MAR 18, 2012 -- LA MARATHON!! David Running! Info & Donate in here!

MAR 18, 2012 -- LA MARATHON!! David Running! Info & Donate in here!

This link is for the Friend's of David to donate with
David's combined Projects so far =

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Rankings: Mozilla Challenge ~ 6th Place w/40K! WTG!

David Cook To Run Marathon For Brain Cancer Cure In Honour Of Brother | via @contactmusic

#lamarathon David Cook to Run the 2012 Honda LA Marathon in Honor of Brother

David interviewed on KTLA!

@theDavidCook to Run the #Honda LA Marathon 2012 | Reality Idols via @unrealityusa

ABC2 Newsletter featuring @thedavidcook running LA Marathon to raise funds:

@FoolsApril64: | "We Believe" David Cook Is Our Champion @thedavidcook #WeBelieve” // what a nice article Smiling

HOTEL INFO for anyone travel to this:

Thought we needed a thread to post news, pictures, talk about who is going and how etc... and also so we can know where to go to donate. This is important to David and I think this along with the Race4Hope are dear to his heart! Let's see what we can do!

Please post things you would like me to add up top here because I haven't got a clue!

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Run the Marathon with Joe

Those are some mighty fine pictures. Looking good Mr. Cook!

Another new picture
and another


Thank you for bringing all the wonderful photos - do I like them: YES!!!

I collected all the Marathon Man photos that are up so far at the Marathonfoto site & lined them up here. Click on "+View Full Size" to see em larger -->

I posted some stats in DWOP, but I thought they should go here, too.

Cook should be proud. According to the marathon guide, between 2000-2010, there were nearly 4.2 million finishes in U.S. marathons. According to the U.S. census, the population at the end of 2010 was 308.7 million. Even if one assumes that every finish each year was by a unique racer, which is clearly not the case (some first-time marathoners "get the bug" and keep doing them, and some marathoners do more than one race a year), that means that less than 1.4 percent of the U.S. population has completed a marathon in the last decade. That's a fairly elite club. (The stats for 2011 aren't in yet, but I doubt they'd change the picture by that much.)

songwriter/singer/artist/guitarist/marthon runner That's our Dave!!

@BrainCancerCure Congrats to David Cook and all the ABC2 runners at the LA Marathon! What an awesome accomplishment

Here is Follow Up KCAL9 Vid thanks to happyredpanda

Here is Devin's tweet with David and gee wiz!! After running a Marathon he is working!! WOW!
With @thedavidcook cutting vocals. He is so proud of his achievements
Article from MJ's


Awwww found a cute photo of David with his medal - Devin tweeted it and now I just saw that Andy Skib called David "Marathon man" = awwwww. Just thought it was relevant for the marathon thread Smiling


Thanks SCOTT, I just watched it live and great that there was a follow up to the interview 2 weeks ago. Very cool!!!!

A quick heads up... KCAL9 will air a brief update about David running the marathon. But it's coming up soon - 2:35pm PDT (5:35pm EDT), which is about 15 minutes from now. Sorry to post so late. I realized a few minutes ago that there are DCO folks who aren't on twitter. It streams live at (just like the newscast two weeks ago when David was on).

I too would like to congratulate you, David on the completion of the marathon! I became a fan, initially because of your beautiful voice but now, like so many others have stated, it has become so much more. You have inspired me to give to the organization that you tirelessly support in honor of a dear aunt who passed away much too young from brain cancer. I will always be a fan not only of your music but of the person that you are.

Thank you.

Just adding to the kudo's for this FINE young man. His voice and "cuteness" sparked my interest 4 years ago ... his HUGE HEART, continued HUMILITY, SINCERITY, GENEROSITY and SWEET demeanor have made me a lifelong fan and admirer for ALL that he is. Thank you, David, for being YOU. The world's a better place for it.


I really hope David is lurking or he has some one checking in here, because all these lovely and supporting greetings, sure makes me happy to read and I can only imagine, they would put a smile on David´s face as well Smiling
Plus I hope he gets his rest, rest, rest!!!!

Congratulations for success in achieving yet another worthy goal! You are such an inspiration and have been to me since 2008. I just think about you and gushing, loving, admiring thoughts spring up, naturally! Thank you for everything you have done for others as a great example of a first-class human being. Your voice and musicianship reeled me in, but it is your character that sealed my fate as a fan for life!

Minstrel, thanks for the encouragements.

Congratulations David!
Getting through a marathon is an amazing achievement. I`m still in awe he made it, I`m so proud of him!
Thanks everyone for the pictures and Scott for the videos!

I am so proud of you, David, and it's an honor and a joy to be your life long fan. Thank you Scott and everyone else for the pictures and updates yesterday.

Yes he Did It! So proud of him!!!! Living that Dash right!!

Massively proud of my Idol David Cook!

There ya go, Abeth. you follow through on that impulse, OK? The RFH thread has great resources and when you register at the actual RFH site you will find many more. Each runner, virtual or on-site, gets a 'participant center' and this web area makes it easy for you to input emails of your contacts, send them solicitations and thank them. They have templates for your personal fundraising page and templates for the mails, if you do not feel comfortable writing. There is a facebook app that can post updates to your facebook page automatically if you like.

