All about THE VOICE

All about THE VOICE

I think we all agree David`s voice is one of the most gorgeous and beautiful voices today. Welcome everyone to discuss here about The Voice. I´m very grateful to magicalbeck, a professional vocal coach who has been willing to answer our questions.

bel canto 2

"Bel canto" - singing

mujerfeliz brought this quote from Carpe Nocturne from the original "Twop: You Had me At Hello thread". I think it describes Davids brilliance and talent on how to interpret songs:
" ... But when you realize that the word "sing" is a VERB and that "singing" is an action word, then you understand that Cook more than holds his own:
- When you get that it is a dynamic activity to produce an unadulterated, raw, edged power from your lungs...
- When you become aware that it requires action to execute a ferocious range in the same song and sometimes in the same stanza (see the "Hero" duet)...
- When you comprehend that modifying, not just one's singing style, but one's voice itself, to suit different songs is not something that just happens but is something the singer must consciously do...
- And, finally, when it hits you that emotionally and passionately connecting, through "singing", to the lyrics and music that you perform demands a very active effort....
- When the above facts dawn on you, then you fully appreciate the incredible talent that David Cook is as a SINGER.

The producer Rob Cavallo compares David Cook to big-voiced former Journey frontman Steve Perry, who dropped by the studio while Cook was recording DCTR.
Rob Cavallo:“He really is an unbelievably gifted singer,” Cavallo says of Cook. “There’s no song on the record that he didn’t sing in two or three takes. ... He can sing harmony to any of his songs automatically without even thinking about it.”
From an article imogen_ph brought to us.
Idol vocal coach, Debra Byrd talks about David, Hollywood Reporter interview and Sign of San Diego. com, 'Idol' vocal coach is never idle as she guides the apprehensive contestants
JennaWN`s You Tube Channel Instrumentations And Harmonies to David`s music.



- Enan
-- David Cook`s vocal profile
-- Higher notes
-- Lower notes
-- David`s wider range
-- David`s range on Axium, AH and DCTR
-- Vocal Analysis of David Cook`s Performance at Ronald McDonald House

- People, who knew David before Idol, talk on this article

- Master Class Lady
-- Her Blog of David`s National Anthem in Anaheim 4.7. -12
-- Vocal Critique of AI Season 7 Finale performances
-- Evaluation of David Cook`s Analog Heart
-- AI7 tour in Toronto

- Links to PERFORMANCES posted on this thread.
- You Tube playlist by closeyoureyes: 1. Best Of Acoustic Dave (DCO) and 2. Links to download , where you can find everything!
- Links to Axium and Analog Heart
- COVERS made by DC&TA versus the originals: LINKS



- Magicalbeck`s POSTS on this new era of TLM and REVIEW OF THIS LOUD MORNING on Amazon
- An interesting article ” Body and Soul Vocal Care” , CYE brought to us
- David singing SSB 9/11/-11 a) CLICK b) Angie`s beautiful VIDEO , c) from KC website , to DOWNLOAD
- David´s beautiful SSB from NASCAR Zippo200 , August 11. 2012


-- HUMMINGBIRD has collected a wonderfull BEDTIME PLAYLIST of David`s mostly acoustic songs.
-- You Tube playlist by Imogen_PH THE STELLAR VOICE OF DAVID COOK
-- David`s AI performances HQ videos by angelangiedc


-- Playlist to ORLANDO concert
-- Favorites from THIS LOUD TOUR plus some of my favorite interviews, ENJOY!
-- Favorites from David`s SOLO TOUR More gorgeousness to enjoy!
-- David sings CHRISTMAS CAROLS , YouTube playlist.

