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Home Movies (Over Your Shoulder)

Chasing ghosts in a hotel parking lot
‘Round and ’round ’til the stars go out
Never knowing that the best we’d ever get
Was in the here and now
Just another old home movie
With no sound but it’s deafening
Chasing ghosts in a hotel parking lot
Until the frame burns out

Looking over your shoulder
You never get any older
Every memory come and gone
I can’t believe it’s been so long
If I could cover the distance
Would it make any difference
With all the sorrow and the joy
Frozen in the celluloid
Looking over your shoulder

Thoughts blur every time I look away
Is it you or the alcohol
I’m hanging on like a death row innocent
Waiting for the call
I don’t know what I’m looking for
A light shining through an open door
But it’s enough just to have you here again
Living on the wall

Written by: David Cook / Kevin Griffin

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