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Goodbye to the Girl

Paint another picture black and blue
Take another moment, one or two just to get over you
When did all the gold around us rust
Turning all the love we had to dust, it took the best of you

Oh, I’ve got nowhere to hide.
And say my goodbye to the girl
I’m leaning on the edge, of jumping off the ledge
And watching the night do what the light never could
So tell me I’m crazy, it’s not gonna save me
From holding my breath ’til the lines blur
Cause I’ve got nowhere to hide
And say my goodbye to the girl

Take another picture off the wall
Just another moment, watch it fall into the ocean blue
Take a look at where we used to be
Now I’m just a vessel lost at sea I can’t get over you
I don’t know what to do

And goodbye to the world

Written by: David Cook / Andy Skib / Neal Tiemann

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