~~ ~~ ~~

VIDEO LIBRARY1, performances on AI, interviews etc.
VIDEO LIBRARY2 , Declaration Tour first leg
VIDEO LIBRARY3, hightlights on Declaration Tour two
VIDEO LIBRARY4, David´s pre-idol music
VIDEO LIBRARY5, David´s best banters during Decl. Tour



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Thank You for the welcome @pweller7 & Nina Skaaning

pweller7: no I didn't get those two.. I will check to see if they are on itunes for purchase. Thanks again

Hey VOICE threaders Smiling

Just felt like saying hello on my fave thread!!!

HI Smiling

Tjbaker: welcome to our wonderful fandom and this thread Smiling
I you haven´t had the pleasure to hear / see David live, I totally recommend it. I live in Denmark and dreamt of him coming to Europe. But that didn´t happen and therefor Earlybird and I decided to go to New York to see him - EPIC. There are lots of good concert videos to watch - watch Earlybirds playlists or on the tour thread. But hearing the VOICE live was really amazing. Plus there was a fantastic vibe at our concert!
I have listened to David since I "found him" back in 09 and to me it is still magic to hear his VOICE. A new song can "showcase" - don´t know if that is the right word - his VOICE in a whole other way than on another one. Plus I love how you can sort of make up your own story re. his fantastic lyrics. Yes, I´m a huge fan of David and his huge talent!!! Hope you to see you around some other day!

Now that I´m here I want to wish you all HAPPY EASTER Smiling

Welcome Tjbaker!!! I LOVE This Loud morning and Goodbye to the Girl is a favorite!! Did you get the Deluxe edition?? That one has 2 other favs of mind ~ Let Me Fall for You and This is Not the Last Time!!

Omy goodness.. I'm just like you @Nina Skaaning.. I had been listening to DC's first album for years, not thinking I should get his second. When seeing him on Idol.. I found myself reminiscing on his performances on Idol and experiencing the feelings of goose bumps and "all right" moments. I have to say I purchased his second album and I can't believe that I kept myself from this for so long. "Say Goodbye to the Girl" is a song I could listen to over and over again. David's voice is amazing. I'm so pumped for the new one!!! I have a renewed obsession with him. I hope to see him soon in Concert. But for now I'm enjoying all the posts from all of you. Thank you for all of your posts.

"sorry" I´m back, but I have to put this very special version - I think it is the vibe of it - of my fave song. FIM. Enjoy, I will:

HI Smiling

All these wonderful posts, tweets and videos of David mentoring on Idol, just had me down in that "old" Idol path. OMG he was sooooo GOOD on Idol. I still get goosebumps when he sings "TWIK" and I see the winning moment. So glad I decided to check Mr. Cook out some more - uhm his music I mean LOL Laughing out loud
The Idol rabbit hole sent me to this brand new song by David "Wait For Me" I just listened to it a few times in a row, I find it quite addictive. Can´t wait to hear what will be on the new record. No matter what I´m sure I will love it. The VOICE, enjoy the little early Easter egg I just found:

Imogen thanks for those 6 velvety nanoseconds of ear-candy! Sticking out tongue

Hi Nina and Hummingbird and thanks Smiling

Hi Smiling

Imogen thank you for keep bringing goodies in here Smiling

Earlybird, thank you for making all the playlists for the rest of us to enjoy and making it so much easier to find the new stuff Eye-wink

Hummingbird, hello to you too Smiling Thank you very much for bringing all those 80 ´s goodies in here. I still have the Idol goodies waiting, but it is always nice to have Cook goodies to look forward to!

Dropping some earcandy *toothy smile*

6 nanoseconds of velvet honey looped 3x (whot? just click & listen)

Thank you Imogen for your continuous mp3s. Thank you EBird for your continuous playlists. They really help a technology impaired person out. (ME!!)

Hey Nina!! Great to see you.

I am, not empty handed this time. I brought a link to a you tube playlist of 8 80s songs David has covered outside of Idol competition performances. It was put together by buzzfeed, whatever the heck that is.

Anyway, if you didn't see it on twitter it is for your enjoyment.

Yeah *wink-wink*, makes one wonder. Eye-wink Without saying it´s clear what I think of David´s version versus DN´s version, heh.

