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TFS Interview: American Idol alum David Cook discusses new music and exploring new styles

by: Marian Tuin for The Feature Story

“I’m fortunate that I’ve been able to maintain some sense of perspective on all of this. I attribute that to the people I’ve surrounded myself with.” David Cook began, remembering his early days in pursuit of a career in music. Continuing, he revealed, “I certainly recall that it wasn’t that long ago that I was just another struggling musician, trying to get people to pay attention to my originals while they enjoyed Happy Hour.”

That was then. Now American Idol alum and season seven winner, has a record breaking reputation to boast, breaking several Billboard chart records in 2008 when 14 of his songs debuted on the Hot Digital Songs chart and 11 of his songs debuted on the Hot 100. He’s sold millions of albums and seen his self-titled album certified platinum.

Currently David is back in the studio, exploring new styles and finishing up an EP. To advance it this summer, he whet appetites by debuting single “Gimme Heartbreak”, available now on iTunes and Spotify. The style is a departure from his early music and fuses pop/synth and drama, housed within smoldering dark edges.

We sat down with Cook this week to find out more on the evolution of his music, his songwriting process and his fans! Read his gracious and engaging words below and be sure to follow him on PledgeMusic for updates and releases!

Marian: Since breaking into the industry via American Idol, and notably in record breaking fashion, can you articulate how you have grown/evolved as an artist?

David Cook: I think, more than anything, time has allowed me to be more open to styles and production that I didn’t see as in my “wheelhouse”. The idea of synthesizers and more software-based production was something I probably bristled at before. Now, to be able to explore those textures and landscapes that I had, in truth denied myself, it’s expanded my songwriting repertoire tenfold, at least. I think that and the inevitability of my musical tastes changing as I get older certainly contribute to whatever growth I’ve made as an artist.

M: Let’s talk about your new single, “Gimme Heartbreak” which advances your new EP. What made you choose to release this particular track first? Is the rest of the EP similar in influence to this track?

DC: “Gimme Heartbreak” just had an energy that we were able to tap into with the production. I wanted that energy to be present in spades with the new EP, and “Gimme Heartbreak” was the first real foray into that vibe. The rest of the EP should share that vibe. That’s the goal, anyway

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