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Wow Idolwyze, that kind of stinks. They didn't even get to watch taped performances?

Yes blondie, you have been calling it for Danielle since the top 10, if not longer. Way to go!!!

Good call Blondie811!

Some friends of mine went to the finale yesterday and were disappointed to see that a good number of the performances were pre taped. They had to "fake" reactions/give applause for performances that they didn't even see.

I predict that Danielle will win!

Any predictions for the win? I think Michelle is going to take it.

The Swon brothers made a mistake by singing an old song, outside of the country genre. As soon as I heard what they were singing, I knew they had no chance. That song would be fun at a Swon concert, but it was not finale material.

Danielle is very talented and should do well whether she wins or not.

Idolwyze, I have thought the same thing all season save about one song that The Swon Brothers did. They are not singing duets. Rather they have a lead singer and a backup singer.

I also think Shakira is much sweeter than I expected her to be. What is the Usher campaign? It has also crossed my mind that peopl are voting for the judge just as much or maybe more so than the contestant. Although, I really do think Danielle is extremely talented and I am still hoping that she wins.

Hummingbird, I agree that Shakira and Adam both made poor song choices for Sasha and Amber. I agree with all of your reasons so I won't repeat them!!

I've been watching more of the Voice this season. I like Michelle the best. I think Danielle is very good, especially for her age. The Swon Brothers are good as well.

Hummingbird, I'm watching AGT also, at least some of it.

Hummingbird LOL. I was so OVER S12 since the auditions! Sorry everyone was exposed to my weekly rants and uninspired recaps. Yes, I really enjoyed The Voice this year. I loved the chemistry on the panel. I didn't "dislike" any contestants although, of course, I had my favorites and less-than-favorites. But I definitely won't be obsessing over anyone any time soon Eye-wink

I was happily surprised that Michelle made it through. I really thought Amber had an edge on her with Sad, but I guess it was too little too late. I also wonder if the rumored Usher campaign has helped Michelle.

Looking forward to the finale. Oh, one last thought... The Voice does groups songs much better than Idol.

I like all of the finalists, so I am looking forward to next week's show. I think Danielle is such a natural and I have thought from the beginning that she would win. I really enjoy the Swon brothers, although it is somewhat annoying that they still say they are singing "duets", as they are really just singing lead & backup. Michelle brings something different to the table, but she is still pretty "awkward".

I don't watch much of AGT. When does the Voice's next season start?

hummingbird: Does anyone besides me watch America's Got Talent? LOL!!!

i do!

i'm a little disappointed that Amber left. but i agree that the Swon brothers stepped up. i don't think anyone can beat Danielle but i wish someone would. so i guess that's Michelle. i do think Michelle has a great voice, but lately i feel she just repeats what she's done before with each song and i don't know if she has the "star personality". i agree that people are voting for Blake rather than his team members. he is funny and interesting but....anyway i think this show has been good for showing me other sides of the judges that i wouldn't have known before. before i saw the voice i thought adam was too arrogant but i've seen another side of his personality. i think usher has done pretty well, but i still think he's too full of himself. that all his comments are showing what a good job he's doing and what great connections he has. i think shakira is a lot sweeter than i thought she'd be based on her singing personna.

i guess i think any of the finale people are worthy of winning at this point. somehow i'm just not invested in a particular one.

I think both Shakira and Adam made some poor coaching choices, and I really like them both. Adam went on and on with Blake about how he finally got a country singer with Amber, only to have her sing just about anything but country songs. She is a beautiful girl with a beautiful voice, who happens to live about 15 minutes from where I live, which should have given her a bit of an edge with me, but she sang boring songs usually. Shakira seems stuck in the past and on the big Diva songs that are so outdated. Sasha has a beautiful voice and I really liked her too in the beginning, but the song choices were bad. Seriously, a Donna Summer song and a Whitney song in the same week? Both of those girls have fantastic voices but they were given wrong songs almost every week. Even when they had the chance to choose, they got it wrong.

