All about THE VOICE

All about THE VOICE

I think we all agree David`s voice is one of the most gorgeous and beautiful voices today. Welcome everyone to discuss here about The Voice. I´m very grateful to magicalbeck, a professional vocal coach who has been willing to answer our questions.

bel canto 2

"Bel canto" - singing

mujerfeliz brought this quote from Carpe Nocturne from the original "Twop: You Had me At Hello thread". I think it describes Davids brilliance and talent on how to interpret songs:
" ... But when you realize that the word "sing" is a VERB and that "singing" is an action word, then you understand that Cook more than holds his own:
- When you get that it is a dynamic activity to produce an unadulterated, raw, edged power from your lungs...
- When you become aware that it requires action to execute a ferocious range in the same song and sometimes in the same stanza (see the "Hero" duet)...
- When you comprehend that modifying, not just one's singing style, but one's voice itself, to suit different songs is not something that just happens but is something the singer must consciously do...
- And, finally, when it hits you that emotionally and passionately connecting, through "singing", to the lyrics and music that you perform demands a very active effort....
- When the above facts dawn on you, then you fully appreciate the incredible talent that David Cook is as a SINGER.

The producer Rob Cavallo compares David Cook to big-voiced former Journey frontman Steve Perry, who dropped by the studio while Cook was recording DCTR.
Rob Cavallo:“He really is an unbelievably gifted singer,” Cavallo says of Cook. “There’s no song on the record that he didn’t sing in two or three takes. ... He can sing harmony to any of his songs automatically without even thinking about it.”
From an article imogen_ph brought to us.
Idol vocal coach, Debra Byrd talks about David, Hollywood Reporter interview and Sign of San Diego. com, 'Idol' vocal coach is never idle as she guides the apprehensive contestants
JennaWN`s You Tube Channel Instrumentations And Harmonies to David`s music.



- Enan
-- David Cook`s vocal profile
-- Higher notes
-- Lower notes
-- David`s wider range
-- David`s range on Axium, AH and DCTR
-- Vocal Analysis of David Cook`s Performance at Ronald McDonald House

- People, who knew David before Idol, talk on this article

- Master Class Lady
-- Her Blog of David`s National Anthem in Anaheim 4.7. -12
-- Vocal Critique of AI Season 7 Finale performances
-- Evaluation of David Cook`s Analog Heart
-- AI7 tour in Toronto

- Links to PERFORMANCES posted on this thread.
- You Tube playlist by closeyoureyes: 1. Best Of Acoustic Dave (DCO) and 2. Links to download , where you can find everything!
- Links to Axium and Analog Heart
- COVERS made by DC&TA versus the originals: LINKS



- Magicalbeck`s POSTS on this new era of TLM and REVIEW OF THIS LOUD MORNING on Amazon
- An interesting article ” Body and Soul Vocal Care” , CYE brought to us
- David singing SSB 9/11/-11 a) CLICK b) Angie`s beautiful VIDEO , c) from KC website , to DOWNLOAD
- David´s beautiful SSB from NASCAR Zippo200 , August 11. 2012


-- HUMMINGBIRD has collected a wonderfull BEDTIME PLAYLIST of David`s mostly acoustic songs.
-- You Tube playlist by Imogen_PH THE STELLAR VOICE OF DAVID COOK
-- David`s AI performances HQ videos by angelangiedc


-- Playlist to ORLANDO concert
-- Favorites from THIS LOUD TOUR plus some of my favorite interviews, ENJOY!
-- Favorites from David`s SOLO TOUR More gorgeousness to enjoy!
-- David sings CHRISTMAS CAROLS , YouTube playlist.

