MAR 18, 2012 -- LA MARATHON!! David Running! Info & Donate in here!

MAR 18, 2012 -- LA MARATHON!! David Running! Info & Donate in here!

This link is for the Friend's of David to donate with
David's combined Projects so far =

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Rankings: Mozilla Challenge ~ 6th Place w/40K! WTG!

David Cook To Run Marathon For Brain Cancer Cure In Honour Of Brother | via @contactmusic

#lamarathon David Cook to Run the 2012 Honda LA Marathon in Honor of Brother

David interviewed on KTLA!

@theDavidCook to Run the #Honda LA Marathon 2012 | Reality Idols via @unrealityusa

ABC2 Newsletter featuring @thedavidcook running LA Marathon to raise funds:

@FoolsApril64: | "We Believe" David Cook Is Our Champion @thedavidcook #WeBelieve” // what a nice article Smiling

HOTEL INFO for anyone travel to this:

Thought we needed a thread to post news, pictures, talk about who is going and how etc... and also so we can know where to go to donate. This is important to David and I think this along with the Race4Hope are dear to his heart! Let's see what we can do!

Please post things you would like me to add up top here because I haven't got a clue!

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WOW!! 40K for 6th place! WTG!!


@thedavidcook David Cook
LAST DAY!!!: Help David Cook raise funds & win Mozilla Challenge!! Proceeds go to helping find a cure for brain cancer!

The past two years I have done the RFH and with very supportive friends, raised almost $5000.00! I put together a Project for the LA Marathon and the Modzilla challenge and sent emails to all my RFH supporters. I told them I wouldn't be participating in the RFH this year but on March 17 my whole family is going to walk a 1/2 Marathon and their support is extremely important. I've only received $125.00 so far. So I registered for the RFH as a virtual participant and will see if that helps raise some more between March and May. I think putting together a team is a great idea!

Just keep donating if you can!

There's no reason not to keep it up with RFH -- like Cim, i have ppl who'd donate to my effort and not to Dave's -- and unless D doesn't want it for some reason I think there's no reason we can't create a team. (After all we did have a fan team at SU2C and I think the original RFH 2008 team was also initiated as a fan team.)

I expect maybe Deana's holding off at least till the mozilla thing is over? I'll check with her; usually she can get communication about this stuff from D's reps tho it is not always quick. I think if we're grouping we shouldn't wait till after the marathon; IMO that is late to start.

The only benefit of a group is that it does create a nice aggregate picture of the work in D's honor; it's motivational maybe in a way that individual pages are not. But I'll be doing something, either way -- cos otherwise it is money left on the table, and that'd be a shame.

glenna515, Thanks for that information. I was sure I had read that the amounts 'would' be combined - good to have a reply from Crowdrise with the facts of the matter...even if I wish they were different. All the money goes to ABC2, however - and that's really the point.

I know I had my own RFH page last year for friends of mine who were supporting me, which was, for all intents and purposes, supporting David's team. It all went to the cause, in any event.

Even if Dave doesn't have a team at RFH, we can still support the race by setting up our own teams or supporting existing teams. The bottom line is supporting ABC2. Smiling

So, I assume there will be L.A. area peeps attending the race to cheer David on as he runs by or gets carried off Eye-wink whatever the case may be?

If we're bringing up questions to ask, I actually have a small but very relevant one -- will he be setting up a team page for the RFH this year? I know everyone's focused on Crowdrise and the Marathon, but I know there are a number of people who cannot get their friends and family to donate to the cause that way, who would donate if these people were runners (virtual or not) at the 5K.

Just a thought. Smiling

Incipit 9 I have fundraising projects for both the LA Marathon and the Modzilla Challenge. I emailed crowdrise about how it works, this is their reply:

All funds you’ve raised for the LA marathon benefitting Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure and the Mozilla Firefox Challenge for Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure will go towards Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure.

Unfortunately funds raised on the Mozilla challenge will not be combined with the LA Marathon project after the challenge ends.

Over 34K now!! WTG! Let's try for 35K today!! Can we do it?

Let's just hope he doesn't have someone hanging over his shoulder saying, "You can't answer that!" to half the questions.