Michelle is just different enough and quirky enough to be considered unique, and I like that a lot. I don't really think she has that "star" power, but I love the tone of her voice. Sometimes she can be painful to watch because she looks like she is trying too hard, but I do like her a lot. Usher did pretty good with her for his first year of judging/coaching/mentoring. I actually have enjoyed him on the panel very much this season.

I am beginning to wonder if people vote for Blake more than they do his team members. He had someone win 2 seasons ago, Jermaine? or Jerome? or something, but I've not heard anything much from him since then. I preferred Tony Lucca that season. He then had the winner and runner up last season. and I hope they do well. Now, to have him again this season with 2 in the finale is kind of, well, cool guess because I do really like him. I have like Danielle and the Swon Bros since the beginning. I liked Holly too, but not as much. Danielle is going to have an amazing career,but i am beginning to wonder just how many cute, young blonde singing competition shows country will continue to embrace. She looks like she has been on stage performing for much longer than she has been alive and I love her voice, not to mention she is adorable. I would be just as happy if the Swon Bros. won. The are unique too, and I enjoy watching them.

For me what it all is going to boil down to is next week's performances and whether someone can knock my socks off or not. This is unusual for me because I always have a top 2 by now. Sometimes I even get it right. This season on the Voice I will be one of those that makes a final decision based on the finale performances.

I enjoyed Tony Lucca and Terry McDermott last night. I liked both of their songs, but I think Terry's a bit more than Tony's.

And, for whatever it is worth, that is my recap. IMT, you crack me up. By the end of Idol you were basically phoning in recaps. (Your words pretty much) I take your recap of the Voice this week to mean you are enjoying this show?

So next week is the finale. What is next? Does anyone besides me watch America's Got Talent? LOL!!!

I think Sasha and Amber will go tonight. Sasha's I Will Always Love You was really off. Amber singing Katy Perry's song was so pitchy. It is a hard song to sing and that wasn't a good song choice at all. Even before hearing the songs though, I was thinking Amber would be going home.

I agree that Shakira has made some poor coaching choices. I still wish she would be on another year. I'm sure she has learned from some of her mistakes.

IMT: Your recap was definitely worth two points - good job!

Sasha is gone for sure. I can't decide between the Swon Bros. or Amber for the second elimination. Amber's/Maroon 5's Sad was awesome, but her first song was pretty bad. The Swon Bros. had two decent performances, but they went first. I'm leaning towards Amber leaving, but anything is possible tonight.

I like Shakira, but her song choices for Sasha were horrible.

Tonight will be a nail biter for me. My two favorites, Michelle and Amber will be battling it out for the last spot in the final 3.

Sasha is gone for sure. I loved Shakira the personality, but Shakira the coach just made wrong choices all season. GONE

Up until last night, I would have thought the Swons would be joining Sasha on the trip home tonight but they really pulled it out last night. Very strategic move on Blake's part having them sing the rocker song last night to pull in new votes at this stage. And Danny's Song, while the song is pure dreck, was performed really well and it was a very different look/sound for them. SAFE

I loved Amber's Sad. It's my favorite song from the Overexposed album so I was really excited when Adam said she was going to sing it. It's the only Amber song I've bought this year. Adam and Blake's experience is the big difference in the coaches. They both played strategically last night with song choices. But The Swons probably knocked Amber out last night Sad IN JEOPARDY (hey, is this DWTS?)

Usher on the other hand did nothing for Michelle, which makes me sad. Monday morning I would have said Michelle was a lock for the final 3 but now she'll have to battle it out with my other favorite, Amber. Sad IN JEOPARDY

As I've been saying all season, this thing is Danielle's to lose and she won't lose it. Team Blake will win his third in a row. SAFE

Hey, do I get two points for the recap Eye-wink

i haven't downloaded cassadee's single yet, but now that i've heard it on the show i think i will. too bad they don't sell both versions, i guess from what you're saying they are different?

i'd like to see michelle take the win, mostly so someone other than Blake can win! Smiling i do think michelle is good, also like amber. i know that danielle is talented but i think she's just like everybody else, too cutesy? i think that's what i mean. i like the swon brothers too but they are more country than i like. this isn't nashville star is it??

