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We’re Not In This Alone

I believe in movie scenes
That love can lead us back
From the seas that we bleed
These broken heart attacks
That can take us to the ground
Until the sun goes dim

Suddenly, in between
The moments we fall down
I can see, you and me
The fire to break this town
So give everything you’ve got
Before the night comes in

Will they remember us at all?

Long ago
When the light was everything we know
Before the moment where the darkness showed
Now I’m beggin’ you to
Come back home
We can be that old familiar glow
Where the hearts inside our hands can go
‘Cause we’re not in this alone

Take a chance, take my hand
Nothing can break us now
‘Cause I believe that you and me
We’re built on solid ground
So let’s make this last forever
And call it home

Let the world surrender
Let tonight remember
The daylight’s comin’ in
C’mon stay forever
Take it all on together
And help me breathe again

Written by: David Cook / Devin Bronson / Andy Skib

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