Thanks for the Sound Cloud! And that video is beautiful ( read: the subject is beautiful in every way! )

I made a playlist of the Soles4Souls concert

Hello peeps, I bring you the gritty, growly, twang-free KYT! I love this.

Kiss You Tonight, Live @ Soles4Souls Benefit

Here's a link to the video from which that audio was taken, the video is by ddee7k:

One wonders if Nail would have picked up KYT if he had heard David singing in the demo instead of Trent Summar doing his imitation of Dave's voice *wink*

Hi Smiling

I´m back in the game and have to come back with the latest version of my fave song - some of you may know what´s up?! FIM - OMG this was a fantastic version, the VOICE. I know I know I say that a lot - always - about this song. But since it still gives me goosebumps to listen to it, there is something fantastic and magical about it! Thanks for sharing this video by the way. Enjoy FIM from Nashville, April 1st.

PS: still can´t believe I got to hear this one live last year with the wonderful Earlybird among others at Irving Plaza Smiling SIGH can we go back?!

To sing overtones is a different thing from vibrato. If you go and watch the videos on the first link on my post "Smithsonian folkways" on Sunday, March 30, 2014 - 23:55, you´ll see and hear what it is. The videos show up on the right side of that site. You can hear how the singers can do two different tones at once. It´s very interesting.

When we talked in Carrboro, it was after I told him that he had the best voice on the planet. He said "vocal coach".Like he could not take all the credit for his voice. I happen to believe that he was born with this awesome voice and all it can do. His is so humble. My goodness, he was awesome back 5 years ago, but he is awesomer now! I made up that word. And his toung seems flat in many songs, not curled up like that video on youtube with the guy showing overtones. Is overtones the same as vibrato?

You´re welcome, Incipit!
Yeah, it´s very interesting to read how to make those overtone notes. Seems that you need to use your tongue and move it in your mouth in a certain way to do it. Supposedly David didn´t do that deliberately, I agree, but it sure sounds pretty!

Yes! That's what it was called, Harmonics. Or overtone singing. But I don't think David was trying for that effect - in fact - I have known some young singers who did that too, but not deliberately, and mostly on an 'eee' sound. It's almost as if they are harmonizing with themselves. It's interesting to read about 'how' to do it - there must be ordinary singing techniques that can produce the 'doubling' sound as a side effect, I would explain it happening without intention.'s really pretteh to hear. IMO.

I may have to try to find out more about this.

Thanks, earlybirdSF!

Incipit, I remember there were talks about some people hearing two notes at a time on some of David´s notes. Unfortunately I don´t remember exactly what was said.
Looks like it is a known technique used especially in some folk singing. I found couple of interesting articles about this. On the first one (Smithsonian folkways) there are a few videos of how to do this, I recommend. Smiling

Smithsonian folkways:
Overtone singing:

Nina, I understand work issues coming before fun times. I am at least lucky enough that my children are grown so I get a little down time for the fun stuff. I have been spending a lot of that on the American Idol thread in Off Topic. I always enjoy that thread, even though this year I might actually end up bald from pulling my hair out. I am having issues with working 10 to 12 hour days while I train a new assistant manager.

Incipit3, "Music of the Night" was one of my top 5 performances by David. He had me at LOAP, but it kept getting better and better throughout the show. The live performance of Innocent was the only one left that kind of bothered me, but after almost 6 years of listening to it, I now enjoy that one too. But I digress. I think I understand that Pandora is kind of like the other radio station, so that any song recorded for sale could be played of someone requested it and added it to a playlist. This may trigger MOTN to be thrown in occasionally if someone has David Cook in their profile of preferred artists. I don't do Pandora so I'm not sure but it sounds plausible???

So, I don't know why or how, but Pandora has David's "Music of the Night" - which means periodically, along with the frustrated comments about not being able to buy this track and a lot of folks who miss the whole point of the song being sung independent of the show itself there are remarks like this one:

>>Omg wot I didn't know his voice was this perfect...

