The Ryan Star thread

The Ryan Star thread

I emerged as a huge fan of Ryan's over the summer of '09 when he played a bunch of acoustic shows here in Southern California. Then I saw him and his band open for Collective Soul in September '09 and saw how tight the whole band has become since I saw them open for David at the Borgata (Atlantic City) in March. Then came the amazing intimate full-band show at Zoey's Cafe in Ventura, CA. It was one of the most thrilling evenings. I just cannot believe the week it capped: David, Crash Kings and Ryan in Hollywood (favorite concert of my life), then mega-concert of DCATA in San Diego, and then Ryan and his band in the best listening room/dinner club in Southern California, playing to 40 or so diehard fans of his. Semi-unplugged (mix of acoustic, and full band but not amped all the way up, although they blew the roof off that tiny place). For videos,

You'll also find tons of Ryan's performances from the Declaration Tour on John's channel, plus those acoustic sets in LA that I mentioned before. Ryan played for close to 90 minutes in Ventura. It was a show that had us going... cheering, laughing, crying, singing... very much as David's shows do. This is NOT a competition. I will never leave one of these guys to support the other. I support both. David has changed my life in more ways than I can tell you. Ryan is at a stage in his career where he needs as much help from us as he can get. I love both of these dudes, and their band mates. We are blessed to have them making beautiful music for us.

ETA: Ryan's CD Release show at Irving Plaza on 8/3/10 is now up there with the greatest concerts I've attended.

I now understand the instant bond that not only David and Ryan made, but the bond that both bands made with each other. It couldn't have played out any other way.

If you want to support Ryan, make requests for "Breathe" to your local HAC station.

In LA, text requests to KBIG (MyFM) at 31043. Or use the mediabase request form on line, and write it in. Once a day for a text, once a day for mediabase. Don't spam the stations, and follow the guidelines in the "request thread" here on DCO.

Check out this cover of Leonard Cohen's "Everybody Knows."

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Don't forget to get Ryan's new CD, ANGELS + ANIMALS. It is an amazing CD!!

No he is no longer with Island Records or any other label jsyk

I'm not sure if Ryan is with Island anymore, he's having a pledge music campaign now .

I was kind of wondering when the Animal ep came out, and he had put it out himself. I checked the Island records page and he's not on it anymore.

Whatever is going on, I hope things work out for him.

A handful of years ago, David had an opening act on the Declaration Tour, this fellow..|otr|tlc

Why is David not on this list?

His Livestream show was very good today. Here's hoping he does more of those while he is off making his next CD. I'm very excited about what lies ahead for him.


I'm liking Ryan's new song. I saw him in concert with David Cook in Springfield Ohio couple of years ago.

Today is the day!! Go get your copy of Stay Awhile!!

I'm so happy for him, about the new contract, and glad he's going on the Tonight show. Hope things go well for him.

Surprised nothing has been said here about Ryan signing with Island Records or his upcoming appearance on The Tonight Show on 8/14. My family is so excited for Ryan. Hope you all tune in!!!


Hope that everyone will download Ryan's new EP, The America EP. It is free...

Also hope you all are able to catch him on tour with Andy Grammer. We went to both the Southern California shows and had a great time!! Ryan never disappoints. Such a fabulous talent!!!


He also did 11:59 at Mohegan.

I was at the Mohegan show, and it was incredible!! ONe of the best concerts I've been to, and I was right near the stage. I have videos up at my channel, and I'll have a few more too.

He opened with him just playing on the keyboards, and he did We Might Fall, then Unbreak, which he said he hadn't done in concert. I think he did something else, and then the band came out, and I'm not sure of the order, but he did Right Now, Last Train Home, I think he did This might be the Year, a couple songs I didn't have the name of. And of course, he did Breathe. He even did a bit of Rolling in the Deep, which I didn't get on video but it was terrific, a hard rock version of it, and did Losing My Religion as part of one of the songs, and I did get part of that. Also he did We Can Work it out cover.

He ended with Start a Fire and then Back of My Car,and did an encore, with Losing your Memory, by himself, and something else.

I got to talk to him afterwards, and he signed my CD. I was amazed because he remembered that I had been to a show before, and that I had spoken to him. Spoke to him a while more, and then got a picture. So I had a fantastic time.

The only thing is, the audio of the videos is ok, but the video isn't always so good, much of the time, I didn't realize I was missing him in the video. I think since I was so close, I had too much zoom on.

If you do check my videos, I still have a couple to post, he did Psychosuicidal Girls also, and I have that, and most of Start a fire and Back of my car. It's just that they take so long to upload.

It was quite a week, because I met David and Neal on Wednesday Smiling

The general consensus on twitter last night was that the Mohegan show was his best ever - and that's from diehards who've been to all LOL! He rarely performs "Unbreak" (one of my favorite tracks from 11:59, if not my absolute fave), but he did last night. On piano. It's stunning:
Thanks to Carrottop999 for the video.

Ryan Star performing for Free at the Wolf Den at Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT on June 10th

I posted a few Rockstar Supernova videos up at my youtube yesterday, thought some might like to watch them.