To contribute directly to D's efforts is great -- to catch the vision that you can leverage your own contacts to multiply the donations is even better. Just as D has inspired us, your efforts can inspire others. Even if they seem weak and small. I have been astounded by the willingness of people to support those who try to make a difference. I keep harping on this because ... collectively we know so many people, you know? People who would never donate to Dave, but who might donate in our names. If we ask.

So..... goooooooo......


Congrats LA MarathonMan!!David Cook!!! Could you ever have imagined 4 years ago... crossing THAT finish line..?! Once considered the 'the dark horse" on American Idol? Not yOu got on that horse and galloped yOur way to dream street.... and where yOu stop.. ??.. IT Just AIN'T Happening!!<3 David you have never been afraid to follow your passions and make your challenges happen...!! Im adding perserverance and stamina to all the dedication you and your heart have given! I just know when you crossed that Finish Line yesterday... you looked up... smiled ... and felt The Wind beneath yOur Wings<3 A.C.<3 ~ Loving ALL that yOu are!! ~NyCArole 3/19/12

You are such an inspiration to everyone that knows you through your music and your charities. Congratulation on your run. We all know how you like to run Eye-wink It was for a great cause and you gave it all you have. That is what makes you so special. Thanks for all you do!


So very happy and proud for our lion-hearted guy. It's amazing to me that 4 years later, I'm still reminded that I backed the right horse -- back then, it was about his voice and what he showed about himself on a TV show; now, it's that and a whole lot more. Looking forward to all the good things coming up!

Congratulations David ! What a great effort! It is obvious how much this cause means to you. Your determination, mental toughness, physical training, and caring spirit continue to amaze me.

WOW!! Completing a marathon. What an accomplishment. So very proud of you. I could never do it so more power to you. Rest up. You earned it. Love the pic of your tongue sticking out. What was your time by the way? Hope to see you in CT in the near future.

Congratulations David, for finishing the LA marathon and raising huge amount of money for your ABC2 cause! What huge accomplishments! We are proud of you and an inspiration.

M mm, makes me to think right now that maybe I should also join your team to race even just a little bit of money for Race of Hope which would be a first for me in doing this kind of things. All I've done before were contributing some money to your team and bought some stuffs from other teams. For me, this new effort would be like an equivalent to running a marathon especially that I only know a few emails of the few friends and relatives I know and in addition to my extreme shyness. But I think it would be worth it to give back something.

Happy happy day, with us all so proud of David *toothy grin*

Twitter story below (all DC-LA Marathon related tweets collected together) -

@COOKistas David Cook @ The 2012 Honda LA Marathon - Twitter recap!

So proud of David....what an accomplishment!!

Sorry I didn't get to follow along yesterday....was out of town for most of day. But I was thinking about him and wishing him luck. He must be so tired today. Hope he gets to take a long snooze.

Wow, $112.392- that's awesome! I wish I could have seen the progress online, but I was at work (thinking about it all day, though.) Great job, David. I complain when I have to drive 26.2 miles!

I would have loved to have been there to cheer you on and see you cross the finish line..
However I was cheering for you all the way from NY.

Congratulations!! David..
I am so proud of you.. Every time I think of what you did yesterday I start to cry.. I know it means so much to you, ABC2 and to us your fans..
I am proud to say that I am a DAVID COOK fan..
Congrats again... love you...

DAVID.... I could not be there in person, so I followed along online with my laptop. This was a very emotional time for me, and I found myself sitting here just crying my eyes out as you went across the finish line ! Such a wonderful and GREAT accomplishment for you, David ! I am one very proud fan. I know how much this cause means to you. It is my dream to, one day, run in the same race as yourself. I am at a loss for words. I can say, "WELL DONE!" and "God Bless" for all that you are doing to find a cure. My prayers and love are with you, always. This world of ours is made BETTER with YOU in it. Take care of yourself, Dave !

Congratulations, David, for finishing the LA Marathon. You are a true inspiration to all of us. I am very proud to be your fan. I hope your aches and pains are few. I'll see you at RFH.


It was fun to follow along online today, keeping track of his progress. David is our hero and a great role model to many. I am so proud! Smiling

So very proud of David!!!

Congrats! On finishing the marathon today! I'm so proud of you Smiling

that is a brave and strong man whose determination and heart inspire other people to go do good stuff with their lives.

that is a blessed man.

I'm pretty proud ... nah, i am extremely proud ... to be a supporter of the guy and the cause.

Still time to sign up for RFH, peeps, if you are inspired and haven't ever done it. Even if you can't get there? So worth doing. I have run "virtual" twice and raised good money, both times. People are surprisingly generous if you ask nicely and persistently. Let's gooooooooo

RT @lizajanebucket: Congratulations @TheDavidCook for finishing @lamarathon and raising $112,392 (and counting) for @BrainCancerCure!

Congratulations, David!! Wow, what an awesome accomplishment & for such a great rock, as always! Smiling

Thanks, everyone, for the pics, vids & info!

Congrats to Dave for completing the Marathon! Smiling

Steve Case ‏ @SteveCase
Thanks @TheDavidCook for all you're doing, including running L.A. Marathon today! @BrainCancerCure

Congrats to @lamarathon rocker runners @thedavidcook & @jamesbvalentine on finishing today's race! #LAMarathon

Thanks everyone for all the updates and pics today. Very fun. Congrats David! We knew you would do it. Now rest and revel in your huge accomplishment and all the donations you brought in for a very worthy cause.

@KoolKiwis: Easy to spot with orange shoes @thedavidcook

and another (I think that is Michelle in purple top and David to her left