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I started this topic to discuss the X Factor US version , Any information or discussion about the show is welcome.

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X Factor USA has officially been cancelled by FOX


Simon is returning to X Factor UK for its 11th season.

I'm glad Jeff made it to top two. I thought he was terrific this week. I hope he gets a good deal, he might even get a better one this way, especially if he wants to do rock.

I do think Alex and Sierra were really good, I think they were very popular, it was them and Jeff on Itunes. Of all the singing shows, I think Alex and Sierra might be the most current and marketable and that includes the UK version of X Factor, where the winner was more like Celine Dion, and the runner up more of a teenage Michael Buble.

Something interesting is that I was watching the Itunes rankings, and at one point the number of comments on Itunes, and it did seem to match who won, though they did allow the rankings to be seen.

I am so excited that Jeff Gutt has made it to the finals!!! I've always known he was going to go places with his music. It's just taking a little bit longer than he planned. Jeff Gutt's band in high school, Interfaith, was my first concert. His band played at the high school. He graduated with my sister and I graduated with his sister. He is a really nice guy. This Monday X Factor will be filming in my hometown. If I didn't have to work, I would so be there.

Yes Karen, I have been watching. I like Jeff Gutt the most, but I also like Alex and Sierra.

Wondering if anyone's watching. I like Jeff Gutt, and thought he was last week with a rock version of Feeling Good, and Bohemian Rhapsody the week before. He is a rocker, he's been in bands, and last year, there was several rock covers online, but I think some were taken down. He had a lot of alternative rock like Alice In Chains MITB, Creep by Radiohead, Black by Pearl Jam and a lot of others. I'm glad he's back on the show and glad he's doing well. He actually kind of reminds me of someone a little Smiling

I watched most of the show. Didn't see many I liked that much. There already has been a bit of controversy about a couple of contestants. It turns out Lillie McCloud is actually a singer from the 80s- early 90s named Nichole McCloud, and that she even had some top 10 dance hits at that time. She said Lillie is her real name. Of course she doesn't have a contract anymore so I don't have a problem with her being on the show, though she does have a lot of experience.

The other one was Rachel Potter, who had been on Broadway, but now is in Nashville. Also, it was found out the Roxy Monana sister group are really Marvin Gaye's grandchildren. All this is discussed on http://www.mjsbigblog.com/, and some other articles, like Yahoo Reality Rocks.

I don't really have a problem with any of them competing, but I do think the show should be more clear about their real experience. I actually think this hurts them in the long run, because if they do well on the show, and do try to break into the music business it is percieved that they have no experience in the music industry, and that they hadn't paid their dues like most musicians have, even though some have done that and more.

I've also seen some spoilers, and I won't say anything more than that other than I think it might be an interesting season.

Yes Karen, I plan to at least start out watching. I always wish they would show more of the judges mentoring sessions, but I like the show pretty well. If I get bored with it
I can always change the channel.

Anyone else still planning on watching? I will at least to start I'm hoping they give contestants more freedom this year but I doubt it.

I did see parts of the UK version, where Kelly Rowland was a judge, and she was pretty good there, so maybe she will good here too.


I was glad Tate won. It's funny that both he and David are from the same area.

You are right Karen. Simon wants his girl group to win even if they are not the best representation of the talent on this show. He was so mad when Emblem 3 went home after being so happy that Fifth Harmony had made the finals. I laughed at the looks on his face because he just couldn't hide his anger any more than Brittney could hide her shock when Fifth Harmony made it to the finale. I was sure from the minute they called their name that Emblem 3 would suffer for it.

Going in to the finale Wednesday night, I think it will be Fifth Harmony out first. I really hope Tate wins and Carly comes in second. She really stumbled last week and IMO that is a sign that 13 is just too young to live up to the pressure of contests like this. I do like some country music and I really like Tate. I want him to win, but I won't be upset if Carly wins.

Now, having said I want Tate to win, I have selfish reasons for maybe not wanting him to win so much. I want David to be the go to guy to represent at KC functions without having to share the spotlight. LOL!!! I said it was selfish.

Here's a kind of interesting article about Vino: http://music.yahoo.com/blogs/reality-rocks/vino-alan-speaks-controversia...