I can't remember if this was a webisode or if it was aired on TV (more likely the former if there's "MSN" in the opening). This series (3 parts) is mostly about the songwriting clinic they had during the show. This was the 2nd songwriting challenge the contestants were given.

You won't get to see Ryan sing on the 1st challenge but you'll get a glimpse of him among the other contestants watching. This was at the Pulse studios - as far as I can remember they were asked to do quick lyrics to a track (almost impromptu). -

Here's the 3 parter songwriting clinic. There's quite a bit of Ryan here, along w/ the eventual winner Lukas Rossi -

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Pinoy fans represent!

I believe Ryan had band auditions in late 2008, so that is when the band formed. He may have known the people in his band prior to though, that I'm not sure of.

zoo, I had no idea Dallin had an EP until I saw your post. I checked her out on iTunes, only to find she has 2! I bought King's Highway. I may go back for the other but at first listen I preferred those songs.

I noticed that KH was from 2007. Do you know how long she's been in Ryan's band? The first time I saw Ryan was in 2009 and she was with him by that time. Thanks.

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ETA: Now, please let's get back on-topic to the OP of this thread (Ryan Star) rather than focusing on the personalities involved.


Anybody can do anything they want to on this site and that includes disagreeing with a post. So if you come to this site and post something that is a dig at David well you can expect a reply and an opinion that may be different than yours. So yea if you don't like David you can post on this site.

"Everything they want and more"

Really? People on this website can't say they like someone better than David? Cuz I'm pretty sure there's been plenty of that in the past, especially when it comes to discussing his bandmates.

I'd like to ask for clarification from Lisa... Lisa, David happens to be my favorite artist, but if he wasn't, would I be allowed to say so on this website? Thanks for the clarification.

ETA: Thanks Lisa for responding to my question. Sky/NewLeaf (not sure what to call you since you changed your screename but your signature still says Sky), I'm not sure to whom you are responding because no one on this thread said they don't like David, but thanks anyway for answering the moderation question as well.

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Dallin is amazing. Her EP is really good. I sure wish I could be in NYC when she plays a show sometime. Met her parents in Las Vegas. Very nice people.


I totally agree with you. I also agree with GBTAT that Dallin is a wonderful part of Ryan's band. Her harmony and keyboards add so much to his music. Have a good day everyone.

Can we also all agree that Captha is a pain in the you know what and deserves to be sent into exile?

They both deserve Respect. I believe that is all I am saying..

"Everything they want and more"


Let me wave the white flag of truce and utter the words of Mr. Cook "Easy Now" and Mr. Star "All Love". I can't speak for either of them personally, but they seem to be very pragmatic men. I would suspect most artists wouldn't care if they were your "favorite" as long as you bought their music, attended their concerts, and supported them in the best way you knew how.

Meanwhile, I'll be tightening up my combat helmet and heading back to the foxhole. It's rough out here! Smiling

If it is, I think Dallin Applebaum sells Dallin Applebaum better than Ryan Star sells Ryan Star. [wink]

What is it a contest?

"Everything they want and more"

I would say just as well or even better. I'm hoping for great things in the future.


Thanks Jeannine! Kerry, if you're still here, chime in and let us know your thoughts as well.

I'm hoping there will be another single off 11:59 given all the new ears he's reaching on this tour. Crossing my fingers that Ryan picks up many more fans. He sells Ryan Star almost as well as David Cook sells David Cook. Smiling

Short recap for seamom Eye-wink......

He got a very good response. I was pleasantly surprised that so many people were either in their seats or near their seats, so there were quite a few in the arena to listen to Ryan’s set. The show was entirely sold out, so there were many people in the venue. It was a delight to be there singing the songs I love so much and to know that so many people were getting to hear them as well. There were quite a few family members in attendance at the LV show. It was great meeting them all. I had met Ryan’s dad a couple years ago in KC (we found ourselves sitting next to each other, LOL) and was pleasantly surprised that he remembered me after all that time. Quite a few copies of 11:59 were sold in the lobby after the show. It was great to hear so many compliments as people were leaving the show.

If you haven’t see Bon Jovi in concert (I hadn’t until the other night), you certainly get your money’s worth. They played a two hour set and that was before the lengthy encore. The show was extremely good.


Sorry, double post. Got caught by the Capt!


I'd love to hear a recap of the Las Vegas show if you have time. I've only seen a couple of videos but it sounded like he was getting a terrific crowd response. Thanks in advance!

The show in Las Vegas was amazing. I was so happy to be there to see it.


Great segment on Ryan on Better TV.
Starts with a nice package (with a brief mention of David), then a terrific interview with Ryan (he talks about opening for Bon Jovi), and it closes with Ryan singing "Brand New Day" acoustic.


According to one of Ryan's fans at the San Antonio show the setlist was:

Brand New Day
Right Now
Last Train Home
Start A Fire
Back of Your Car

Those are all from 11:59 and since he's only doing a few dates I doubt he will change the songs. Hope this helps. Have a wonderful time!


