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Life on the Moon

Here in this crowd I’m feeling all alone
Turn me around and point me back to home
I’m getting lost more every day and I can’t tear myself away
From the stars in my eyes with no light

Here are my terms, have some faith in me
And I’ll let you be who you need to be

Life on the moon
Couldn’t be any stranger
Life on the moon
Wouldn’t feel as far away
The life that I knew, it’s through
And I’m gonna need you more than ever
I’m alone in this crowded room,
It’s like life on the moon

Float off the ground; my head’s up in the air
Self-conscious to a fault, with all the people everywhere
It’s getting harder every night, to take the punches left and right
Just to know that you’re here by my side

Getting lost in my own atmosphere
Stars in the sky are the stars in my eyes
It’s the cost of getting out of here alive

Written by: David Cook / Zac Maloy / Espen Lind / Amund Bjorklund

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