And this one from 5 yrs ago ->

>>Some of the higher notes sound strange with his voice. Kinda like it is two notes in one or something... .

And I recall that was addressed on the thread quite a while back - the sound of two notes together - but I'm a lazy lump tonight, and not in a research mood - does anyone remember what was said about it here?


IloveDCYES , thanks for that bit of information. I never really knew if David had a vocal coach or not. I do think his voice sounds strong and beautiful!

I have been listening to DCTR and TLM...My God, David's voice has changed SOmuch! Now he that incredible vibrato so much more! When I met him in NC in November, I told him that he had the best voice on the planet, and he shyi accepted this compliment in a humble way and said it has to do with his voice coach. I said you don't just carry a tune, your voice does so much more! And it has change alot, mesmerizing so.

Hey VOICE threaders Smiling

I´m still around - thanks Hummingbird Smiling I have been going through some work related hard times, but I´m on the right track again ( (thanks Earlybird) and in April I begin in a new care - very exciting and at the same time a bit frightening after 7 years in my old care Shocked

I have missed all of you wonderful VOICE threaders as well, but my energy has been spent on getting back on track, taking care of me and my family. But Cook or the forums have not been neglected - among the best "medicin" you can get Eye-wink

HUGS Smiling

LOL, Hummingbird, same here Eye-wink. But whatever song The Voice performs, it´s always stunning!

Oopsie!! I seem to do that more and more. I did mean Wait For Me. Being inundated with all these new songs is confusing sometimes.

Nina - you are missed. Hope all is well with you.

Hummingbird, you sure meant to say KYT Eye-wink, but I agree what you say about our David's performance. He's got so much more soul in it - but as you say, he's The Voice after all!

Oh no, no no!!! I can't have my favorite thread drop so low on the forum.

Karen, I totally get what you are saying about David's voice. After all, it is The Voice!

Pweller, thank you for bringing David's performance of Wait For Me here. I like David Nail's version of this song just fine, but it is David Cook's version that runs through my head. I'm glad we got a better recording of it from Niagara Falls than we had from Nashville.

I was saying that David is magnificent, with talent from God, and is just as
magnificent as the ocean, so vast, so amazing, also created by God.


David's voice is as wonderful, magnificent,powerful,deep and perfect as this......

Hi Smiling

Imogen, thank you for the soundcloud! I like the new song and can´t wait for the new record. I´m sure we are up for awesomeness again Smiling

Hummingbird, hi and thank you very much for linking my fave song Smiling That song is just like magic to me and I´m so happy I was so lucky to hear it live and singing along with Earlybird Smiling
I have some stuff going on personally, so I´m more a lurker these days, but have not forgotten my fave thread and all of you wonderful peeps in here Smiling HUGS

Hello ladies. I have been on and off here but I have limited time right now and there hasn't been much to talk about until now. I just found Imogen's mp3 list from last night and I could not keep from posting this one here. It is a beautiful rendition of FIM from last night. Here's to you Nina, and everybody else who comes here to read. I just know this is Nina's favorite.

Thank you Imogen always getting these goodies for us! You´re awesome! Smiling
Yes, that really is crystal clear - so beautiful!

I posted this just now. The audio is really gorgeous, crystal clear. The expressiveness in his voice made me tear up.

