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David Cook iTunes pre-order reveals new EP details!

CHROMANCE is continuing to come together. I’m wrapping up album design/layout right now, and then it’s ready to go to the presses! It’s gonna be crazy to actually have a copy in hand. This EP has been one of the more unique album experiences I’ve ever gone through, in the best way possible. So. Damn. Stoked. To. Share. It. With. You.

Fans who haven’t already done so can pre-order David’s new EP now at PledgeMusic (for access to exclusive updates, music, fan packages, and more) and, starting today, also on iTunes — and with your pre-order, you’ll get an instant download of his current single, GIMME HEARTBREAK!

Holy crap, we’re actually getting close. It’s starting to feel real…
What makes it even more real is this next tidbit:

The tracklist!

1. The Lucky Ones
2. Gimme Heartbreak
3. Warfare
4. Another Day In Paradise
5. Ghost Magnetic
6. Circles

Yeah, buddy!

Stay tuned right here, and follow David on PledgeMusic, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram , for more updates to come!

Update: CHROMANCE is now also available for pre-order on AmazonMusic and Google Play!


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