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Eyes On You

I know where you’re going underneath it all
I know where you’ve been
So take a minute, take a little time, to find a better line
To cover up your sins
Written in the cracks around your smile, another white lie
Now I’m zooming in
You keep running but you know you can’t hide

I’m watching every little thing you do
And all the lies that I can see right through
There ain’t no way for you to change the truth
‘Cause now I got my eyes on, I got my eyes on you

Looking all around, that familiar sound
Footsteps in your shadow
Try to figure out what’s in your head or underneath your bed
Or looking through your window
If you think you’re getting paranoid with all the white noise
You don’t even know
You keep running but you’re never gonna hide

When you thinking its crystal clear, you can’t ignore the voice inside your ear
It keeps filling your mind with doubt and there’s no way that you can drown it out

Written by: David Cook / Crix Reardon / Andy Waldeck

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