Share the Wealth: Bands, Musicians, Our Discoveries..

Share the Wealth: Bands, Musicians, Our Discoveries..

Thought it might be nice to have one place to come to post/discuss new music discoveries we've all made, whether Dave-related or not.

So I'll start it off with:
Evan Joyce, solo musician and once-bass player for the now disbanded Flying Machines. Evan Joyce's Happy Decay:

Full disclosure: I'm acquainted with the filmmaker for the Happy Decay video, Greg Joyce, , whose other work includes a very funny movie that won several film festival awards, Working Stiff

Eta: If you come in here and post, please go with the flow of no obligation offerings, that is, no obligation to listen, comment, reciprocate, share. Of course, sharing is wonderful and appreciated always, but the only obligation is respect.

And now bring on your musical finds. Go!

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OKAY - been curious since April - -

This is that group that David used to mention - out of Canada, who had broken up and are back together, and have an album out. Big Wreck

I tried listening to some of the tracks - but I need to do it later, when there are no distractions - because the first one I clicked on, "War" - had amazing lyrics - and the second had a driving bass line - and fierce shredding - which are easily two of the avenues to my appreciation - and I get the feeling that this is all pro forma, this listening - and I'm just gonna buy it. But I'll go through the motions anyway. Then I'll buy it. *snerk*

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OsageMusicLover, thanks for the post. I've been slightly curious about this since I saw they were putting out music again - now, listening to this snip reminds me why I was interested.

I'm looking forward to this new Big Wreck release. Ghosts... =)

Listen to Steelheart, Smiling, they have a version of Led Zepplins Black Dog, and it's amazing Smiling

Enjoy Smiling

Look at the movie Rock of Ages, the soundtrack, on youtube, Tom Cruise can actually sing Smiling

A band from where I live, they are really good, they only have an EP out, but they are getting new music, and they are actually in Orlando today playing at Vans Warped Tour....

I think you need to be a teen to vote. I remember being one once but that was a long time ago. Eye-wink


Hey guys! Thought I'd hop on here and ask a question.

You see Rascal Flatts is Nominated for the 2012 Teen Choice Awards, if you guys could go and take the time to vote that would be awesome and you can vote once per day until the 21st of this month! Go here: please an thank you Smiling

Tonight begins a one month residency for London Cries at The Viper Room in West Hollywood. They will play every Thursday night in July. Tonight (7/05) and 7/26 Bryce Soderberg's side project, 2nd Wheel, will also be playing. If you are in the area, hope to see you there!!


Yes, Toby Rand was, indeed, on that show. He came in 3rd. His appearance is a little different now, but it is the same guy. Funny story about that.....I had been going to their shows for a while before I found that out. Another fan was mentioning that his wife was a huge Ryan Star fan and then he said something about Toby being on the show as well. I said, "He was? I watched that show! Why didn't I realize this?" Then it struck me why I felt I had heard the song Throw It Away before. I had seen him perform it on the show the night he got to do his own music, LOL. Heck, I met those guys through Bryce Soderberg of Lifehouse, who is a very good friend with them. I was totally under a rock other than I loved their music. Small world.

Zoo: I beleive the lead singer from Juke Kartel was on one of the ROckstar shows, it may have been the year Ryan Star was on. I really liked him.

Another new artist that I like Matt Cardle. He was on the UK X factor a couple of years ago, he won the year that One Directon was on. He's kind of an indie rock guy and did some really interesting arrangements on the show, kind of like someone we know Smiling Actually his music reminds me more of Kris Allen, and I think he even wrote a song with Kris. Anyway he came out with an album last fall, and I found it and just got it, I kind of like it

For anyone who has checked into Juke Kartel, they announced a change of name to their band last Saturday night. They now go by the name London Cries. Here is their message explaining the change....

I hope people will check into this band. They rock.


Nice to see this thread still alive. If I have already mentioned Juke Kartel, I'm sorry. They are one of the best bands I have seen....right up there with my favorite, Hell Or Highwater. Another band I am very excited about is a band called Elvis Monroe. It is a band made up of musicians who consider it a side project. Members include Ben Carey from Lifehouse, Ryan MacMillan from Matchbox Twenty, Bryan Hopkins from Paperback Hero and Matt Nelson, who is the son of Ricky Nelson. I met these wonderful dudes through Bryce Soderberg of Lifehouse, who I met through Neal Tiemann (yeah, I know....hard to follow, LOL). They have a CD coming out in the near future and their tunes are excellent! All very nice guys to boot. Oh...and speaking of Bryce....he does have a side project as well called 2nd Wheel. I have to say I'm highly impressed with his tunes. 2nd Wheel, Elvis Monroe and Juke Kartel are playing at The Viper Room on the 9th. I can't wait!!