Hummingbird, Terry will be on next week's results show.

I loved Cassadee's pop/rock performance of her country song LOL. It was very different from the single. I think I'll make an mp3 of it. I already bought the country single.

I wouldn't mind seeing a Michelle, Danielle & Swon brothers finale. I think that would be diverse enough to make it interesting.

I kind of figured it would be Holly going home this week. I liked her and I think she looks stunning when she sings, but she makes 1 too many blonde country singers, and I don't see Amber or Danielle going anywhere just yet, if at all. Michelle is very entertaining as a performer. I can almost say polarizing and I would if she would just dial it back a notch at times. I really did like her take on the Taylor Swift song and the way she did it, I liked it. Sasha doing a Carrie Underwood song, and a song so easily identifiable with Carrie could have tanked so bad, but Shakira was right on with her choice and it worked. The Swon Bros.keep surprising me. I liked them at first, but I thought they would easily get tiresome, but they haven't. I liked their first song last night and I thought it was the best they had done, but when they started singing Okie from Muskogee I made my decision to vote for them or anybody for the first time this season. Anyone who can stand up, live on a stage with several thousand people in the venue, and know millions are watching, but still sing a song that opens with lyrics that say "We don't smoke marijuana in Muskogee and we don't take no trips on LSD" deserves extra points IMO.

Enough of all that. I loved Cassidee's song. I actually forgot how much I like her voice. I will be downloading that song tonight in just a few minutes.

One last thing - I like Adam and I thought what they did to him tonight was just cruel. He lost 2 girls last week, and this week they are going to make him wait that long to announce Amber was safe? I thought the poor guy's head was going to explode or he was going to blow an artery.

i wonder if they might have Terry back on this season.

IdolWyze, I agree... Holly's gotta go this week. I like her but Amber is better and we need to keep Sasha and The Swon Bros over Holly for some diversity. An Amber, Holly, Danielle top 3 would be awful!!

But it looks like my girl Michelle plans on crashing the party anyway. Eye-wink She got to #4 on iTunes with her Tay Swift cover! I still think Danielle is the one to beat but I'm hoping that Michelle keeps impressing with her great voice and emotion and pulls out a surprise win.

Oh, and you're welcome Hummingbird. I already bought Cassadee's single. She's doing great on iTunes (#9 overall) before her performance. I'm hopeful she gets a big bump after her performance and sells a lot this week. That would at least temporarily silence the "Voice can't produce a star" pontificators.

Wow... country overload last night! The Swon brothers sounded good, but it was more lead singer/backup on both of their numbers. There weren't any real stand outs for me. I think Holly is going to be eliminated - but I said that last week too. She had the "death" spot this week.

Thanks IMT. I didn't know that and most of the time I ff through guest appearances. Cassadee was my favorite last year so I definitely want to hear her/see her again.

I find it a little worrisome that it seems like all of the judges have now jumped on the Country bandwagon. Was there even 1 song chosen by a judge tonight that didn't hit first in country and then cross over to pop? I do really like some country music, but for all the top 6 to do country, when there are still 4 country artists in the mix is too much, IMO. I hope it works for some of them and I guess I understand given that Blake had 3 artists left to everyone else's 1. It just looks a bit desperate to me.

Right now I like something about everyone still standing, so I choose a favorite of the week. All the girls are really good and Danielle is probably the best, given her age, but this week I am rooting for the SwonBros. Okie From Muskogee made me laugh til I had tears.

Reminder... Cassadee will be on The Voice this week. I'm looking forward to hearing her single. I heard an acoustic version but I'm assuming she'll have a full band behind her for The Voice performance.

I didn't realize you guys were talking about The Voice! I'll give my two cents!! I was shocked to see Judith go...I guess I figured her talent and "fame" of singing with MJ would carry her further. I have to admit that I didn't necessarily enjoy her so I was sort of happy to see her go.