It really does seem like they don't have as much freedom on X Factor as they do on Idol. All the ones that came off of it are saying they couldn't do what they wanted.

I also wonder if this is because of the team atmosphere, they don't want to fight their team leader and think that the mentor is doing the best they can because they want their team to win. Maybe that's not the case. Seems very maniplulating.

My favorite is Tate, even though I'm not really a country fan. Maybe there's just something about those Missouri guys Eye-wink I think that if he wins he will do the best but Simon probably doesn't want this.

I am wondering why I am even watching this show at all right now. But I do know that after saying that, I will be back to watching again next Wednesday night. I am frustrated though. First, Demi ruined any chances of Jannell making it by making her sing "Proud Mary" and doing that makeover on her. I liked her the way she was. Then, L.A.made Vino change songs the night before the performance song, and as much as I like that song, and as much as I likred Vino, even I knew he was in trouble this week. I kept hoping for him to do Dockof the Bay by Otis Redding. I think he would have killed that song, or Time in a Bottle by Jim Croce. Oh well.

My newest favorites are Carly Rose, Tate and Emblem 3. I have always liked the male group and the country singer, but Carly Rose has been edging up every week.

One last opinion, I think Demi is not very good at mentoring. I expect Cece to go him next week no matter what she does, and probably Diamond White. It could just as easily be the girl group. I say that without even knowing what they are going to do.

I really enjoy seeing the standings every week.

Tate Stevens ‏@tatestevensctry

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I don't like the over production either, and it doesn't surprise me at all that the ones with the least going on on stage are the ones with higher scores. I know I like the less simpler performances.

I was angry when I heard that about Jannell. She was my favorite from the beginning and I agreed with Simon about Demi's mentoring of her. I don't know why Demi thought "Proud Mary" would be any kind of good song for Jannell to do. I didn't really like Lyric 145 at all, but I think Simon tanked them too. I thought they would be gone after that horrible rendition of "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious".

They started out not mentioning the money so much this season, but they have reverted back to old form now. I ask myself why I keep watching when I get so upset by some of this, and expecially now that my favorite of what was left is gone. I guess I just enjoy watching someone catch a break like you karen. I still like Tate and Vino though so I will
stick around and root for the overs. I am beginning to like Carly Rae though.


I hadn't been watching the voice as much, I don't really like the battle rounds, but I did watch last week and liked them. I think the reason I like these shows is I like to see them getting a break in the music business, so that's why I'm still watching. I don't like all the production. I read that Janell and Lyric weren't happy with the songs they performed last week. That Janell wanted to do You Outta Know by Alanis Morrisette, and the song that Lyric wanted to do was a hip hop version of Respect. In both cases, it was the mentors Demi and Simon that didn't want them to do what they did. And they both feel they would have done better with what they wanted. Janell has said she didn't like the way Demi had her change her look, and the songs she picked.

I have been watching the UK X factor the past few years through a stream online with a chat, and I do find that the British seem to enjoy the production, and don't have a problem with the contestants not picking the songs. In fact, the results this week, the bottom two probably would have been at the top in the US.

i'm watching too, but every week i say i'm going to stop! Smiling
i read somewhere that the producers are taking over and not allowing even the judges to mentor and pick songs and production etcc. so everyone will pass the buck so it won't be anyone's fault. i think that the ones with pretty good voices in the beginning don't sound so great now. i do believe it's telling though that tate and vino have had the least amount of stage additions, production, flying eagles etc. and they are at the top. the over production is distracting to the audience and probably also to the singers, and their voices suffer in the long run. i wish they didn't make this show all about the money, the prize and the money they will make on the artist....
everything about the Voice is better than x-factor. and even though i still have complaints about idol, i'd still put xfactor at the bottom of these three. my son wants to know, everytime i complain about the show, why am i still watching it? good question...mindless entertainment and a reason to moan and complain! Smiling)


I'm still watching, I just haven't posted as much lately. I went back to school so I'm busier than normal. But I still watch X Factor.

I don't really like country, but I think Tate is one of the best. I liked Janell too but I think they didn't give her the right songs, and Demi had Janel change her look too much. I really don't like CeCe or any of the groups. The rest I thought did ok, though I had seen them do better.

