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Broken Windows

These two hearts are like a house along the fault line
Cut our feet on nails and glass, walking the slow grind
We locked up our love and we threw away the keys
It’s hard to see you through these

Broken Windows
Looking so close
Shattered pieces
I can’t see through these
Broken Windows
We could let go
But I won’t give up
If you won’t give up, oh

Crumbling walls and empty halls inside of your eyes
These picture frames a tear away from saying goodbye
But still there’s glimpses of the way we used to be
I’m trying to see you through these

Built this place out of blood and bricks
So we could still stand up when the world is shaking
Tell me there’s a way we can somehow fix these
Broken Windows

Written by: David Cook / Zac Maloy / Jerry Flowers

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