Sightings (lack of better word) of DC's music

Sightings (lack of better word) of DC's music

I was at a mall in Northern VA today when PERMANENT rang through the mall atrium. I was caught off guard so didn't realize what the song was or who it was. My first reaction was what a great song and what a powerful voice. Once I started singing along, my mind finally caught up and I was absolutely thrilled!! So happy they this song cause it wasn't even cut as a single and what a great song!! Such an unlikely place to hear this so it made me really happy to learn someone appreciates David's wonderful voice and music.

Other sightings(?) of David's music include:

TLG--at a BB&T bank several weeks ago
Come Back to Me--at a Hair Cuttery a month ago and at a gas station two weeks ago

Hope to hear more and more of David (and the band) anywhere and everywhere..

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"The Last Goodbye" in Western Beef today!

We were in Appleby's when CBTM started playing! Love when that happens! As soon as I hear The Voice, my ears seem to immediately recognize it over all the noise around me.

~The World I Know is a better place because of David Cook~

TOML in Western Beef today. Yesterday, when I was out running errands and listening to TLM, I ejected the cd and Whole Lotta Love was playing on the radio.

Heard LO at the Palm Beach Outlet today! Still get excited!

Two weeks ago, I heard ToML while I was at a dock side restaurant in Hyannis Port in Cape Cod. At first, I couldn't believe that there was another artist who had also a great voice like David Cook. Then I realized it was ToML, lol. Not used to hear his music being played outside anymore and it was such a great feeling to hear it again at other places. Perhaps people were wondering why I had such a huge smile like a fool.

I heard FIM at a neighbor's house. He was listening to a cable music channel.

JMO, but I really feel it's not fans' job to book David, and talk to whatever schmo picks up the phone at Cains. That's the job of his booking agents at Fleming Artists. They have the correct information about David, and the correct contacts at each venue. Plus, they probably go through a promoter (regional concert bookers plus Live Nation, Goldenvoice, AXS, etc) that knows more about David than some who-knows-what at the venue.

When Fleming hooks up with local promoters, and a ticket sales promoter, they'll know where to book David and the venues will know he's bookable.

I know David has asked fans to create demand - and I think it's swell to make requests - but I don't think it's a great idea to suddenly offer to "plan" a concert at a major venue. Now if you can raise (or happen to have) lots of $$ to book him at a private show that's another matter. JMO.

Anyhoo, I think we're off topic for this thread.

Heard "Come Back To Me" in my Local Office Depot. Took it as a sign to overspend. LOL. I'll have to go back.

Initialshock, I am very interested. Contact me via PM and we can talk more.

Well like I said David was not supporting a new album at that show and he is 6 years removed as "The American Idol" and I think that place is a little stuck up on the whole AI thing. It was a good show and there were a lot of people spending money in that area. I would like to know what other bands there pull in on a Sunday night LOL!! Probably the same or less!! In fact, the night before David's show (which was Saturday) I poked my head in to see what was going on. Some sort of a Rave band and there was hardly anyone there. Smiling

Pweller: This is from my email.
I didn't expect DC to go back to Cain's this year.Didn't expect this year. Hasn't sold out!? Ever! I thought I'd need a sleeping bag and have to spend 3 nights at the door. How many friends should I bring? What's your capacity?

Seriously. I don't believe you.

▶ Show quoted text
I wouldn't lie. Did under 500 last September.

Capacity is about 1,800.

Cain's Ballroom
423 N Main St
Tulsa, OK 74103

I'm glad you included the history. Really though, I expected Tulsa to pack the place. Thought it would be like Kansas city. Just surprised at the numbers. Even with the other artists, heart broken is all, just ya know, shocked.

Initialshock they said that at Cain's?? What??? Well the crowd was pretty good for a Sunday when I went 9/22/13 with Special Guest Caroline Glaser who I think was on the Voice and David with no new album to promote!!! Tisk Tisk I don't think half the acts they have there "Sell Out" the place it holds a lot of people.

He was also there along with Gavin DeGraw AND Carolina Liar on Thursday, 10/13/11 and that was a pretty big crowd as well for a Thursday night!!! And that would not be David's fault alone if not sold out just saying.

Before the two shows above David was David headlined there during the Declaration Tour on Tuesday, 6/23/09 along with Ryan Star and Special Guest Phil Marshal and it was SOLD OUT so I think who ever you spoke to did not have a major clue. Yes SOLD OUT on a Tuesday! Smiling

Hummingbird: I was afraid to admit I'm in Austin. I'm just disappointed in the way this town neglects DC. So, next Tulsa visit, I'm intending to go to Cains. Contacted them, said he never sells out there, doesn't meet haldf their capacity. So, I said, "let me help and work on a Cook for Cain's campaign." To increase ticket sales. It would mean a road trip, posteting, visiting university campus etc. You interested?