I think it's interesting the way they are saying what order they are in. And interesting that Tate is at the top. I actually think he has a strong chance of winning, and possibly doing well afterwards, since country radio would be likely to accept him.

i am miffed that they sent Jannell home over Paige tonight. I still kind of like Vino, and Carly Rae is beginning to impress me a bit. Tate is doing very well so far, and since I like some country I might keep watching just to see how this all plays out. I don't think it was Jannell;s fault that she went. Demi has been totally trying to mold her into something she isn't. I did think she did a good job on Proud Mary last night but that is one of my all time least favorite songs. I don't think Demi is very good as a coach. She has been just okay as a judge, but not as a coach. She has seriously overproduced every one of the performances. Tonight I really wish it had gone to deadlock. I would have loved to see who would have gone home then.

Is anyone even watching any more besides you and I Karen? Or have you quit too?

Hummingbird: I like Jannel Garcia best of who is left. I kind of think they let a lot of really good people go. I thought they should have kept Diamond White over Beatrice. Of the overs, I think David Correy was the most marketable, I thought he oversang but was ok. I didn't really like the groups.

Overall, I think the performances were to OTT, other than Jannel, really. Probably because of all the choreography and dancing.

Well, I'm not very impressed with any of the talent this year except for Jannell Garcia. I really like her a lot. The two teens girls on Brit's team are good,but they are just too young. I kind of enjoy watching Emblem 3, and I think Vino is the best of the overs, but I kind of enjoy the country guy too. This isn't a good sign going forward this season.

I sure wish I had noticed that the show tonight was only going to be an hour before I missed recording The Voice. I thought my guide just didn't update so I stopped the recording of the Voice and recorded all those sitcoms. I realized toolate what was happening so I still have to watch The Voice on demand. I have been torn between what to record and what not to on Monday and Tuesday because of normal shows I like going up against the Voice and DWTS-ALL STARS. I don't usually watch that one, but I like Kelly Monaco, Emmitt Smith, and Shawn Johnson, so I'll watch it until they are off. But I got off track....

I was pretty much okay with the choices made by all the judges. I kind of wish Demi had kept Jillian instead of one of the Diva's, or the guy she kept, and I wish Brittney had kept the little mini-Beiber instead of the guy she kept. I was okay with all of L.A.'s choices, and if Simon had kept the manufactured boy group insead of the girls who were put together I think it would have been more fun. Vocally he probably kept the right group, but I had more fun watching the guys.

It will be interesting to me to see how well the groups fair this season with Simon as their mentor and coach, as opposed to last season when they were all gone very quickly under Paula's guidance.

Now Fox is only having an hour show on Tuesday, from 9:30-10:30. Guess they decided not to pre-empt all their regular programming.

Also, the show won't be on again I believe Nov 1, after the World Series. That's a Thursday, but that is when the live shows are supposed to start.

I didn't want to talk about the show too much either Karen,just in case people didn't get to see the hour or so of it that was aired. I figured I would wait until Tuesday night to chime in.

I was disappointed that Jeff Gutt didn't make it because he was my favorite guy, but I do like Vino's voice. I think the tattoos on his face and head may creep some people out though. Jannell Garcia is still my favorite girl in the young adult category and has been since her smokin' hot audition with that OOh-LaLaLa-LaLaLaLaLa line in it. Is Jillian the girl who was bullied and broke down on stage? I would like to see her go on, but from the previews it doesn't look promising. I really need to write names down. Of the groups I only like Emblem 3 and sister C.

Welcome aboard Jen. Glad to have you. I was kind of hoping Reed would stay. I kind of like that little mini Beib.

I guess we just have to wait until Tuesday for the rest of the results.

JenJene: Welcome to the thread Smiling

I like Janel Garcia, and I like Jillian. My favorite was Jeff Gutt. For some reason, I don't like Vino as much.

I'm not sure if people saw last night show, or at least part of the show they showed, because of the rain delay. THey are going to show last night's show on Tuesday, so I don't want to spoil it, even though some of it did air.

Hope it is alright to join your conversation. The eight I think are leaving tonight are Dope Crises, Emblem3, Daryl Black, Tara Stevens, James Tanner, Reed Deming, Nick Youngerman and Jillian Jensen. I think Simon has the winner this year.

