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As the sun goes down in front of me

It reminds me where I wanna be
With you and you alone

Pull me in like you were made for me

I’m losing faith in gravity
And I just need to let you know

And I just need to let you know

I’m not gonna come down
Down off of these clouds

All these heroes come and go
You’re still standing

You teach me to rise up,
To open my eyes up

All these heroes come and go,
You’re still standing

You’re still standing

When the world’s confusing I don’t care

I’ll crawl into your atmosphere

I know you’ll make it right

You’re all I need tonight

I believe that you can save me

And you’ll never let me fall

I believe in what you’ve shown me

Maybe there’s a hero in us all

Written by: David Cook / Cathy Dennis / Raine Maida

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