My favorite has been Danielle since almost the beginning. Her voice is incredible and is only going to get better and she has a sweet, innocent appeal. I do think she will win but I also think she has the potential for a big career….maybe the biggest from The Voice thus far. I also actually really like The Swon Brothers. I didn’t start out liking them and felt that the “bigger” one was more talented and should have been on his own but the last few weeks I have really enjoyed them as a duet. For me, Holly is just ok. She doesn’t have much personality or charisma and I think she’ll be going home soon. Michelle is intriguing and she is very talented. I like her but I don’t think she’ll win. I can’t believe Adam lost two contestants this week. Wow! I like Amber but I don’t think she’ll win either. I think it will come down to Danielle and The Swon Brothers or Michelle.

I like these four judges together a lot. I wish they could stay together for another season. I am not looking forward to the return of Christina especially.

I'll be back now that I know you are discussing The Voice!

I had actually picked Judith and Amber to go home because I didn't think Judith's performance was up to par this week, and Amber bored me. She sang beautifully, but she is country and Adam is taking her away from that and that song last night was too sleepy. These were my least favorite of the night but I thought no way would Adam have 2 people going home in one week. He certainly looked surprised and confused on top of being a bit p!ssed.

I actually like the remaining 6. Amber and Sasha are my least favorite of the 6, but that could quickly change if Amber went back to doing what she does best. The rest of themI amtorn between. I think Danielle is my favorite followed by TheSwon Bros, Holly and Michelle pretty much tied for 2nd. That could change weekly though. I actually liked the staging for Danielle with the little house and porch swing last night but I liked the Swon Bros. campfire setting better than that,

I want to know what is so different with Blake and his coaching methods that keeps his contestants around. Last season he had 2 of the remaining 3 and they came out on top with a one - two punch. Now he has 3 of the remaining 6. What does he do different? Or could it simply be the loyal country fans?

One more thing I like about this show us that they use i-tunes downloads as votes too, and they don't block the placement of the contestants on the i-tunes charts.

I wasn't sorry to see Judith eliminated either. Really surprised that Holly didn't get eliminated! I figured Judith and Sarah were in the bottom and had a hard time deciding who to put in the bottom with Holly. I think Amber was in the bottom half last week, but she had a good performance this week, although it wasn't in her country genre.

I had called Sarah and Judith on twitter last night. Should have posted here. LOL. I liked Sarah early on but the last two weeks were not great. With 2 eliminations each week, nobody can afford two weeks that were not great. Personally, not sorry to see Judith go. I get that she's the most technically perfect singer, but just like Idol, I prefer someone who can make me feel something over someone who is technically perfect.

Any favorite performances from last night's show? I enjoyed Michelle & Danielle's, but neither of them really made it their own. I think Holly is going home, and probably Sasha if there are two leaving.

At this point I would have to say Danielle is my favorite, but I also like Michelle and Amber. It is also refreshing to see a duet make it this far into the contest. I usually don't care as much for the 16/17 year old contestants as I do the 20 somethings.

Just like with Idol, I get a little impatient with the judges comments/critiques after the performances. I think I would prefer to only hear from each contestant's team judge, but that would give the other judges much less air time so that would never go over.

Okay, since this is my first post of substance this season, here's my thought dump...

1) I love The Voice and the originality of its format until we get to the top 12 when it all becomes too Idol-like. In other words, I guess I'm in the minority here but I like the blind auditions, battle rounds, and knockout rounds specifically because they are different. And I like that the celebrities are coaches and not judges. And the fact that they let their contestants chart on iTunes (don't even get me started on Idol blocking their MOST marketable contestant this year because they KNEW should would outsell the winner and couldn't stand that embarrassment, again!). For me The Voice is a breath of fresh air.

2) That said, I miss the Idol of old. It all started going downhill at season 8 when they first started messing with the judging panel. So glad David was on season 7. But today, I much prefer The Voice to the new Idol.

3) My favorite contestants this year are Michelle, Amber, Danielle, and the Swon Brothers. I get that Judith is technically perfect and heads and tails above most everyone else, but, just like Idol, perfectly practiced technique does nothing for me. I love the emotion and artistry I see from those I mentioned above. Holly has also had some great performances but she's I think she'll get lost in the country girl shuffle trying to battle with Amber and especially Danielle. Danielle has been a surprise for me. I usually don't like pre-pubescent country girl singers LOL, but she is just such a natural and seems so real (unlike Rae Lynn from a couple of seasons ago) and her voice is really incredible for someone so young.