Inialshock - I live in Dallas and I have since Iwas 11. I was born in Kansas but when that tornado to Oz picked me up, it dropped me in Kansas instead. Eye-wink But yeah, I've lived here long enough to feel like I am from Dallas.

Ahh, Google Chrome to the rescue. Thanks, QTTaquito & Hummingbird, for the translation efforts!

DCTR continues to make contribution$ to the Cau$e. Just in the last ten days, South Korean TV used "Heroes" in their show 'Running Man', and now Indonesia with LoTM on TV. 'The Record' just keeps on giving. Heh. Gotta love it.

Incipit & Hummingbird - I clicked the picture link in Incipit's post, then clicked that hashtag. When the page opened, it was in English. I thought I was losing my mind until I realized Google Chrome apparently had automatically translated it to English. This is how that translation reads:

"The fourth entertainment with song Life On The Moon by David Cook # ITFestUAI2014"

So it would seem that the musical group in the photo did play David's song LOTM. Very cool find. Smiling

Thanks, Hummingbird. My browser didn't have a handy dandy translation button. I could see it was a seminar in Indonesia, an IT Seminar? I figured the group doing LoTM may be the entertainment, or that may be a group exercise, I couldn't tell.

Hummingbird: are you from Dallas or are you in Dallas now?

Incipit - Here is the translation.

Translated from Indonesian by Bing
The fourth theme with the song Life On The Moon from David Cook #ITFestUAI2014hat

There was a button below the text that said translation so I clicked it. This is what came up.

There was a button below the tweet t

Translation? Some kind of contest this year, using "Life On The Moon"?

>>IT Fest UAI
Hiburan keempat dengan lagu Life On The Moon dari David Cook #ITFestUAI2014

That IS awesome!! Too bad I only watch AI when David is on it!

How cool is it that AI played "Light On" on tonight's show?!! SO great to hear David's voice again. Love Idol for supporting David! Smiling

Just heard Permanent at Rusty Bucket Restaurant in Miamisburg, Ohio. I love David Cook's voice, but that song gets me every time! Beautiful!

Just heard CBTM at the local fast food joint. Sounded good!

Wow, that is exciting, the posts about Kris and David.....I agree with would be great to see them co-headine.....

don't get me started on how much I love Kris Allen. or I will bore you to tears.

his musical style is somewhat different than D's -- more R&B influenced, more rhythmic in general, or at least it has been, in the past. but his use of his career platform to benefit good causes is very similar to D's priorities (in Kris' case, a very long history of work in developing countries, plus charities involving music education for kids, and service to military families).

it'd be a dream tour for me if these guys would go out and do a co-headline thing together. and i think a more apt blend than it was with DeGraw. maybe someday.....

On Twitter this evening - - This is just sweet. I know DC has mentioned Kris Allen in interviews as not getting the credit he deserves - but this was really cool - and IDK what may have prompted this at Kris's Michigan show tonight - but it was a nice thing to do. IMO.

>>Kristen Kristen ‏@Kristen8108 14m
We walk up to the stage area for @KrisAllen and they're playing the entire @thedavidcook CD (DCTR).

>>Joanie ‏@HeyJoanieB 14m
Here to see kris Allen. David Cook I Did It For You playing. (@ Max & Emily's Eatery - @maxandemilys w/ @izjul)

>>Kayla Hemry Kayla Hemry ‏@DreamOn_11 7m
Btw @KrisAllen I love your choice of playing @thedavidcook before your show

>>Jul ‏@tisJul 5m
@thedavidcook hey dude, sitting here in Michigan waiting for @KrisAllen to start and they’re playing your first album all the way through!

I downloaded the app and listen to it in the mornings during the week while Andrew is doing his show (I'm always up and planning stories then, and asleep in the afternoons). He played Always Be My Baby (I knew who it was immediately) while my phone was charging yesterday. He also frequently plays Laying Me Low. It's like the only time I can hear Dave in my town, since I get kcradio.

TLG at Burger King. Wish it had been LML, but I still got excited!

~The World I Know is a better place because of David Cook~

Saw the Yahoo article about David Cook's new song and his appearance on the AI Final 4 results show. It was the 3rd article on the main yahoo news page. I think David will get some attention from the placement of this article. It's a great article, too! So excited about the new song!!

Heard Permanent today on DirecTV's Hottest Hits channel! And heard CBTM just a few days ago on the same one. "Hottest Hits" is their most popular HAC/Pop station! Woohoo! I could tell it was Permanent with just the 1st two notes, lol. They play LO, CBTM, TOML and, very rarely, Permanent and Fade Into Me on there. Heard TLG some when it first came out but they dropped it pretty quickly...but not these others!