I still feel like they are looking for the next Bieber or Cyrus or Swift in these younger kids, but most of them cannot handle the pressure. It really breaks my heart to see them so devastated. I really think 16 is young enough.

I think having all the contestants on stage is cruel in a way. In the 1st place, there is no way they can be comfortable sitting on the floor for hours and hours. Then they have to be up close and personal while watching everyone else perform so they get more nervous wondering if they are as good as the others, Finally, when they are performing they can feel all those eyes on them and know they are being judged by more than the judges, Those things would make a person really nervous IMO. Maybe the show thinks this is a way to find the contestants that best stand up to the pressure.


Yeah, I know what you mean about the kids. The girl that sang Annie, and then there was the boy who was calling for his mother after he forgot the words to his songs. I just think they're too young, at least not to compete with adult. With the UK version the age limit is 16.

Though even the adults were having trouble remembering the words to their songs. I'm kind of wondering if having them all on stage during all of the boot camp auditions made them more nervous, I don't think they did that last year.

They have mentioned the 5 million a few times, but nowhere near what they did last year. I think I am enjoying Brittney and Demi more than I did Nicole last year. I liked Paula last year but I think the chemistry is better this year amongst the judges. I am actually surprised that I like them as much as I do.

I don't like that they are putting so many young kids through either. There have been a lot of 13 year olds but I think there was one girl that got put through to boot camp that was 12. She was the one with pigtails that sang Annie. I didn't think her voice was good enough, but she fell apart in boot camp and was devastated to be sent home.

I am looking forward to seeing how the new judges do with the contestants when they do the judges houses next week.

Hummingbird: They are my favorites also.

Overall I'm liking the X Factor better this year than last. I think one of the reasons is because last year, particularly during the auditions, they stressed the 5 million dollar prise a lot more than this year, and that kind of turned me off and made it seem more like a game show. This year they are stressing their dream of being in music.

So far the only part I've really had a problem with is that there are such young auditioners. I think even 16 is young to do this kind of thing, and here they have contestants as young as 13.

I had to look up Jeff Gutt, but yes, I like him too. Thanks for the spoilers karen,but I thinkI want to wait until after I see who makes it to the judges houses first and then maybe take a look at them. I probably wouldn't know who any of them are anyway because right now I remember Jeff Gutt and Jannely Garcia who I like a lot too. That is it. I can't remember the rest of them by anything other than face.

I've been liking the X Factor. My favorite so far was Jeff Gutt, I checked him out on youtube and he has a lot of alternative rock covers, like Creep, Interstate Love SOng by Stone Temple Pilots, Rooster by Alice in Chains, plus original music.

I just saw some major spoilers, it lists the top 17, if anyone's interested http://www.examiner.com/article/the-x-factor-u-s-spoilers-top-17-acts-ch...

I liked the same two girls you both liked. I don't recall any guys or groups that really strood out for me.

I am surprised that I have liked BS and DL, but then, we haven't seen them in real action yet. I have always liked LA and Simon.

yes, i watched too and was surprised to find i like brittany and demi. i will however be more interested to see how it goes when they are not able to edit it.

one thing i didn't like but have come to expect is the drama bits, like the guy who knew brittany from before, had sung with her? and also the guy that brought her flowers and had such an awful voice, creepy.....

i liked the two people you mentioned, karen, i did not like the boy group as much as simon did, so far i've been watching while doing other things so might have missed someone. i'm also trying to keep up with the voice too! yikes! am liking a few of them also. i'm not sure i'll be able to keep up as well once the whole new season of tv starts back up. can't quit my job to stay home and catch up on the dvr! Smiling

and would rather have my time taken up with more david cook shows, so this is just fill-in time stuff for me!

So, I watched the first show of the X Factor last night, and umm, I was surprised that I liked it. There were a few that I thought were really good, especially the girl they compared to Pat Benatar, and the girl at the end that was bullied. I surprisingingly thought Britney Spears and Demi Lovato were good as judges. Did anyone else watch?

So Paula is out too? No, that I did not know and I am frankly disappointed by it. I don't think she should be fired simply because she got groups and they did badly. I never thought the groups had much of a chance here in the US in the first place, regardless of who mentored them.