4) I also predicted Kris and Josiah's demise this week, although I will miss Kris. He had a very pretty and unique (for the show) tone to his voice that I found very pleasing.

5) Somebody mentioned Cassadee downthread... I follow her on twitter and she's been busy doing radio promos and working on her album. She's had a lot of opportunities as well so I think they are handling her nicely so far. The Voice winner is never going to get the exposure that Idol winners get (although I suspect Candice will get far less exposure than most of the other winners because like season 9, Idol will try to write season 12 out of the history books at any chance.)

6) Almost forgot... Like 99.9% of the population, I much prefer Shakira's personality to Xtina's but I will say this for Xtina, I think she was a better judge of talent in the blind auditions and a better actual coach for her contestants even if I don't think she meshes as well with the other coaches as Shakira. I like both Cee-Lo and Usher so I'm okay with them trading places for seasons. Just don't mess with the Blake/Adam bromance! I love these two guys and their chemistry and bantering on screen.

Okay, those are my random thoughts. Future posts will be more directed Eye-wink

Friday, May 24, 2013 - 01:34
I haven't heard any positive comments about Christina returning to The Voice next season either.
I don't understand why the Network would be willing to pay her $17,000,000.00 to return, if what I read was true. She sure does look good though after losing a lot of weight. I hope it helped her attitude.

lol. I know one person who absolutely loves Christina and wants her to return. That is solely because he thinks she is absolutely beautiful and loves that she has some weight to her.

I've been watching the Voice too, theres a few l like. I didn't watch the results show, but I just found out it's mostly females left too. LOL, and without manipulation.

I liked Shakira too, but read that she didn't want to do another season because she comes from Spain, and just had a baby, and it was hard for her to fly back and forth. I haven't seen anyone that was happy about Christina coming back.

I haven't heard any positive comments about Christina returning to The Voice next season either.

I don't understand why the Network would be willing to pay her $17,000,000.00 to return, if what I read was true. She sure does look good though after losing a lot of weight. I hope it helped her attitude.

I heard that Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton will return to The Voice in the fall, and Usher and Shakira will join Adam and Blake for the 6th season in the spring. I haven't heard anyone say they would like to see Christina back again, and everyone seems to love Shakira...

It is kind of funny that on both Idol and the Voice this season the girls are kicking butt as the guys go home. Of course, last season The Voice had a female winner with Cassidee Pope. I really like her voice a lot, but I have no idea how she is doing with her album.

I like the blind auditions on The Voice, but it might be fun to go through the auditions blind lie the judges do. Usually I am not a big fan of the battle rounds or the knock out rounds but I have enjoyed them more this season. Once it hits the live rounds I always enjoy the show again. I like this set of judges and I think that is why I have enjoyed the entire show more this season. Shakira is the polar opposite of Xtina as is Usher to Cee-Lo. I had high hopes that this team of coaches would stay on, but I guess not.

Girl power! Now that Idol is over (and the contest), I am practicing on the Voice. I picked both of the bottom two this week, but only got one right last week.

I still prefer the format of Idol, if you don't count the auditions. I don't really care for the Voice's duets, but they are better than Idol's audition phase. I am enjoying the current judging panel on the Voice - especially Shakira. Its too bad they can't continue with just these four. Although sometimes the judges are too nice on the Voice. I think the judges from the other teams (not the one the contestant is on) should do more critiquing.

I also think it would be fun if the auditions were blind to the audience instead of just to the judges. We could hear the music, and see the judges faces, but wouldn't see the contestants until they finished their songs. We could decide for ourselves if we would turn our "virtual" chairs around for them.

So, Idol's over... anyone want to chat about The Voice?