I heard Permanent at the grocery store the other day. You know how when you hear a song but it's not very loud and you can't really recognize it? Then it's like, "duh!". Then you're smiling like an idiot and people are looking at you like you're crazy!

MaineDCfan, I have DirectTV. Which one is it?

Woohoo!! Just heard Fade Into Me on my DirecTV music channel and a few days ago Light On! And Permanent a few weeks ago! Makes me grin like a fool lol Sticking out tongue

I just heard I Did It For You at LaGuardia airport. Bisoux market, terminal D. Nice holiday surprise. =)

I was in a Meijer store yesterday with my DH picking up a few groceries. Heard CBTM and began to quietly sing along. It made me very happy, and my DH was humming along with me. cool!

wissphoto - Wow that is VERY cool...halfway around the world! And my best to you and your hubby. It must be very difficult to be separated by that kind of distance, although I'm sure you're proud of him. Please give him my thanks for his service.

they have been playing Come Back to Me a lot at my local Stop & Shop lately...always puts a smile on my face while I do my grocery shopping. And if hubby is with me he laughs at me-cause he knows how excited I am!

My husband just left the states to serve overseas on an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. He works at a small broadcasting station that plays mostly programmed Top 30 music. But he said they throw in some other songs and they played Light On. Thought it was cool that he got to hear my favorite music half way around the world on a military base.

My daughter came home from an apple festival today here in the little state of Maine and told me she heard "Time Marches On" - of all songs!!! - in a little antique store she visited during the festival. How exciting is that?! I haven't read downthread that far so I don't know if there have been other "sightings" or as I like to call them "hearings" of Time Marches On.

I don't understand how it works that sometimes we hear songs that haven't been released as singles. How are the radio stations or stores "allowed" to play different songs off the albums? Regardless, I was very excited but also very bummed that I wasn't with her. I would have had a heart attack (in a good way, lol) hearing that come on in a small store. I would've asked the clerk if it was a radio station or the CD piped into their system. I would think all of these spins would count too, right? Smiling

Fade Into Me playing in Walmart this afternoon!

Heard "Time of My Life" played on Sirius "the Blend" station this morning as I was driving in to work. I really do love that song. I wish they would play his latest music though.

Fade Into Me playing throughout Home Depot this evening. It stopped me in my tracks - couldn't concentrate on carpet samples, lol. Very Exciting!

ok, I guess this is more than a mere sighting for We Believe. I've heard it 4 times since Feb 29 on my rock station WCAD-FM (Alfa Rock), mostly in the afternoon. They quit playing FIM at the end of Feb but they are making my heart sing again with We Believe. I really don't know what to think.
btw, this is a real radio station, not an Internet-based one. =)

I reported on DWOP but will repeat here, I heard TLG playing outside a strip mall in Indiana a few days ago. This is an area where only TOML gets radio play, so I almost fainted.

Great report Angie. So cool that you got to hear it on the radio! I so hope David gets the chance to visit Puerto Rico some time soon!

WCAD-FM (@alfarockradio) is the #1 Rock station in Puerto Rico. They had played all David's singles, except Bar-ba-sol (bummer). On February 29th I swear I heard the last few seconds of We believe on that station while driving back home, I thought my brain was playing tricks on me on Leap Day. LOL Today the played the song again and I was able to hear it all (I almost had a mini-heart attack while driving back home). At first I thought it was the CD player but then the DJ said the name of the song and David Cook!!! wow, that song sounds amazing on the radio.
Sometimes I think I am the only fan on this tiny island with 4 million people, but who knows? maybe the DJ likes him too.

These aren't exactly sightings since I heard them on the radio in my house, but about 2 weeks ago I heard both TOML and LO. I was extra happy since I hadn't heard either of them on the radio in about 2 or 2 1/2 years. The station I heard them on I don't listen to all the time since it doesn't play most of the current popular pop and rock songs. It only plays artists like Celine Dion, Bryan Adams etc it does play Adele and Lady Antebellum sometimes. It is basically a PG radio station lol.

About around the same time I heard Permanent in a restaurant and TOML in another.

Yesterday, at work, the last CD I played was TLM, so I thought I'd give my coworkers something different to listen to and ejected it when I got to my desk this morning...I had to make a phone call at that point & was put on hold...the song playing was TOML~guess David wanted me to listen to him anyway!

Yesterday, at work, the last CD I played was TLM, so I thought I'd give my coworkers something different to listen to and ejected it when I got to my desk this morning...I had to make a phone call at that point & was put on hold...the song playing was TOML~guess David wanted me to listen to him anyway!