ETA (the edit button disappeared): I just thought now at first I could figure out right away why Nicole left (if she was actually fired and said she quit to cover it up) <-- that is understandable, but I couldn't figure out why they would fire Paula and MAYBE its because her groups were eliminated all pretty much within the first few weeks so that didn't look good. As to why Steve was let go, we may never know.

I just finished reading an article on EOnline debating the reasons why these changes with the judges were made and two things stuck out: 1) No chemistry among them and 2) the overhyped promotion of the show itself. Simon was so sure that XF would beat Idol in the ratings, but it didn't. Last year when Idol started with all the new changes the chemistry with the judges was apparent almost from the start and there was hardly any bickering throughout the season. I think the format on XF with the judges' teams has both pros and cons. The major con is of course the evolving rivalry between the judges. They made it become about them and the contestants were their puppets.

Simon's passion about XF actually turned me off because the one thing I love about Idol that I disliked about XF is that the auditions were not overpraised and the audience typically didn't
hear the judges say "I think this person will go far and has the potential to be successful"
Simon only did that with Carrie (and I do like Carrie) and I'm so glad he didn't do that with David, but he did it with every other auditioner on XF. It kind of made the show predicatable. I like to see the contestants grow. That is why I've always disliked when the contestants on Idol are pimped before Top 12. So I hope the replacement judges and host are good choices because I don't know if I want to watch Season 2 of XF now.


I totally agree with you. The shows should be about the contestants and not the judges. When AI started, few people even knew who Simon Cowell or Randy Jackson was. Paula Abdul was the most well known, but she hadn't had a hit in years.

I'm disappointed that they fired Paula Abdul also. I think she really is one of the first ones to see talent.

You might also be right about even on Idol, the judges have become more important than the contestants, but I think it's still a lesser extent on the X Factor. I really don't like the judges as mentor aspect of the show.

Hummingbird, not sure if what you posted had the news that Abdul is out as well. Simon is really missing the mark. Making the contestants the focus is supposed to trump 'celebrity' judges. Makes me appreciate the 'original' AI where no one cared who the judges were ... it wasn't about them, it was about the contestants. Now with AI's own celebrity judges, the focus is shifted to where it doesn't belong. The judges already have their noteriety, they've made enough money. Not one second should be spent pimping them.

I just found this article on AOL. It seems Steve has been fired and Nicole has quit.


karen: I agree with just about everything you said. I was thinking all along this year that the groups was a waste of time and they should have had over 30 guys and girls instead. The talent that they had to let go from that category was a shame to lose in comparison to the groups that stayed, especially the manufactured ones. Now, if they did allow bands with instruments, it could be a relevant category, but not just group singing.

I do think Steve needs to go. He is too stiff and boring. I also think they need to replace that voice that announced the singers just befor they started singing. It wasn't Steve, but an unseen voice that sounded like a prizefight announcer. Terrible!! I think the judges were okay. I loved seeing Simon and Paula together again. She was even coherent this time around. I likes L.A. and Nicole too, but I don't think Nicole should come back for her own sanity. It was really hard on her sometimes.

I think the biggest changes need to come in the format of the show. Why choose 8 of each category to go to the judges houses, show none of the mentoring, and then just take 4 each to live shows. It they are having double eliminations, it seems they should take all 8 to live shows or at least 6, and let the public vote from the beginning. They could even send home 1 from each category being the one from each group with the lowest amount of votes, or the judges could decide between the lowest 2 vote-getters from each category until it got down to the top 4 from each group. Let the contestants decide if they want all the dancers/big production stuff instead of forcing it on them.

One last thing - I have never been as sick of anything that I can remember as I was of hearing about a $5,000,000.00 prize. Even the contestants sounded like they were more interested in the money than the potential career and that is a total turn-off for me. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out next year, and how many of this year's contestants get signed somewhere.

Just posted the below on MJs, there is a thread about changes next year for X factor and people were discussing what they would change
at http://www.mjsbigblog.com/simon-cowell-planning-an-x-factor-bloodbath.ht....

Thought I would copy what I posted here:

I kind of don't think changing judges or the host will really increase the ratings of the show, because I think there were several other problems, and it led to people not really connecting to the contestants. It wouldn't matter if there was a bad judge or host because if there was a really popular contestant, that should be what is important. Like for instance, most people didn't like Kara Diogardi as a judge on AI, but Season 8 was a very popular season anyway, because of the contestants.