Some of you might like this, it's from an Alternative rock band called @FriendsOfEmmet, they were recommended to me, they are from Ireland but getting ready to release a cd here. They are described as a cross between U2 and Coldplay, but from the songs on their website I think they sound a bit like RyanStar.

Speaking of new discoveries, anyone listen to Live 365? If so, what channels do you listen to? It depends on my mood, but right now I'm partial to Radio Free Cruze. That internet site is an incredible way to broaden one's musical horizons.

ETA: OK. So this isn't a wildly popular thread. There's so much great music out there. Speaking of, I checked out Big Wreck's new single, Albatross, after seeing Dave's tweet about hearing their new music. I love it! Unfortunately, we can't yet purchase it in the states, but I think they're releasing it in Feb or March.

Also, on a mellower note, I just heard a new artist, Ken Yates, sing his song, I Don't Wanna Fall in Love. Really nice. John Mayer had posted about it on Tumblr and got the YT some good attention. If you like it, you can download for free. Great way to spread his music!

For fans of comedy (as we know David is), check out Louis CK. He does standup as well as having a terrific TV show on FX which I highly recommend. Like his comedy, it's both crude and touching, hilarious and sad while also occasionally controversial. Great stuff. And he has tried something new which seems to be widely successful. Instead of doing a one hour comedy that is distributed by the traditional means of a TV broadcasting station, he's self-released his latest (in addition to producing and directing it independently) solely via his website. No TV at all. Very risky. If you go here: you pay $5 and then can watch as much as you want. Terrific concept. And, please, if you do enjoy louis ck, don't try to torrent for free. The guy is doing this on his own and is an artist, like Dave. And it's $5 dollars. A good portion of the profits are going to charities. Check out his letter which you can read on the above link.

I hope that Dave and his management are as creative and forward-thinking as this. It takes out the middlemen and helps the artist and associated other parties to make a decent living and at the same time gives back to worthwhile projects. It's a win-win-win in my book!

Thank you! I cherish a singular memory of a moment at a dance held at a neighborhood park in my town when I was in Jr High. The Beatles I Saw Her Standing There was blasting out of the speakers, everyone was dancing and when I heard the Beatles sing "Well my heart went BOOM when I crossed that room" my heart went boom too and I felt a thrill that is indescribable. I can still feel it just thinking about it. The Beatles went on to create history with their incredible music and career but for me that was a rock & roll moment that can never be topped.

Never posted any thing here and in fact didn't even know about this thread until now. Was sent here by Opabinia (thanks again) as I didn't feel right about sharing this on the VOICE thread.
Anyway, for those who appreciate amazing vocal talent may I please introduce Josh Krajcic from XFactor? Here is a link to one of his performances. His is the most startling talent I have heard since DC.

The Foo Fighters come to KC. When I heard these folks (WBC) were going to do their thing outside the Sprint Center, I sort of expected Dave Grohl to one-up them. He sure did.

God Bless America

Now, if the band had just been around for a funeral I attended........

Oh, my. Penguin, I wonder if you are really asking that, whether we've heard of the Beatles, or if you're saying it tongue-in-cheek? Because if you are really asking it, I feel very, very old! ('Cause I grew up with them, and know by heart almost every song they ever wrote; and I remember enjoying the German versions a lot.) For those young'uns in here, please take Penguin up on her suggestion. You will not be disappointed.

It would be wonderful to discover the Beatles for the very first time. They definitely are one of the best bands ever.

idk if u've heard of this band but they r the greatest band of all time and they r The Beatles. love them. i really love the german versions of she loves you (Sie liebt dich) and I want to hold your hand (Komm gib mir deine hand) they r both awsome. give them a listen. heres I want to hold your hand and heres She loves you
hopefully u will enjoy them.

Osagemusic, Thanks for the note about AA Bondy; I found his myspace and listened to a few. He's really intriguing. At first I thought he sounded country, then I heard more folk, even Bob Dylan.

