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Where Do We Go

We’re counting circles, around and around
Until we’re down on the floor
What were we put here for?
We keep on burning a hole in the ground
We’re reaching out for more
Can’t see the fight in the war

If the light leaves our heart
Do we know where to start?

Whenever the sun goes down
Where Do We Go?
When all of the leaves turn brown
Where Do We Go?
With every step that we’re taking to the brink
We’re cutting ties like a puppet from a string
So whether we’re lost or found
Where Do We Go?

Before the sky falls, from heaven to ground
We’ve go to run for our lives
Inside of innocent eyes
But when the night calls, we’re tearing it down
Until the smoke can rise
We are the warning sign

When the light leaves our heart
Will we know where to start?

By the time the music start to fade away
We’ll be in the trenches making our escape
Chasing fireflies like bullets to the brain

Written by: David Cook / Andy Skib / Andrew Waldeck

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