~~ ~~ ~~

VIDEO LIBRARY1, performances on AI, interviews etc.
VIDEO LIBRARY2 , Declaration Tour first leg
VIDEO LIBRARY3, hightlights on Declaration Tour two
VIDEO LIBRARY4, David´s pre-idol music
VIDEO LIBRARY5, David´s best banters during Decl. Tour



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HI Smiling

Well since this is the VOICE thread, I just feel like saying: i LOVE the new single WFM. His vocals / VOICE on it, stellar. He definately has me hooked in - once again.
From the first times I heard the acoustic version, I loved the song especially the "Crying salt into an open wound" and "Wait For Me" parts. They were in my head.
Then when I didn´t think this beautiful song could get any better - like I said, I really liked it. But now this single version is just giving me goosebumps and I love how you can really hear his BRILLIANT VOICE - it doesn´t melt away due to instruments etc. Just how I like it - need to hear his VOICE.

Also feel like saying once again, that I´m amazed at how he can still surprise me, move me, give me goosegumps, keep make these awesome songs, still bring some new nuances (hard to explain really) to his VOICE so it almost feels like I hear it for the first time and and and
Can you tell I love this song and even more THE VOICE?!

Great weekend to all VOICE threaders Smiling

Hi Smiling

I´m having a celebration today, cause one year ago I was so LUCKY to be in New York, at the fantastic Irving Plaza, at a David Cook concert with the wonderful Earlybird (thank you Smiling ) by my side. What a day, trip, concert, the meeting - everything were WONDERFUL. I therefor want to share my fave song, FIM enjoy Smiling

Hi Smiling

Earlybird, you are so true, what a beautiful version of WG. Still have a hard time fully understanding he once again covered one of those "my wish for David Cook to cover some day songs". OMG the VOICE on this version and that note = brilliant!!! Thank you for this!!!

Thanks Nina! Smiling That´s absolutely my favorite song among the new ones!! It´s so beautiful, hits the sweet spot in my heart. *sigh* - Oh and the concert where it was performed, our first time to see David live, unforgettable! Smiling

Here´s one of my favorite performances of WG It´s breathtaking! Enjoy Smiling

Hello VOICE thread Smiling

Earlybird, nice to see you in here. Yeah it has been a while (too long in my opinion, but this is my fave thread, that´s no secret), but I don´t see it as a sign of this thread not being active anymore?! My hope is that once we get some new music, it will be active again. I´m still around and ready for some more fun in here.

Earlybird this one is for you and to a nice memory that happened almost a year ago (on the 26th) - WDWG from Irving Plaza - our epic concert that I never ever will forget, enjoy:

Take care everyone Smiling

It´s been a while anyone posted on this thread, so I´ll try if my post gets through Eye-wink. I was trying to fix the OP of this thread, but it triggered the spam filter announcing I`m blocked. So sadly it seems I can´t move away this not working link: People who knew David before Idol....
Let´s see if this goes through!

Hi Smiling

Imogen, thanks again and yeah you are so right, "for our pleasure" Smiling

Nina, you're welcome! It's my pleasure! For our pleasure, heh. Speaking of which... Here are a coupl'a more mp3s.

Carry You - David Cook @ Sandy Amphitheater (Tnx KryztynSTELLAR for the video!)

From Here To Zero v.2 (solo electric) - David Cook @ Sandy Amphitheater (Tnx barbdwyre for the video!)

Same password - dc42

Hi Smiling

Imogen, thank you for sharing those songs Smiling Wow to that high note in WG. The VOICE certainly has done it again - amazing!!! Can´t wait to enjoy all the other goodies I have missed while I was on vacation. Cook afternoon on its way.

earlybirdSF, indeed! I forgot to post about WDWG here, I made an mp3 too from Atlantic City. How he shifts into falsetto so easily, so smoothly and beautifully! Love it!

And here's another one:

[MP3]. From Here To Zero (solo electric) - David Cook @ Sandy Amphitheater, from video by @debrakay23 (Password:dc42)

First time David performed this alone. Again, the voice! And the falsettos. Siiigh.

Thanks again Imogen of these Smiling. I´m totally addicted to this new incarnation of WG!! That high note leaves me breathless, it´s simply stunning *sigh*...
I think you are right of what you say about his lower register and The Voice in general. It has matured so beautifully and become really the most gorgeous voice ever. I´m also so very glad his mic is now set the way his voice can be heard clearly!