Wait For Me (Acoustic) on soundcloud

Talk about the Voice omg I can not even stop listening to this! I just let it loop over and over

Hi Smiling

Thank you for bringing the link to this beautiful video Earlybird Smiling Thanks to Avazanne for making it!
Oh the VOICE is not forgotten Earlybird. I´m still in huge awe by the fact that you and I got to hear the VOICE live. Totally recommend to everyone, cause it was EPIC Smiling

Avazanne has again created a gorgeous compilation video of IGLY, that I just have to link here:
So we don´t forget The Voice, the reason we are here! Eye-wink Smiling

Hi VOICE threaders Smiling

Happy Valentines day for those who celebrate Smiling
This happened on Valentines day 5 years ago in Biloxi. ADAM, enjoy:

Davis voice is the best:synonyms are:

finest, greatest, top, foremost, leading, preeminent, premier, prime, first, chief, principal, supreme, of the highest quality, superlative, par excellence, unrivaled, second to none, without equal, nonpareil, unsurpassed, peerless, matchless, unparalleled, unbeaten, unbeatable, optimum, optimal, ultimate, incomparable, ideal, perfect; highest, record-breaking; informalstar, number-one, a cut above the rest, top-drawer, the Cadillac of, the Rolls-Royce of voices

sigh, none of these words are good enouh!

Tess: I'm delighted for all expertise brought to this thread. So thank you for taking the discussion to here.
Earlybird: Thanks for keeping MB's posts. They are so full of information.

Now, to bring up a questions again that I posted down thread a bit. Does it seem to y'all as it does to me that David's voice was consistently in better shape this tour, despite longer concerts?
I know the Austin allergy issue and the infamous butt shot and meth head banter, lol. But aside from that.

I wonder if the absence of the sustained high belting notes and the substitution of the falsetto high is easier on his voice. If so, kudos to David for making the shift. For example, in FIM he now repeats the "till we start to breathe", giving himself time to breathe (heh) so that the sustained belt has more breath support (I think that's why he did that, from what I learned at the lecture.

Very interesting, Follia! I myself have no knowledge about these things, but I have a collection ofMagicalbeck´s posts here:

She writes about the resonance :
"One definition of resonance that I found:{Resonance is the amplification and enrichment of tones produced by the voice. When we talk
about resonance, we’re talking about singing with fullness. Sound judges often use the terms“rich,” “full,” “round,” and “resonant,” indicating that the tones produced by the contestant had (or
did not have) body and fullness.}ok back to me.Here's a quick explanation of how the voice actually works - or any instrument.There is the MOTOR (lungs, respiratory muscles, diaphragm)the VIBRATOR - vocal cordsthey must have the breath to vibrate nothing on their own.then there is the RESONATOR - the mouth, nasal passage, head. Dave has a classic "singer'shead" and that mouth - the arch of the teeth - perfect for a great singer!Every instrument has these three things - say for example, a French horn. The motor is the breath,the vibrator is the lips and the resonator is the horn part that curves around and opens big at theend. For a reed instrument (like flute or oboe) the motor is the breath, again, but the vibrator is thereed, which is activated into vibration by the breath, and muscles involved, and the resonator is thelong part of the instrument that is hollow inside. A person's resonance depends greatly on many factors and no two are exactly alike. For singingthere is a fourth element - the ARTICULATOR, which is the tongue. No other instrument has thisextra benefit.But the biggest reason for a full, ringing, resonant voice is simply the shape of the head, throat,nasal other words, God-given talent.Second most important (and of course David has this in spades) is a FREEDOM in the voice...veryrelaxed throat, very open. I found this and I agree:"The amount of resonance in the voice is determined by our ability to keep the pharyngeal, mouthand head cavities open and relaxed while we sing. The result is what we often hear referred to as
an 'open, freely produced tone.'”
David's voice is one of the most free voices I have ever heard. Another thing I want to point out about resonance is that more than one note is heard by thehuman ear, while a gifted singer is singing ONLY ONE NOTE. Called overtones. We may not beable to consciously hear the spectrum of notes (almost like colors in a prism), but it is there and it
is what makes certain notes sound sooooooo full. My ear can usually detect them.... but whether you can or not, it gives the incredible sound and beauty that DC has. You are hearing them onsome level I assure you. Overtones. Prism. RING!In Therapy, listen to the "e" vowels, starting at 1:16 or so. Every time he sings "me" or "sleeve" theresonance is sooooooo beautiful...the overtones, or that prism I was describing. It's SO centered inthe pitch, the vibrato so perfect, that the other notes besides the main note are ringing.It's even more pronounced toward the end at 3:03 or so, when the "e" vowels are sung moreintensely. And 3:09....then the ending..breathtaking"

Hope you don't mind-- I posted your post for my sister to read and possibly contribute her insights to. She was the choir director, voice coach, accompanist, asst conductor at the Houston Grand Opera for years until retirement. She's analyzed David Cook's voice/singing and Adele's before, so she has listened to David's songs. I will get back later with her response.

