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Let Me Fall for You

I was wrong, I was wrong
Thinking my heart could be my own
I was strong, I was strong
When I had a reason to hold on

Let me fall, let me fall for you
Let me fall for you

Don’t look down, don’t look down
By now it’s too late to take it slow
Turn around, turn around
And give me a reason to let go

It’s almost over
I’m hanging by a thread
With all the words you never said
I’m going under
So tell me what to do
I’ve got nothing to hold onto
Let me fall for you

All the time, all the time
You are the one that got me through
Like a sign, like a sign
You were the voice that knew the truth

Let me fall like a stone in the water
Let me fall like a plane out of the sky
Let me crash, let me burn my heart out
Let me learn to fly

Written by: David Cook / Rune Westburg

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