The Last Song I'll Write For You

Released: 2012


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I can't imagine my day without this song.I listen it when i'm happy,and of course when i'm sad.It's perfect song

Awesome song!! Smiling

Sothia Chhoeum

Isn't he singing "Laying Me Low" on Idol tonight?

LOVE this....

I LOVE this new song. His voice still gets me every time! I can't wait to see him perform this on Idol. Go David, I know you will bring it to that stage on Thursday!

this song help me realized a thing 'bout setting thing free coz its not meant to be sometimes.
but the song i really like the most was Comeback To Me...

wow!!!! you're such an amazing singer-songwriter and for me.............. your best song would be............ COME BACK TO ME......... i really love your music......... if only i could sing and reach all your high notes, by the way i'm Johnziel Ubas............. one of your biggest fans....... from the Philippines............

i wish...........

09/21/2012 - 23:27
I will always remember you fondly , I will always be grateful that Angie introduced us,
I love your music , it will always mean something to me, I always smile when I hear it , or I really ( get into your songs) not the cover's you do but YOUR SONGS, I pray that one day God will lets us cross paths again, But until then I am enjoying your songs, I just wanted you to know that, I know somehow you can see this.
For Thee

I touch thee in the depths of my soul, I can reach your spirit when I close my eyes, Your love genitally lifts my heart, your touch has a soft caress , I can not tell you how much you mean to me , your tones and the vibrations of your voice soothes my soul of love.
I wish for you only true love and peace, I'll wrap my love up in your songs, I shall caress with the kisses of lyrics of our dreams we share, that none other bares the name of one .


hi name is immy..i live in Algeria..i love u and i love ur music so much...u r the best

This is a real winner David. I have loved this song from first listen and I never get tired of listening to it. I feel the same way about From Here to Zero. I love all your music, but this is so dofferent from you it makes it very special. Thank you for sharing your gift and your love of music with us.

Mayday! Somebody save me now.