It's been a long time since I stopped by; RL has gotten in the way for me. Nice to see some folks still are visiting in here.

A.A. Bondy has a new CD dropping called "Believers" on September 13th. You can hear a First Listen on the National Public Radio Site. Sounds really cool. (DCO will not let me provide link?)

I do own his last CD. I really dig this guy's music so I'll probably purchase this one also. He's probably classified as an Americana, Folk artist. Rather haunting. For quiet nights. =) Give him a listen.

I have been thoroughly enjoying the new EP "Gemini" by Jack and White (Brooke White's new duo with Jack Matranga). It is stellar. Saw them play recently at Hotel Cafe and loved every minute of it. Class acts, both of them! Hope you all will purchase it off of iTunes.


Hope everyone will purchase "Begin Again" by Hell Or Highwater when it comes out tomorrow. You can get it for $5.99 on iTunes. I have listened to the CD several times and absolutely love it.


Hi Osage, **Waving to you, my fellow NPR-er.** I'm a big NPR listener (and volunteer, answering phones for many years for fundraisers). There are other peeps here, too, who like NPR; Nemo comes to mind for one..

I found the Bon Iver link on Twitter; I don't follow NPR, but have looked at their feed and I can see how you'd get overwhelmed with it; it seems constant.

I did finally listen to the concert, and was impressed with a lot of what they played. I think their experimental stuff is really interesting; at times very moving, and unusual. Even beautiful (some of it). I did get a little tired of Justin what'shisname's voice, but it suits the music, almost like an atonal rhythm to it (I'm sure he'd be really thrilled (not) to hear me call his voice atonal; maybe it's more uni-tonal... ; ) Anyway, clearly he is extremely talented and he and the band seem to me to be taking music in some possibly new directions (I can never be sure of that as I haven't been a very big listener (too busy listening to NPR, lol) )... But new to me, anyway. I want to check out more of his/their music.

ohyesyes :

Re: Bon Iver
I finally worked through my emails to this concert. I think I am more excited that you’re obviously a fellow NPR subscriber/listener. NPR fires off so many emails I hardly have a chance to get through them. So I am missing out on a lot.

I am glad they threw the concert up online. I really enjoyed it. I have one Bon Iver CD, “For Emma, Forever Ago”, and a few singles that I do like. They were recommended by a friend. I like Bon Iver well enough, however, I have never felt prompted to attend a concert. My friend is a big fan of theirs and wouldn’t miss a show for the world. It was great listening to them live however. I also think they sounded fantastic. In any event they are definitely worth a listen everyone. I would classify them as kind of folk rock with a little instrument experimentation going on at times. But what do I know. lol =)

Opa, wow, thank you so much for that Amy Winehouse link. She had a gorgeous voice and was very charismatic; I really was not familiar with her and just got chills listening, so terribly sad.

Well, hard to talk about what I came in here for, but there is much to feel here, too, though very different, I guess. Last night I caught only the tail end of the NPR livestream of Bon Iver from a show they were doing in Wash, DC.

Here's the link:

What I heard sounded absolutely fantastic; it's up now on NPR. I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, but really am looking forward to it.

Don't want to dwell on this. It's happened so many, many times before. Oh, what could have been, what could have been.....RIP, child.

Haven't been in here for awhile, but thought I would drop off some stuff, LOL.

In case you haven't heard yet, Black Cloud Collective has changed their name to Hell or Highwater and their CD, Begin Again, will be available on iTunes August 9th......whee!!!!

Not sure if I have ever mentioned this young man, and too lazy to go back and look...
Saw Shaun Hlookoff with his band at The Viper Room last Thursday night and the place was packed! I really liked him from the get go a couple years ago and am so pleased to see his growth as a musician/writer/performer the other night. If you ever find out he is playing near you, go give him a listen. I think you will enjoy it.

The Northstar Session has been busy playing shows in the northern parts of California, Oregon, etc. and, I'm pleased to say, they are playing a show here at Hotel Cafe tomorrow night at 11PM. If you live here, come on out and party with us.

Graham Colton will be at Hotel Cafe Saturday night at 7PM. This young man is amazing. Check him out if you can.

Guess that is all for now. Enjoy your week! Smiling


Osage, so funny that you mention Warren Haynes; I heard him on NPR yesterday for the first time and I have his name written down to check out the cd. Thanks for the reminder!