Special performances from Sandy Amphitheater, Utah *toothy smile*

Wicked Game (Tnx barbdwyre for the YT video) -
Crush - Archie + David (Tnx Maggie Arnold for the video on FB)

(Password: dc42)

Wicked Game. Good heavens, the glory note is well.... glorious! Really lovely the way this song has evolved. Many have observed that the glory note is reminiscent of Billie Jean.

At last weekend's shows in Massapequa & Long Island, I had thought his allergies were causing the uhm lower low register. But based on videos from Utah today - it's especially notable in WG, SG and KYT, Dave's lower register has been sounding so much deeper and richer. And his voice in general, seems so much stronger, much more beautiful than before. Is this because he is reaching his prime, has MagicalBeck has once told us he would? He sounds SO gorgeous even on youtube videos, how much more live?

I am dropping "Crush" in here as well, because David does high harmonies with Archie. Again, so so beautiful.

If you want to watch videos -

Wicked Game -
Crush - Watch both --> (FB) (YT)

Hi Smiling

You are not forgotten dear VOICE thread Smiling I´m still enjoying the VOICE. I´m a period where I mix DCTR songs with TLM and the new ones - love how his VOICE sounds on each song. Still discovering new nuances of the BRILLIANT VOICE Smiling

Hi Smiling
Earlybird, dear threadmom have a fantastic trip to Belgium! Enjoy the VOICE (again) and have fun with the other fans - those you are travelling with and meeting Smiling HUGS

Hi VOICE threaders Smiling

Woo hoo soon we get to hear new music from the VOICE Smiling Happy dancing this Sunday!

Hi Smiling

initialshock, thank you for the link / tip to that photo. I will go check it out later. Have to ask, do you want to hear our story (in private) or what did you mean re. "share your memories"??? - I´m always ready to talk about that wonderful evening Smiling

Nina and early bird: one of my favorite DC photos is from the Irving plaza concert you went to. I can't provide the link with this touch screen, but go to see their articles in NEWS section. David at the keyboard. No other photo like it, Seriously. I asked the photographer to submit it for new album cover. Would love to share your memories that night.

HI Smiling

Earlybird, so true what you said in your latest post - beautiful is right Smiling

I´m celebrating that David is coming to Europe with this epic concert that I (+ Earlybird) went to last year in New York. Declaration one of my happy songs, enjoy:

Thanks Imogen! Just finished listening .... like you said "woaaah, what is that!!" on the Lincoln WG!! WOW!!! Totally surprising and so gorgeous!!!! Had to hit replay immediately, wow just wow!!

David´s voice on Secret Garden hits also my sweet spot - beautiful - so beautiful that it brings tears, can´t help! Love it when he sings softly, the voice is most gorgeous then. That´s one reason I love his new music so much. Oh, wish *SOON* would come tomorrow!!! Eye-wink Sticking out tongue

Hi Smiling

Imogen, a very belated thank you for the links Smiling

Just felt like saying hi in here Smiling

Holla people! Dropping some gems.

The Lincoln WG is memorable because of a 6-second high note. No videos have surfaced, but fortunately we have spitfire614's recording, from which I made the mp3 below. Watch out for the high note at 3:04. The first time I heard it I was like, "wooooah, what is that?" because it seemed like his voice melded into a keyboard note or something, beeee-autiful!

Wicked Game - Lincoln (Password:dc42)

The 360 St. Louis acoustic set is also rather special, what with us getting to hear the new songs acoustically done for the first time. Some choice selections can be found in the link to the folder below. Currently, my absolute favorites are Carry Me & Secret Garden. David's voice is just so so gorgeous on these! Is it too much to hope for a B-side of acoustic versions along with the new album? Smiling

Selected Songs, DC @ 360 Rooftop Bar (Password:dc42)

Hi Smiling

Earlybird, yep it is sad that I can´t come along this time. But I know you will enjoy some for me as well - if not the most then perhaps my fave song?! I can´t wait to hear all about your second concert Smiling

Thanks Opa! Sadly Nina can´t come, but I am going! It´s so great to meet other European fans there and have a good time together at a DavidCook concert!!! YAY!!! Smiling

Hi Smiling

Opabinia, yes it is fantastic that one of the European dates are open. Unfortunately I´m not among the lucky ones who are going to Belgium Sad Sad, but that´s how it is?! Shocked
But I´m so happy that he finally comes our (European) way and I do hope there will be more dates, so I can see him. But since I was among the lucky ones seeing him in New York last year, I try to focus on that and enjoy that he finally will come to Europe Smiling We have been wanting, hoping, dreaming and wishing that for years!

