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David Shares Third Piece of New EP Cover with Fans!

The wait is almost over! Yesterday, David showed fans the third piece of the new EP cover puzzle via his most recent PledgeMusic update to the many who have already pre-ordered! Find out what David had to say below and, if you’ve yet to check out David’s new PledgeMusic project, head on over to to pre-order today and gain access to exclusive: updates, music, merch, events, and more!

Babe, don’t let David Pumpkins ruin your night.

I have spent the last 45 minutes watching the David Pumpkins SNL skit, so I figured I’d cleanse the palate with a Pledge post!

Hope everyone is gearing up for a great Halloween, although it doesn’t feel like it’s only a week away. Let me know in the comments what your costumes are gonna be! Full Disclosure: There’s no prize. I’m just curious.

I went as Baller-On-A-Budget Batman last year. Batman tee shirt with attached cape, black jeans, my black yard work gloves, and a $20 batman mask. And this year will more than likely be the exact same thing. party.

Speaking of clothing, we’re adding a Pledge-exclusive black pullover hoodie, so check it out and grab yourself one, or five…. or ten. 🙂
And, lastly, it’d be considered poor form if I didn’t share this:




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