I amazed some fellow fans in Fort Wayne while we were waiting for the concert to begin by all the facts I knew about Dave (we'll make it Dave). They couldn't believe that I could tell them what kind of gum he chewed. We saw Andrew, Andy and Devon walking through the plaza and I was the only one who recognized them. They did stump me with one though..."Boxers or briefs?". I'm not sure I want to answer that one!

I hope Dave does come your way real soon because a concert by these guys is AMAZING!!


DARLENE: did I just get a mention in your post re. international fans? Thanks! Smiling LOL
By the way your post made me LOL. I will say though it was not a bad idea to prepare questions, in case Dave trance should appear?!
The ones you came up with are great by the way!!!
Can I just answer one? I think it is Dave, because he calls himself that "well my name is Dave" and Serletic called him that! Smiling My guess! LOL
It is just that we need to ask what we are not sure of such as tour dates, when and where. Yes you CAN have him in USA as well, but please send him our way as well. Remember how good we are at sharing and may I say DONATING!!!

With the Skype contest about to end, I'm thinking we need to start a list of questions to ask David in case one of us is lucky enough to win. Maybe with a list of questions in front of us (not flash cards) it might help those of us afraid of the dreaded "Dave Trance".

Of course with my Avi, my first question would be: How's Dublin. Did he make the cross country trip without any major incidents?

Questions about touring - when and where? Do Nina and the other fans across the ocean get a chance to see him perform live? I'm greedy and would love to keep him here in the States but more international fans would be great too.

It would be interesting to see the length of David's hair. If it is still long, is it an indication of the type of music he's leaning toward for his next album? Will it be more rock than pop, ala Axium and Analog Heart? He'll have the look.

Is it David or Dave? I've heard him say in a couple shows, "Hello, my name is Dave". Too cute!

And lastly - did he buy the Harley?

What are you dying to ask Dave? Add it to the list.

If you are the lucky dog that wins, feel free to use any of my questions. I just ask that you report back!

Good luck fellow fandom!!

Yes ministrel ikwym! I am a proud Cook fan and will work for R4H too!

That really WAS a great article by ABC2, pweller. It is good to feel useful and validated by that organization for our efforts, kwim? It makes me feel like part of their team. It makes me happy and eager to work on the RFH after the marathon thing is over. (Whether or not D is there, I'm at least going to do the virtual thing because I can get fam/friends to donate that way who do not give a toot about the marathon or DRC.)

@FoolsApril64: | "We Believe" David Cook Is Our Champion @thedavidcook #WeBelieve” // what a nice article Smiling

HUZZAH!! 33K now!! Only a couple more days left! Let's GO!!!

Bringing this over from the Permanent Thread. Please donate. Thank You.


I just saw this on Twitter -

a guy who used Soundcloud - and did a version of "Permanent" - he did a great job of adjusting the music to suit his voice - it's really pretty good, IMO.

@mik2mic Mike Rossini
@thedavidcook My aunt recently passed from brain cancer. Hope I did your song justice! -

I know money is tight for a lot of people right now but thought I would share this little bit of trivia.

Since the Skype challenge started, there have only been around 50 people donate to abc2. That fellow fandom is a 1 in 50 chance of talking to David for 5 whole minutes! Those are really good odds!

Just think, David all to yourself for five whole minutes (albeit, for some that would be minus the time it takes someone to slap you out of the "Dave Trance").


INCIPIT9: thanks for bringing that info here. Since # 1 got a 25.000 donation, I think it is even more impressive that David has reached more than 30.000 on his!!! Smiling

Some entity made a single 25K donation to that first place team - and banged them right up to #1. If you click on the word 'donation' on any team's page, you can see their average amounts, and also, the number of pages of donors. David's pages, for the most part, do not have deep pocket people and big amounts per single donation. It would be cool if it happened - but even Olivia/Kitunen's Keyring Project that she created was accomplished by a lot of small donations. That 7K Donation was lovely, but I am proud of all of us who give what we can.


INCIPIT9: yep that makes sense now and thanks for helping me out Smiling

I see David is # 5 now, but I´m still amazed at how much money he (we) always seem to get for his charities and in the end each dollar count - not wether he is # 1?! I know there is this 25.000 prize and that would be very nice to win, but he is a bit "behind" # 1.

Nina, the donations will be combined, after January11th, and all counted together. This is a special Challenge 'within' the Marathon Fundraising effort, from Mozilla - with an extra donation of $25,000 at stake. It ends on the six days.