It makes me so happy that one of the European shows will be open to you patient fans. Wish there were more; maybe there will be, *soon*. Can't wait to have your input.

HI Smiling

I´m having my own little Cook thingie going on and feel so happy, that we always get videos of my fave song - yep Fade Into Me from last night, enjoy. I know I will Smiling

Hi Smiling

Earlybird, so HAPPY for you (and the rest of you going to Cook concerts in Europe (all over really!). Yes, there is a PM waiting for you now Smiling

Hi Nina, did you manage to get your PM:s, if so you have a new one waiting Smiling

So happy this is back Smiling

Good morning to my fave thread Smiling

I think some Cook tunes are up to wake me up this morning, so tired?! Sticking out tongue
Irving Plaza, October 2013 is up, cause I was there with Earlybird. Think about the trip every day and of course I want more concerts. It´s the VOICE, but on the other hand I´m so happy I (we) got to hear him in New York. Still think it was epic - will never ever forget. My big hope is that all his fans gets a chance to see him live, cause it is so special Smiling

This wonderful song, Eyes On You just woke me up. Enjoy:

OK, I´ll call you Jen, thanks Smiling

TJ! (May I call you like that?).. yes or Jen will be fine. Smiling

Aww, thanks TJ! (May I call you like that?) It was a great one, thank you Smiling

earlybirdSF... Just saw the post about your birthday. So I wanted to you wish you a Be-lated Birthday!! Hope you had a great time celebrating!!!

Thanks NIna for the BD wishes and for my fave new song video!! Smiling Smiling

Hi Smiling

Oh no I have really neglected my fave thread?! Shocked
I´m still around and enjoying Mr. Cooks tunes and lurking on the threads.


This one is for you birthday girl and what a fantastic evening / memory we got to share, enjoy:

Thanks Pweller! She got it right Smiling - almost - I´d rank the tone also as 10 / 10!

Check this! Smiling (I know is is 3 yrs old but still just saw it)
At no 1 is David Cook …

Hi Smiling

Earlybird, hello bird Smiling Totally agree with what you said to Hummingbird re. her sharing those videos. I will say and admit, that I do have my share of the old Idol videos now and then. It is just at times when I fall down into one of those famous (Cook) rabbit holes and bam an Idol video gets a view. Still so happy he got to be on Idol and I (we) got to "know" him.

Hummingbird, hey there Smiling Thanks for those videos - he was (IS) fantastic!!!
LOL and thanks for the nice intro you gave Tjbaker re. this thread, how it got started, what we do in here and our roles. I´m still very happy and proud to be the assistant in here Laughing out loud
I have said it a lot of times, but this thread is very special to me and I love when we share a video, news, a new song, some private or Cook stories, talk about the VOICE and yeah everything that goes on in here is awesome and nice!!!
Watching David mentor on Idol, made me think and rewatch those videos where Neil Diamond as well. I like how David´s singing / the VOICE gave Neil goosebumps. I remember thinking / still do "how COOL and what a compliment". I totally understand Neil by the way - I have had a lot of goosebumps moments listening to David as well. Of course it got real special when Earlybird and I got to see him live - EPIC. I use that a lot I know, but it´s the truth and best word I have for it.
LOL, to your "bird explanations" Laughing out loud It could get confusing in here if we all had bird in our names?! I´m fine with Nina Eye-wink

FUN talking to you all and see you. Take care Smiling

Oh, what memories! Thanks for the links, HBird ! Smiling It´s been a while I have revisited David´s AI performances. Now you made me go and watch them all. God he was good!! Those videos never get old... *sigh*

LOL, your computer seems to have a will of it´s own, hahaa! My PC has done the same thing a few times but not that insistently, LOL.

