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61 days
6 hours
17 mins
30 secs


This is a state of emergency
Held down for an eternity, victims
Tell me, are you listening
Let’s break out of this prison cell
Create stories the world will tell their children
In time, we’ll be forgiven

But tonight, you and I
We can make our escape
From the choices we made
So let’s run, for our lives
Just like we’re animals
‘Cause, baby, we’re criminals

Spotlights, tracing our every move
Hearts race, breathless and bulletproof, I’ll hold you
Won’t let anybody hurt you
This fight, fell at our footsteps
And I swear the further that we get the closer we are
To finding love in these scars

Yeah, we’re all against the wall
Looking for a way around
On the run like criminals
Breaking out

Written by: David Cook / Blair Daly

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