Rest in Peace Whitney Houston

Rest in Peace Whitney Houston

I was sad and shocked to hear about the passing of Whitney Houston.
She was an amazing talent. So tragic a loss for her family, friends and the world.
She and I were the same age, only two weeks apart.

This was one of my favorites.

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Still hard to believe. She had one of the greatest voices of all time. I feel very sorry for her family, especially her daughter. "I Will Always Love You" always makes me cry.

That would be great to hear if David covered that song. Maybe an accoustic version.
This was one of her last songs in 2009 when she was trying to make a come back. So beautiful and yet so sad to hear this now.

Definitely a huge loss for the music industry. I was shocked when I heard about it. She definitely made her mark though and that will never go away.

She was great and I really loved her pop ballads. She was one of the best. Drug abuse is an awful affliction and some never get out of it.

Whitney will be missed, that's for sure. I've been a fan of hers since childhood. Maybe there will be a cover of "I Will Always Love You" in David's future?