 8/22 issue
@ladymadonna512 ladymadonna512
aww. #GMApinkplaidFTW

[BLURB] US Magazine "25 Things You Don't Know About Me: David Cook"

Here is what had to say about TLM:

[BLURB] Woman's World "It's a Great week to ... No. 5 Listen to the latest ... David Cook" (thx2 @11klaireabell13)

American Songwriter Magazine just posted their review of TLM today at:

Broken Record Mag

Now that the record is out, I would think David is going to be in a bunch of magazines. So I am bumping this thread. I am going to keep an eye out. If anyone gets subscriptions to popular magazines and he is in them please add them to this thread. Smiling


Pre-Order Volume III/Issue 2 (David Cook Cover Feature) via @BrokenRecordMag RT pls

David is getting the cover of Broken Records Mag next month and an interview!

The issue will be a double sized # wise. A Pre order button will on the site this weekend. Orders will be shipped in order

[QUOTED] David Cook answers InStyle's 'Burning Question' in it's July issue (w/thx2 @sharisoda)

YAY! Got American Airline mag from friend! (May 2011)
second page
Getting Wordy
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This Quiet Night will get it right...


Album mention on EW magazine's Summer Calendar

RealityTV Magazine - American Idol: David Cook’s New Video To Hit iTunes And He Is Confirmed To Perform At The Finale!
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This Quiet Night will get it right...


From this weeks EW magazine (May 27, 2011 issue)

Part of article listing Summer's Biggest Albums:
New Record, New Tour, New People, New Places!
"Everything they want and more"

This is from several weeks ago.....short review/rating of The Last Goodbye from Entertainment Weekly:

David Cook chats w/American Way Magazine "Really Cookin’" DIGITAL ISSUE (digital pgs 15-16 actual pgs 13-14) | PDF download
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This Loud Morning

I like this thread idea and will be on the lookout for mag. articles. Thanks for thinking of it. I had read about the American Airlines "American Way" in-flight magazine article coming up. Does anyone know if his gorgeousness will grace the cover? Thanks again!
Let's face the music and dance.

He is going to be in the American Way magazine (American Airlines) next week. And I am sure he will be in Entertainment Weekly once album is released. Probably more coming