I wanted to write everyone and say a few things, in light of recent events, to dispel any misinformation that may be circulating and to say thank you on behalf of my family and myself to everyone who has shown even the slightest bit of support to us and our efforts as a family to help eradicate this terrible affliction.

My brother, Adam, passed away at 11:52pm Eastern, May 2nd. He was 37 years old and leaves behind his wife and two children. We had played Sunfest in West Palm Beach that night, walking off stage at approximately 11:00pm Eastern, and I rushed to get on a plane to fly to Washington D.C., to be a part of the Race For Hope-D.C., a fundraiser for research and development of a cure for brain cancer. I learned of Adam’s passing upon getting to my hotel around 3:00am Eastern. I decided to run in the race, despite all of this, for two reasons. First, my brother never wanted his illness to affect others. That was evident in the fact that he wanted his illness to have no part in my experience on Idol, a point he was quite adamant about. So, with that wish in mind, I ran and was involved with the event as an homage to him. Secondly, there are many people who are still battling, and by running and sharing my brother’s story, I hope that it offers those still fighting that much more resolve to not succumb to this wretched disease.

I want to again thank everyone who donated to the race and continues to donate, sent a kind email, posted thoughts and prayers, called, etc. I take it as affirmation that my brother was the great man that I knew, and whose ideals I constantly try to uphold in myself. It is with those ideals in tow that I vow to continue to speak out in hopes of raising whatever necessary to help eliminate cancer entirely.

Also, I mentioned earlier that Adam never wanted his illness to affect anyone. So, with the exception of our Toledo, OH, show on May 6th, which we will do everything possible to reschedule, all other shows will go on as scheduled.

Lastly, thank you to everyone for allowing us, as a family, to grieve and come to terms privately. This event has shown me, beyond doubt, that I have the greatest people in my life, family, friends, and fans alike, and for that, I can never offer enough thanks.


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FOR ALL THE THINGS YOU DO, YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL MAN !!! One of my 4 big brothers died from pancreatic cancer...on my birthday. And my 2 year old great-nephew, Rush was diagnosed with liver cancer & had a transplant. Unfortunately, they believe his body is rejecting it. He's @ Children's in K.C.


Losing a sibling is like losing a part of your heart. I don't know you or your family but having lost one of my younger sister's two years ago and knowing how fresh the wounds are from that loss are today, my heart goes out to you.


I would like to thank you for sharing your brothers story. My 3 yr old son was just diagnosed last week for the SECOND time with Medulloblastoma. when he was finally diagnosed with a brain tumor on Aug 2 2010 we found out that his 21 month old body had endured a brain stem injury as well. after fighting for 18 months my son beat it only to find out the tumor came back! We continue to fight and bring awareness so other people can know the warning signs and symptoms and help save another life Smiling

Thank you for everything

You can watch my sons story here

Thank you for everything!

Today is Nov 25, 2011. I saw your Pepsi video today where you went golfing with 2 of your music associates. Knowing the pain you suffered when you lost your brother Adam and that he loved to golf made me think of my sister Lori, who also loved to go golfing and who we lost to stomach cancer on Feb 12, 2011. She encouraged me to get out and play and so every year we could, we would get together and play. It was always raining, about to rain or had just finished raining every year, but we always had a great time with plenty of jokes and pranks, too. I love what we see in you - who you are and what you've done with your talents! Your fan, Pat (Maema)

I was sorry to hear about your brother. I just wanted to let you know what an amazing thing it is that you have done for your brother and many others who have fought the terrible disease. I count myself in the fortunate who continue to fight brain cancer. Thanks again

I am so sorry for your loss, David. Just know that your fans will always be here to support you. You are an incredibly talented person and I know your brother is smiling down at you from heaven.
With love,

"..soar..with..the birds..."

I am truly sorry for ur loss. I had a cousin whondied of brain tumors 10 years ago. She was only 14 and battled the disease for 10 years. I understand what ur family must have been thru. I applaud ur efforts to help find a cure, as well as for being so strong. U r courageous and I so admire u.

I just wanted to take the time to say the your season was my first season I really watched and supported you all the way. o me hasnt been a season as exciting. The song permanent always choked me up, dunno how you get through singing it.. Well as I now have brain cancer it really hits home! I begin my journey. I say begin not end . I will live every day well, and appreciate every day ahead of me. I am fortunate to be surrounded by good people and music, and a healthy collection of guitars that keep me happy.

David you are the most inspiring amazing man I've ever known, Adam (not was) IS lucky for having a kind, strong brother like you, just always be strong and keep smiling and have hope and hold on I assure you that you have the best supporting you all around the globe, we are all still praying for Adam. I'm sure he is smiling at you and feeling proud because no one can achieve what you achieved and get to the place you're in; you are waaaaaaaay more than an artist to your fans. If it interests you you're on my top 3 inspiration list, for my family that's HUGE, so congratulations ,KEEP GOING DAVID, NEVER STOP !!!
Rawan. DC fan for life.

David, I just want to say that I am terribly sorry about your brother. I know this comment may be.....a year late, but I still want you to know that I am honestly very sorry. I have been going through some VERY tough times myself in this past year. But I truly found Christ and it made me happy. David, I strongly believe in the power of prayer and I will be praying for you and your family:)

P.S. you're the cooliest. Okay, byebye

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