(FYI) Warren Hayne's "Man in Motion" CD dropped today. 5/10/2011. If you dig soulsy, jazzy, rock you'll definitely enjoy this CD. It's a solo effort by Haynes (one of several) and a slight departure from the norm, however, it's fabulous. Just finished listening to the entire CD, and I honestly enjoyed every track. Haynes is also the lead singer, songwriter, and lead guitarist for Gov't Mule. He also plays guitar in the Allman Bros Band. He is absolutely one off the best guitarist out there right now. (IMO) Check it out! =)

I came here to talk about The Limousines, now famous for branding David Cook “American Idol Larry.” But, first, I’m reminded that I meant to come back here earlier and tell kitkat that I too took the Rate the Music survey for Ian Axel and thought his music was so incredibly awful I was driven to tweet about it—I believe I may even have suggested it was worse than that Friday song. There is no accounting for taste (& I’m sure I’m the questionable one here) and it’s good that Ian had you to balance out my excessive negativity.

Not sure I’m much more of a fan of The Limousines’ music but they definitely won me over in other ways today. They showed good humor in being trounced by David “Larry” Cook in the RadioSophie contest and responded to tweets (both pleasant & not) from DC’s fans with some wit & charm. Finally, they tweeted DC:

Hey @thedavidcook (Larry) it's been a pleasure getting beat up by you and meeting your army!

It just so happened they had a show tonight with a webcast & I tuned in to check them out. Lots of energy and crowd engagement—pretty fun. It’s electronic music so not sure how much your average DC fan will like them, but I think they’re worth a listen. In the chat that happened during the live stream someone posted this (which I assume, but do not know for sure, are lyrics):

Maybe we'll both hate each other, s***ty *** and separate beds. restraining orders vow to never speak again. on second thought let's just be me and you be you, two perfect strangers being sneaky with a flask of booze

Their most well-known song is Internet Killed the Video Star; the video (which I apparently cannot link) comes complete with zombies! And it turns out one half of the band writes books (self-published, I think). Books which I also am unable to link--I think I understand all the captcha complaints now--you don't even get to try to get past the filter? See Coma Therapy by Eric Victorino.

the lunatic is in my head . . . you raise the blade, you make the change . . . you re-arrange me 'till I'm sane

I had the good fortune of seeing Kris Allen and his band (or as they were listed Sirk and the Dirty Minds) at a late night show at The Viper Room last night. If you haven't seen them perform, give them a try. I don't think you will be disappointed. Fantastic of the best.


For any of you signed up to do Rate the Music: I did a special survey of music by someone I never heard of, Ian Axel. I really liked what I heard. It was more piano-driven, the music built, the lyrics were cheeky, and overall it was fun. I don't know that it was a masterpiece, but compared to much of what I rated, it was great. Would definitely like it on the radio. It was up for rating on multiple formats.

I would recommend doing the special survey if you haven't, you might like it.

If you haven't already checked out Graham Colton, do so. His new CD is available today. We saw him last night at Hotel Cafe and he blew us away. Very talented.


Don't know if you remember my mentioning The Northstar Session, but they are having a CD Release Show at Molly Malone's Saturday, 4/02 starting at 8PM. We are listening to the CD and then we are going to get live music. Shades Of Day will be performing as well. If you live in the LA area, I hope you will come join us. Should be a hoot. Great music and great a little food and drink. You can't go wrong.


Was feeling nostalgic today, reading that Phil Collins is unable to continue performing music due to health problems. He's not particularly my favorite, but this performance, recorded during The Secret Policeman's Other Ball, a British event to benefit Amnesty International, is truly haunting.

In the Air

There's always hope..... Pt78

Silverchair's "Emotion Sickness"

~The World I Know is a better place because of David Cook~

Hi folks, been a while; glad to see you're still sharing discoveries here. I just learned of Maria Aragon, a 10 year old girl who supposedly made Lady Gaga cry when Gaga heard her sing her song, Born this Way. It really does sound like a completely different song:

I found some other info about her and I guess she's getting to be quite the sensation from this; I guess Lady G linked to her video on Twitter and it's gone on from there.

