RIP Davy Jones of the Monkees

RIP Davy Jones of the Monkees

Davy Jones from the Monkees died at the age of 66. RIP Davy!

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That's funny, ABeth. When I think about it, Michael reminds me a little of David, the way he acts. Kind of smart, kind of nerdy, funny, silly. Very Davidy. and YES Archie reminds me of Davy J.!!!! Yes! And ITA with you on the 2 h's! I agree Davy is in heaven.

pweller7, thanks for all those links specially that of Michael Nesmith's beautiful and touching comments. I second to what he wrote except with my belief, the place for hereafter life is called either heaven or hell. Davy seemed to be a good person and may his soul rest in peace in heaven.

By the way, Michael used to be my big crush and sometimes David Cook reminded me of young him (Monkees era) especially when he had his hair combed like Michael. In fact most of my young crushes reminded me of Michael and even my husband when he was as thin and lanky before we got married decades ago.
And also I don't know why Archie reminded me of Davy Jones sometimes.

Thank you, Pweller, for all of those links. I'm grieving over the loss of Davy. He gave me so many happy moments. I enjoyed watching the Monkees on tv when I was a kid. They were fun, entertaining, clean comedy, and their music was good enough to last even to this day. Daydream Believer is epic. So is Last Train to Clarksville. Hearing Davy's voice brings tears to my eyes as I remember the joy he brought to me and everyone who enjoyed this lovely group. Davy is singing to God in heaven. May God comfort the people Davy left behind.

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Micky Dolenz shares his memories of Monkees bandmate Davy Jones. Video:

He was my 1st TV personality/singer crush

Very touching comments from Michael Nesmith regarding the passing of Davy Jones. So eloquent.