BTW Idol, did you see that the majority of top 10 and now 8 are girls? See, you don't have to blatantly manipulate and cut deserving talent just to have a girl winner emerge. Oops, wrong thread Eye-wink

I watched too! I LOVE the voice! I actually do enjoy it way better than idol now. First of all I love how there are no bad auditions! There's no reason for it here. Even if you didn't like the show, Blake and Adam are reason enough to watch because they are hilarious (especially Blake). I'm enjoying Shakira and Usher so much better than Cee lo and Christina Sticking out tongue. The coaches Do offer better advice on there too.

Saw a couple good ones already. Yeah that last girl was great! Can't wait to see some more talent.

Go back a couple years ago and I would've never said I like the voice over idol.

I watched it too...I thought the last contestant...Judith...was amazing (the one who has performed with Michael Jackson). She is very talented. I know it's only the first night but I think she will go very far. I also thought the 16 yr old country singer was really good and so sweet and has a lot of potential.

As for the judges, I LOVE the judges. It's so refreshing that they get along and they joke with eachother. I enjoy the interaction of all 4 of them. I think Shakira is hilarious...I love her little comments. And Usher...I guess I didn't realize what a cutie he is!!

I watched tonight and I wasn't blown away by anyone but I like a couple of the auditions. It is still early on The Voice and it is really hard for me to keep up until after the knockout rounds.

I think Shakira and Usher are excellent replacements for Christina and CeeLo. I enjoyed them tonight very much and I always enjoy the shenanigans between Adam and Blake. I kind of already wish the new coaches were staying. I do agree that this panel is head and shoulders over Idol or X-Factor.

I turned on the Voice too. I'll see how it goes. Usually I like some in the beginning but those end up to be the ones that go early. This year might be different because I'm so bored with the other show..

I'll be watching The Voice. I prefer it to Idol these days. I know the meme at certain idol blogs is that the judges are all about themselves on that show, but I disagree. I find The Voice coaches so far superior as mentors than those clowns on XFactor and the judges on Idol. I think the talent on TV S3 rivals what AI S12 has to offer. Amanda Brown could go toe-to-toe with Candice, Angie Miller is idol's attempt at outdoing Cassadee Pope and there are no Terry McDermotts on AI 12!

I'm looking foward to the additions of Usher and Shakira. Christina was a little hard to take once the competition began and as much as I like Cee-Lo, I think adding Usher will bring in lots of new fans. And if I'm being really shallow, I'd rather "watch" Usher LOL. As long as the competition is good, I think The Voice will dethrone Idol this year. That's what you get Nigel, for not listening to your customers (viewers)!

Is anyone going to try to keep up with the Voice this season? I find it interesting that they put it up against AI so early in the season. I will watch just to see how Shakira and Usher do, but it will depend on the contestants they choose as to whether I watch the full season or not. I'm trying to watch DWTS as long as Kelly Pickler is on so the two hour shows make for a very long Monday night.

Completely agree with everything you said. I did enjoy Terry too, so if he would've won I wouldn't have minded. I made my prediction a while ago that the finale would be Bryan and Cassadee, still thought it should've been that way. Oh well! I'm enjoying following him on twitter and facebook. Should be interesting to see how he does.

I too, enjoyed this season the best. The whole top 12 were pretty good.

lo_wee, I do think Cassadee was the best choice and I was okay with either her or Terry winning. i would have loved for Bryan to be in the finale as he did have a very good voice. I thought Nicholas was unique and entertaining to watch, and he does have a good voice. I just didn't think he would be very marketable in today's climate.

I enjoyed this season way more than I have the seasons before it.

I would've joined you in talking about this, I'm sorry. I haven't logged in a really long time.

I watched the entire season! I was happy about Cassadee winning, love her. I think of all of the contestants she was the most likable and pop/rock radio friendly. I think she'll be the most successful of the past winners too.

As much as I enjoy Cassadee, Bryan was my favorite. I still believe he had the best voice of all 3 seasons.

I don't think anyone is watching but me at this point, or at least no one is talking but I wanted to mention something about tonight's show that I thought was incredibly sweet, even though it was heartbreaking. At the very beginning of the show, the 4 judges, the 3 finalists, the host, and many of the contestants from this year did a beautiful rendition of Hallelujah, each holding a different plaque with the name and age on it of one of the victims of the school shooting in CT. It had me out and out bawling like a baby, but it was a beautiful thing to do.