RS17 -

Thanks for the link to New Politics. I was mesmerized watching their set on Kimmel. The crowd really looked like they were loving it as well. I'll check them out further.

lunaticinmyhead I saw her on some late shows, she is indeed talented and pretty. This is one of her live performances I like:

Janelle Monae may be an unusual fit for the David Cook site, but I listened to her ArchAndroid album yesterday for the first time in quite a while and I was reminded of how brilliant it is. I find the scope of the album absolutely breathtaking: it includes everything from rhythmic tunes (including some where the rhythm is very swing), to songs that sound like traditional standards, to electronic (android-ish?) mood music, to some almost symphonic numbers.

Her most popular song is probably Tightrope. I can’t remember if she was ever on Idol but I’m pretty sure she performed this song last year on SYTYCD. And she can definitely sing live. Here she is singing the classic Smile in 2009—maybe a little too jazz-chanteuse for my tastes, but I enjoy the drama.

I especially love that the album is definitely an album and you need to hear it all, in order, to really appreciate it. It’s a true concept album; I think there actually is some story about an android—but I’ve learned to my surprise that I’m not really a lyrics person, and so I’m not even sure what the story is. I just like the way one song flows into the next. However, I’m definitely intrigued by the cinematic aspects of her work which I have primarily discovered in my search for videos just now. There was even a “trailer” in anticipation of this album and a “short film” for the song from a previous album that initially intrigued me. I think I may have fallen into a new rabbit hole.

As far as I’m concerned, it's a travesty the album wasn't nominated for a Grammy in the album of the year category. (It is nominated for best contemporary R&B album and the song Tightrope is nominated for Best Urban/Alternative Performance. She will perform at the awards show with Bruno Mars). But then, I've learned to be careful about making assumptions, so I'll just hope there's some amazing quality to Katy Perry's album I haven’t yet recognized.

the lunatic is in my head . . . you raise the blade, you make the change . . . you re-arrange me 'till I'm sane

i love garth brooks. he is cool and has gr8 music. i think he should be the king of country instead of george strait b/c he puts on a better show than george. garth represents oklahoma very well thats why he still lives in oklahoma. no one deserves to represent oklahoma other than garth brooks. go garth!!!!

Also i like weird al yankovic. he is gr8 at parodies and has gr8 music. i think he should b n the rock and roll hall of fame or some music hall of fame. he is the king of parodies. one my fav. weird al song's is smells like nirvana. i also like eat it, dont download this song, your horoscope today, gump, ebay, white and nerdy, whatever you like, canadian idot, couch potato, achy breaky song, another 1 rides the bus, and many others. i love weird al yankovic!!!! he is so funny his vids on his youtube channel r funny. thats his youtube channel. his myspace is and his twiiter is also his website is

i love old music b/c my dad always played it when i was growing up. i love all kinds of music espically country, rock, and pop. music is my life and its been a part of my life since i was a little kid. Smiling Sticking out tongue

Peace love and bullet proof mashmallows!!!!
6/23/09- Tulsa, ok awsome show.
can't wait until next album!!!!
R.I.P. MJ (Michael Jackson)
We Love U!!!!
Heal the World!!!!

New RCA acquisition, tour dates and Jimmy Kimmel live The acrobatic "dance" movements are their signature in official videos and concerts (hey, David used to do some of them too!, maybe he can try again, lol) Because they are coming from the same country and city as Volbeat (link too down already) I put it again with the new album: And finally there are their few tour dates in US and Canada (just saw them):

I've been out of town, so just catching up. The Black Keys were great on SNL!!

"I’ll throw “Even Flow” in there by Pearl Jam, just to make sure she likes the same kind of music. If she’s like, ‘Oh I don’t like that song,’ then you don’t like me, and that’s a problem." - David

Thank you superwordnerd27 for sharing the video. I like more edgy Brandon in the band next to the funny Ronnie and classy Mark, cool Dave...Also I would like to get some videos from DCTA tour like this one: And the vibe of a festival I would like for David and TA and I imagine how Mr.Sensitive would sound like sung by thousands with hands in the air "I would like to introduce Mr. Sensitive...": . Neon Trees opened for them in US and this is their VEVO GO show:

I was just about to post about the Black Keys on SNL last night too opabinia! You read my mind. Smiling
Also, I'm really liking Mae lately. I've been listening to one of their CDs (The Everglow), and I'm really liking it!
rs17: I love the Killers too! I got Brandon Flowers's new album for Christmas, and I'm really enjoying it.

Saw these folks on SNL last night. This was on the AOL home page this am.

Black Keys

Oh, go back to sleep, Capt.

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