The Marathon fundraising goes on until March 18th.

Hope that's clearer than it sounds. *wink*


I may have a strange question, but why is David having two donation places??? If the two amounts were put together he had even more dollars all together??? Smiling Not that I complain, I´m just wondering?!

About the 5 min chat, they say ''Approximate Value: $300.00'' I'd say its priceless Smiling

Give $24 to the ABC2 fundraiser and be entered to win a Skype chat with @thedavidcook Help ABC2 win $25K from Mozilla!

New contest! A Skype chat! Where's my credit card!?!

Well, his goal on his LA Marathon page is $50K. He already has over $15K there. With the over $30K that he has on the Crowdrise site, he has basically reached over $45K already, getting him fairly close to his $50K original goal.

Felt that coming. Though that's a lil bigger magnitude than I would've predicted. Maybe he has some inside intel....


Heh. He did it again - upped the goal - to $45,000 this time. Man does like his challenges, for himself and for us. In retrospect, the original 20K doesn't seem like such a much, KWIM?

Wow. that is fantastic. Been hoping some deep-pocketed donors would step up. would that it were me, but ... i got nothin' but words and good vibes at this point. Let's goooooooo......

Holy W0W! That Anonymous donation was as good as the absent Mozilla Seed Money plus $2000 more! Much appreciation to the donor - every effort counts to aid this research - but that was so good to see.

They'll have me searching sofa cushions for another donation. Heh.

Nevermind he is in 4th place now but I am still proud!!


WOO HOO he (we) made it re. the 30.000. Smiling Plus he has 15.000 + on the other one, which means that he is close to his goal at 50.000. There is still to months to raise less than 5.000. Yahoo, not only is Cook great, he has a fantastic and supportive fanbase as well.

Great anonymous donation! Let's try to get to 2nd place now!

@lamarathon: Donate $22 or more before 1/7 & you'll be entered to win 1 of 10 copies David Cook's new CD

Jai, Thanks for explaining the $5,000.00 Mozilla donations. It kind of eases my mind a bit.

David's fans should be very proud of themselves for all this money raised for this very worthy charity. It is amazing at how much money has been donated, especially considering we have been right in the middle of some expensive (can be) holidays.

I just gave my money for Jan. 1, but instead of breaking it up. I just did 32.00. I was lazy I guess.

Minstrel, I saw that when I donated - and wondered if that was Kitunen/Olivia. Very, very cool!

I gave some more too. Wanted ppl to be aware of this very cool circadian-themed keyring project that kitunen (@incognitolivia on twitter) is doing in support of the cause:

She's already been able to make a $1600 donation as a result of fan support of this brilliant idea. Check it out Smiling

Made my donation of $20 and $12 - I kinda like the significance of using the new year for a New Year's Day donation - gives people who want to participate in this choices for the amount. I wish it could have been $2012, but we all do what we can, that's what matters. IMO.

And yes, Charivni, it's cool to see the number moving slowly upwards today!

@Max_ABC2 Max Wallace
David Cook, great friend to brain cancer research, has raised nearly $40K on CrowdRise. Join in & start 2012 off right!

Adding my wishes for a happy and healthy New Year for everyone.

Just made my donation to commemorate 2012. It's great to see the total amount inching upward.



I just did my Jan. 1st donation and it was a great way to start the year - because I can. Remember we all contribute with what we can and if we can. I´m so proud of David and his fandom (US). We are still # 3 and we have raised a lot of money. Yes, he and his causes are indeed loved.

JAI: thank you for the explanation re. the 5000 dollars. You are right we can definately all be proud of what we have raised so far!

By the way totally loved the idea of us donating today!!!

Hummingbird - someone already brought it to crowdrise's attention. It is not an oversight on Mozilla's part. They explained that Mozilla agreed to donate $25,000 to be donated to 5 teams and then $25,000 to the team that raised the most at the end of the challenge period. That was done before David ever joined the challenge so he wasn't eligible. I think it is still outstanding how well David's team is doing - it shows how well he is loved. All the charities are worthy so I'm happy to see them all doing well.

I'll be donating more tomorrow for New Year's.

Donated $20.00 plus $12.00. This is fun!

What the hell...I did it twice! Once for $20 and once for $12.

Everyone have a Happy and especially SAFE New Years!