Out of the 3 finalists, any one of them could win. I am hoping it is Terry or Cassadee. Nick is good enough I suppose, but his genre is just not my cuppah. Of it is Terry or Cassadee that takes top billing I will be happy with the winner for the 1st year.

Okay, at this point in the competition, top 6, I have 2 favorites and they are both on the same team, Team Bkake Shelton. I have always liked terry, the Scottish rocker, but Cassidee has been growing on me until 2 weeks ago when she moved right up there with Terry. Blake is my favorite judge/coach/mentor.

I don't like Christina and never have, and after this week she has no more contestants in the race. I wonder if we will have to endure a few weeks of her pouting. I started out liking Dez, but when she decided he should be a crooner, I think his votes started evaporating. I don't think she is a very good mentor/coach. On CeeLo's team, Nick is entertaining in an odd, eerie kind of way, and even though I like watching him throw himself into his music, I am not a fan. The same with Trevin. Adam is my 2nd favorite judge and I kind of like Melanie. I reallt liked Amanda, but she is going down a slippery slope.

I guess noone even cares about The Voice this season. I'm going to chime in here anyway, just in case someone is watching and wants to talk about it.

I did not like that they each got 16 on their original team and then cut it in half in one week. I enjoyed the judges steal that was new this year. That brought up another issue though. We got to see the 10 per team sing one time, and the judges cut their teams in half. Then out of the 5 per team, 2 from each team was eliminated by the judges, with one performance, and two were saved by the audience votes. It seems that from this week on, 2 a week will be eliminated according to public votes only.

Of the contestants remaining, the top 10, I like all 3 on CeeLo's team, Bryan is my favorite, but Nickolas and Cody are good. Nickolas is very different, but I like how invested he gets in each performance. Cody has just an okay voice, but he is entertaining and he always gets me to smile. Adam has 3 left, Melanie, Amanda, And Bryan. I like Bryan the most, but Amanda can really sing. She just did a terrible job of it this week. Melanie is a very confused young lady. She doesn't really know what genre of music she should be doing, and she can't figure out if she wants to be a blonde or a brunette,so half of her hair is blonde and the other half brunette. I kind of like the unique tone in her voice, but the jury is still out as to whether I like her or not. On XTina's team, I like Dez, just because he is so cute, but until this week I liked his performances okay. This week it was a bad song choice I thought. I do not like Sylvia at all and I wish Adrianna had stayed on and she left. I like both of Blake's remaining team members. Cassidee has a very nice tone in her voice but she needs more confidence. I left Terry for last. He is my favorite and has been from day one. He is a Scottosh rocker that does songs that are classic rock. I am rooting for him to win. I think that Blake made a mistake when he kept Michaela last week instead of either of the other two. I thought she should have gone and the country girl should have been the one he kept. Well, they're both gone now so it doesn't matter any more.

I really have liked the changes this year over all. I just didn't like having them cut from 16 to 8 with one performance done.

Did anyone hear about Xtina and C-Lo leaving The Voice after this season? They have already announced that Shakira and Usher will be the new judges.

It seems funny that I was the last to post on here last season and the first to post this season. Is anyone even watching? I like the blind auditions I think, better than the other singing competition shows, but after that I really don't like the elimination format.

I do like Blake and Adam as judges and mentors, but not so much Xtina and C-Lo. The first 2 are more about voices and the latter are about production and staging.

3 shows this week was overkill. And why would they put their show on the exact same week as X-Faxctor?

I think a lot of people got angry over the judges choice thing. I thought over all, Blake was fair when he reverted back to the audience's original decision from a couple of weeks ago when he saved that girl. I think he decided if she didn't have the audience votes to make it after he already saved her once, it was like paddling upstream to keep her this time. I really did like Jordis this week, but not so much other weeks.

I don't know what the difference is with the format on the two shows, but I just can't get as invested in The Voice as I do every year on Idol. I can't even remember who all is left in the competition at this point. I do enjoy the show, but I think my favorite part is the blind auditions. After that everything seems more manipulated than on Idol.