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From Here to Zero

Here we are at the starting line
Of a race that goes to the end of time
You and I
Take a long deep breath and I’ll take one too
As the seconds fade and the minutes move
I’m by your side

If life’s a countdown that never ends
And the world we know keeps on caving in
We can hold on
I will hold on

‘Til the clocks run out
‘Til the sun breaks down
I’ll be all the love you need
‘Til the stars turn cold
I’ll never let you go
From here to zero

A love we saved for a second look
Like a flower pressed in your favorite book
By the window sill
We got lost in a passing glance
As the winter frost melted in our hands
And time stood still

If life’s a countdown that never stops
If it all falls down as we count the costs
We can hold on
I will hold on

And every point in between
From curtain up to closing scene
This spotlight we’ve been living in
Look in your heart and please believe
I’ll never go, I’ll never leave
From here until the end

Written by: David Cook / Zac Maloy

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