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Better Than Me

You ain’t even scared
‘Cause you know I know you’ll conquer it
Yeah you’re finally getting there
I wish I had it all, ’cause I’d offer it
And it feels like a last stop
And it feels like an open wound
Whatever it is that you did to me
It didn’t have to be so soon, so soon

Go on, go on, go be better than me
Go on, go on, go be better than me
Go on, go on

Look beneath your feet
The road rolls out in front of you
And your soul to keep
In the arms of Madison Avenue
And it hits like a running train
And it hurts like being alive
If you really gave up then why’d you tell me
I’ve become the shadow, you the light

Hey, all the hot lights and the famous streets
It’s just the first step in forgetting me

Written by: Chase Forrester Foster

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