I think the first problem is from the auditions on, contestants were talking about the 5 million dollar prize. This made it seem more like a game show, than a talent competition. And made it seem like they were after the money more than a recording career. So maybe one thing that that should change is the emphasis on the 5 million dollar prize, even if the contestants do this themselves.

I also think the audition rounds should have started sooner, and there have been more voting rounds, and less double eliminations. I think that the more public voting rounds there are, the more connection they have to the contestant. I don’t think the World Series had anything to do with it, because people expect that it will be on.

I would get rid of the groups, especially the manufactured groups. I agree with others that they are not relevant in the US, unless they included bands, and I can't see them doing that, either, they would have too much of an advantage over other contestants that would have to rely on the band from the show. Instead I would have over 30 men and women as 2 separate groups. I think they are taken much more seriously as contestants in the US. I have watched the UK version and they don't seem to be taken as seriously as legitimate artists like they were here. There were a lot of interesting contestants in the over 30 category that didn’t make the top 12, but would have made it through if the men and women were their own groups.

The other think I would change is to allow the contestants to have more of a say in their music selection and in the production of the performance. It seems to be a step backward from Idol. And a lot of the performances seemed overproduced. Though one positive thing is that they are allowing original music to be performed.

The one thing I don’t like is the final elimination round. Maybe it would be better if they wrote their vote, and voted for who they want to stay instead of who they want to leave. Or else just do public vote. I’ll have to say I never liked the judges save on Idol but I would rather have that.

Mjs had some interviews with Melanie, they asked her what kind of record she was going to do and she couldn't answer. Although she is a good singer, I think they have to work with her to see what kind of artist she can be, I'm sure that's what they want anyway.

karen, I would have liked to have heard Josh's own music, but if that keeps it more in his control, it's a good idea.

Well, dialidol was right. Simon telegraphed the winning order as soon as he went into his speeches about what good guys Chris and Josh are; as did the way Steve talked to Chris. I knew Melanie was winning because those are consolation speeches. Do they think the audience is stupid? It was no surprise after that. I really hope Josh and Chris are successful anyway; can't help but be glad for Josh that he doesn't have to have the stigma following him like D has had to contend with.


Even if Josh doesn't get a contract, he has his own music. It looks like he has an album with his band but stopped selling it when he went on the show. I'm sure he'll release something on his own eventually afterwards, like I'm sure David would have released AH and the new album and it would have still done ok.

Something interesting I saw in an interview with Josh, he said he didn't want to use his own music on the show because he was saving it for after, so I wonder if it's because he would have to have some kind of contract with them if they were going to use his song on the show.

I saw Dialidol, and they have been good, especially when it gets down to fewer contestants. They have been right the last few weeks.

Just saw a rumor that DialIdol has Melanie ahead; and MJ's has two polls, who do you think Should/Will win, and she's the lead in both. I'm also ambivalent about Josh winning because of the potential stigma that could weigh him down, but who am I to say the guy shouldn't have 5 mil dollars, ykwim? I also really, thoroughly enjoy Chris's performances; yes, his joy shines, I think his voice is sweet, he's just a lot of fun to watch. So I'm hoping that if she wins, Chris and Josh will get contracts and people will go see them and they'll have careers. I don't get them all saying, "It's all or nothing." That's not true; it hasn't been true for the Idols, like Jennifer Hudson, or Adam L.

I think they're all talented; wish them all a lot of luck.

I agree Karen about the backlash that probably would happen if Josh were to win but his album didn't sell. Maybe it would be better if he didn't win after all, but I still like him the best, although tonight's performances by everyone have me wavering a bit on who I think will win.

I am curious how having the 3 finalists duet with an established artist helps to show they deserve to win. I was surprised to see that one. Never saw it coming.

I loved the performances Josh gave tonight,but....I really think they were the least successful at generating excitement. I enjoyed his duet but I think his performance of "At Last" was very special. I really appreciated the no frills performance for myself, but I am wondering if the voters will appreciate it as much.

Chris showed so much joy on stage tonight in both performances that I could feel it through the television screen.