Wow, it's been a while since we have had some technical input to the thread - That was extremely interesting, Follia!

- 'Big head, deep chest, long torso' - DC has all the gifts for that resonant voice - and amazing breath control.Thanks!

Follia, thanks for sharing what you learned from the vocal trainer's lecture. Since boys undergo a noticeable change in their voices at adolescence, there has to be some difference, even if not visible to the eye. I would guess that longer (or more relaxed?) vocal cords can produce lower notes?

DH and I went to a lecture on Wednesday by a vocal trainer for the Merola Opera company, the training/feeder company for the SF Opera and others. Lots of interesting stuff: to the naked eye, can't tell the difference from one person's larynx to another, even male to female; pitch is created by closing the vocal cords in a particular place; no one knows how we learn to create pitch, or to think it; what really differentiates singers is their resonance; big heads, long torsos and large internal cavities yields greater resonance(don't we know that); singers hurt their voices by pushing(or pulling) notes too long without proper breath support; eee sound is the most natural because the tongue placement is most natural speaking and singing; favorited opera singers tend to have the best diction; counter tenors are singing in falsetto - they have a regular voice too.

There was more, but this is my best recollection. I left wondering what makes a soprano vs. a contralto or basso or baritone. That is, what determines a singer's range? Is range range to pitch as resonance is to volume. The speaker said voice boxes and vocal cords look the same but they can't be the same or we would have more women bassos. Where is Magical Beck now that I really need her? Anyone else have the answers?

Hi VOICE threaders Smiling

Haven´t been in here for a long time, but it is good to see some activity in here Smiling Nice to see you, HB, QTT & Earlybird - I have missed you too Smiling

Hi HB and QTTaquito, it´s been kind of slow here after the tour, but nice to see you! Yeah, computer problems are really annoying. Sorry, that you had to experience that too, HB!
I myself have had one total crash, when I lost everything I had, all my music, pictures I hadn´t saved on CD:s - everything! I was lucky (kind of ), that my laptop was so new it had warranty left, so it got repaired for free. All the work that follows the crash, huh! Now I´ve learned to save everything on the external storage in case that happens again.

To go back to our main subject, The Voice Eye-wink - I´m so ready for new music! The day he put´s the new record out can´t come soon enough! I´ve tried not to listen to the new songs too much, to avoid loosing the freshness of them. That´s why I haven´t linked any of them here Smiling. But TLM is still on play in my car - after a pause it always effects me like on the first listen, still my all time favorite record! Let´s see what happens when the new one comes out!

Have a wonderful time everyone!

Hummingbird - When your laptop died, did you try to salvage the files from the harddrive? Even if the computer won't boot up because the operating system failed, unless the hard drive itself is truly "dead", you can try removing the drive & putting it in an external USB case (Amazon or other suppliers usually have relatively inexpensive ones. I know tech places like the Geek Squad charge about $99 for file transfers, so the drive case/DIY method is usually the less expensive way to go). It's possible many of your files might still be accessible. You might be able to copy all of your itunes (most importantly, David songs & videos, of course) right onto your new computer, possibly even your playlists from your iTunes library folder.

I've had a few crashes myself, and know it's such a really inconvenient, awful experience, but I have been able to transfer a lot of data that way. Any files you are able recover from your old drive make it that much easier to get your new computer at least closer to where you were before the crash. Best of luck to you. So sorry that happened. Sad

United States