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Laying Me Low

I remember when you lit my flame
A bit of passion with a pinch of pain
You left me praying for a single drop of rain, whoa
But now the fire’s burning out of control
Because I’m never gonna let you go
So bring the gasoline and we can start the show

You got under my skin
And I can’t begin
To think of all the trouble you keep getting me in
So I’ll just hold on
And try to be strong

I fall apart when I’m with you
I cry when I kiss you
I know you’re really no good
You got my heart in your hand
Oh I’ll never understand
And it shows
You get me high but you’re laying me low

I remember every broken line
I’m just a victim of the perfect crime
You keep running while I keep on doing time, whoa
So give me something just to keep me sane
I only wanna hear you say my name
And now I know I’m never gonna win this game
But I’ll play anyway

Written by: David Cook / Crix Reardon / Andy Waldeck

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