Actually I am surprised to be saying this but I think Melanie's duet with R Kelly was the most successful, and in her final performance, I finally felt some emotion from her. The only thing I can say to criticize her is that she started out belting and ended the same way. I didn't get any build up at all, or any highs or lows. Just full out singing from start to finish. She did show some emotion though.

I have no idea who is going to win this whole thing. I can't even begin to guess right now. Maybe after I have had time to sit with it I will figure out what I think will happen. I know I'm glad we aren't having a contest on this show. I would lose for sure. Smiling


I'm kind of afraid if Josh wins, and cd afterwards doesn't do well, there will be a backlash against him, which I think happened with the wgwg, especially Lee. When the truth is we don't know how the albums from X factor people will do here, no matter who wins.

Musically, though I like Josh best, and I think he has shown a lot of versatility. He's the only one right now that I would buy his album after the show. Though I think Chris has really shown who he is as an artist.

I agree about Melanie. I think even though she has a terrific voice, she has not shown that much artistry or originality.

And I think with all the talk of wgwg, it is more that they show originality, versitility and who they are as artists through their covers. I think that this is true for all that do well on this or AI.

Can't wait to see what will happen tonight.

Well, Marcus is gone, and after last night he should have been, IMO. The other 3 just out-did him. I think he has a very nice voice, but like I have said so many times, there is nothing memorable or special about him. I couldn't even remember what songs he sang 10 minutes after the show was over.

It is going to be very interesting next week to see who wins. After all, we have no idea who the other contestant in the bottom two was tonight. Steve was very clear that just because Josh and Marcus were standing up there together it did not mean that the one that did not get sent home had the next lowest votes. Josh could very easily have had the highest number of votes. IIRC, none of the 3 finalists have ever had to sing for their life so none of them have ever been bottom two.

Although I love Melanie's voice I feel that she shows the least amount of artistry of the 3 finalists. Josh and Chris both not only write their own music, but they play at least guitar and piano,and they both perform with so much emotion that they really pull the crowd in and connect with them.

I will have to wait for next week's performances to see who does the best, but right now I am hoping Josh wins and Chris comes in second. If it comes out the opposite, I will be happy enough I suppose because I believe they will both be signed by someone. The only thing really riding on this that the runner ups don't get is that $5,000,000.00 and that is huge! On the other hand the WGWGs that have won idol have not done so well due to the stigma that comes along with winning that show. David did better than the other two on his debut album, but he is kind of floundering with TLM. No disrespect meant, because I love TLM, but it is simply true for now. I hope releasing it in other countries will work and create mega sales for TLM. But for Josh, he may need that 5 million payout to tide him over until hopefully riock and alt rock find their footings again. I think Chris is destined for greatness just because of the genre he is in and my bet is that L.A. Reid picks him up off the cuff if he doesn't win.

ETA: Some thoughts I have had since I originally posted this and to do some typo corrections..

Josh is the guy who works all day and plays the dives at night. For that, he has my respect because I know musicians who do that and it is only for the love of music that they keep going. His original tunes are good. Something about his performance of Hallelujah last night reminded me of Nick Gibson's version. It just draws one in. It is almost painful but in a good way. I do hope he gets doors to open for him by being on this show....win or lose.

Poor Marcus. I agree his performances, while pleasant, are just not memorable. IMO, he should have been the one to go the night LeRoy Bell left. Clearly, the judges just didn't want a mature man....at least one that mature...in the contest. I guess I can see their point. They feel the music industry is there to cater to the young and a 60 year old man isn't the one to do that. While I prefer someone more seasoned and experienced, I realize I am not the one they care about pleasing. I would like to see Marcus go somewhere with his talent and personality. I know I have no interest in purchasing his music, though.

I am in agreement that, while Melanie is oozing vocal talent, I find her performances not exciting. She is very good, but I am just not getting a connection with her at all. You know how one feels when music touches them. You get chills and tear up. She just doesn't do that for me.

I think that Chris has a good chance. He has a sob story, his makeover was very successful. He seems to appreciate the chance he is given. I know that, no matter what, I won't purchase what he will be selling because I just don't like the type of music he peforms. I realize it is the going thing, but not for me. I do hope that he stays clean and has a successful career.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. I'm not sure this group of 4 are the ones I expected to see in the semi-finals.