Seeing Ryan open for Bon Jovi this weekend in Las Vegas!! So excited! Anyone else going??

Anyone have any recent setlists for Ryan? I am dying to here 11:59 live!


Ryan was one of the artists at the Clearwater Petapalooza. He performed an acoustic show with Dallin and was the best I've ever seen him. I didn't record his acoustic Last Train Home and am very sorry I didn't because I've never seen him perform it that way. I hope it ends up on YouTube. The final mashup, amidst technical difficulties, was also amazing.

Brand New Day
Pre-song Banter and Breathe
Start a Fire
mashup Back of Your Car/Bulletproof/Airplanes

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So, who is going to see Ryan open for Bon Jovi? I'm so excited for him, I can't tell ya how much. That is such fantastic news. I'll be parting with my money to see him at the MGM in Las Vegas. Can't wait!!!!

Oh....the show and after party at the Aliente in Las Vegas on Friday was great fun! Of course, Ryan and Dallin did a stellar job. We are never disappointed.


Here is the youtube of Ryan Stars show for the radio station in Seattle.

And here are the pictures from the station:

I was there it was a great show. Ryan was in really good voice and he signed autographs afterwards. All in all wonderful show.

"Everything they want and more"

An amazing show at Webster Hall in NYC. It was an epic night. Ryan invited his fans to an after party. Ryan played DJ for a while (there was a professional DJ there as well) and played his own music LOL! He is so awesome.

Here's a link to my photos on flickr. Includes opening acts Gambit, Hesta Prynn & Hot Chelle Rae (all were great).

Name in Lights

Excellent interview by Shelley Wade:

Ryan talks about Idol's Ryan Starr, his experience on Rock Star, fans on twitter & facebook, and much more... and sings a gorgeous acoustic version of Last Train Home (starts out a capella). Shelley does a great job.

Just got home from NYE activities and turned on the TV - the first thing I heard was Start a Fire being used as background for the upcoming Original Movies to air on Lifetime in January. Good to hear his voice.

Happy New Year, all!

You make me smile like the sun, fall out of bed, sing like a bird, dizzy in my head...

Hey, eilonwy Ryan combines music and cooking! Great bit from last June, but it Ryan just tweeted it today.

Start A Fire w/SVZ:

Whacka whacka! I finally shooed away enough colleagues to watch this (sent 'em to Tucson, which I may have to adopt as a euphemism)... R* has now not only upstaged Santa, all eight reindeer, and the entire month of January but is about three weeks into February. Very cool. (And thanks for capturing it, DblJerseyGirl.

A very special Cook & Friends romp through the implausible: A Pocketful of Dreams

A truly epic night for Ryan last night at the WPLJ Jingle Ball in New York. Stevie Van Zandt joined Ryan on stage for "Start A Fire."

@RyanStar with @StevieVanZandt - still from Start a Fire on Twitpic

This was at the Best Buy Theater in Times Square. Train & O.A.R. were also on the bill. I wasn't there but dblJerseyGirl was and she took pictures and videos! Thanks Rachel!!

Start A Fire w/SVZ:
Last Train Home:
Brand New Day:
Back of Your Car:

Well deserved!


Did y'all see this? Someone linked it over at TWoP for Kris Allen. It's lists of the top 10 songs of the year from some music business people and Ryan Star makes at least a couple of the lists, including the very first one on the page.

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Only Ryan Star. He gave a private living room performance for a small group of diehard fans who had booked their trip to NYC for the Webster Hall show before it was postponed. The fans decided to go to NYC anyway and stay with a couple of Brooklyn fans. In the evening, Ryan & his wife Hallie trekked from Long Island to Brooklyn to spend Thanksgiving & play a few tunes for the small group. John_Socal shot video.

wissphoto I have the recording of Ryan's cover of The River. It's from a charity holiday CD with a bunch of artists, from a couple of years ago. DM me on twitter if you think you might want an MP3.

Just popping in to say that I saw Ryan and Dylan on Saturday in Jacksonville. It was a free concert at an upscale strip mall to celebrate a Christmas Tree Lighting(I know, seems way too early). Ryan was the middle act between a local talent and the main act- Vertical Horizon. Ryan and Dylan sounded good together. I got to hear his new song- Start a Fire which was awesome. He also did a Joni Mitchell cover- The River? Not familiar with song but it was beautiful rendition. He finished his set up with Back of your Car with an interesting mash-up of I saw mommy kissing Santa.

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Scott, you got me to check airfares (I haven't been to NYC in a few years and can think of a long list of things I'd like to do there). Alas, it was quickly adding up to a $1000 trip and not in budget. This is always my problem with shows further away than Los Angeles; to make it worth my while, I'd need to spend a week.

I'll have to settle for his Tucson appearance in a couple weeks... that's still a bit of a haul, but I've been threatening to check out Tucson for a year now, so I think it's time I found the impetus.

Another Cook & Friends romp through the implausible: Is it true that light is faster than sound?