Welcome TJ! HBird explained it wonderfully what this thread is about, thanks HB, great post! It´s been a bit quiet in here lately for the obvious reason, but when the new record drops things are bound to change.

Now I owe you all big time for all the extra posts so I am bringing the top 5 performances. Neil Diamond was one of my favorite mentors that season. So, here are David's 2 performances from that week with the judges critiques at the end. They were all good.

I'm also including the group number from results night for top 5 week. David had a lot of parts in the medley.


I want to jump on the welcome wagon for you too Tjbaker. I'll probably end up calling you TJ, unless you tell me not to. EarlyBird becomes EBird and I am better known as HBird. We kind of give each other shorter nicknames. But with Nina, it doesn't get shorter than that We just.dropped the Skaanning One of the things to expect on this thread over a lot of the others is this thread was dedicated to The VOICE of David Cook. It is so magical and glorious we decided it needed a thread of it's own for discussion and EarlyBird was our hero and became thread mom. Nina is our honorary thread mom's assistant. That should be titled thread nanny, I think. Eye-wink

Anyway, we come in here to celebrate the voice. It has been a while but we bring links in for videos of special performances. Tonight I am bringing in a vocal masterpiece from American Idol Season 7, top 6 performances to coincide with this week's top 6. It was just one of many spectacular performances David gave in his season. I included the intro package and the judges comments.

I hope you all enjoy.

Thank You for the welcome @pweller7 & Nina Skaaning

pweller7: no I didn't get those two.. I will check to see if they are on itunes for purchase. Thanks again

Hey VOICE threaders Smiling

Just felt like saying hello on my fave thread!!!

HI Smiling

Tjbaker: welcome to our wonderful fandom and this thread Smiling
I you haven´t had the pleasure to hear / see David live, I totally recommend it. I live in Denmark and dreamt of him coming to Europe. But that didn´t happen and therefor Earlybird and I decided to go to New York to see him - EPIC. There are lots of good concert videos to watch - watch Earlybirds playlists or on the tour thread. But hearing the VOICE live was really amazing. Plus there was a fantastic vibe at our concert!
I have listened to David since I "found him" back in 09 and to me it is still magic to hear his VOICE. A new song can "showcase" - don´t know if that is the right word - his VOICE in a whole other way than on another one. Plus I love how you can sort of make up your own story re. his fantastic lyrics. Yes, I´m a huge fan of David and his huge talent!!! Hope you to see you around some other day!

Now that I´m here I want to wish you all HAPPY EASTER Smiling

Welcome Tjbaker!!! I LOVE This Loud morning and Goodbye to the Girl is a favorite!! Did you get the Deluxe edition?? That one has 2 other favs of mind ~ Let Me Fall for You and This is Not the Last Time!!

Omy goodness.. I'm just like you @Nina Skaaning.. I had been listening to DC's first album for years, not thinking I should get his second. When seeing him on Idol.. I found myself reminiscing on his performances on Idol and experiencing the feelings of goose bumps and "all right" moments. I have to say I purchased his second album and I can't believe that I kept myself from this for so long. "Say Goodbye to the Girl" is a song I could listen to over and over again. David's voice is amazing. I'm so pumped for the new one!!! I have a renewed obsession with him. I hope to see him soon in Concert. But for now I'm enjoying all the posts from all of you. Thank you for all of your posts.

"sorry" I´m back, but I have to put this very special version - I think it is the vibe of it - of my fave song. FIM. Enjoy, I will:

HI Smiling

All these wonderful posts, tweets and videos of David mentoring on Idol, just had me down in that "old" Idol path. OMG he was sooooo GOOD on Idol. I still get goosebumps when he sings "TWIK" and I see the winning moment. So glad I decided to check Mr. Cook out some more - uhm his music I mean LOL Laughing out loud
The Idol rabbit hole sent me to this brand new song by David "Wait For Me" I just listened to it a few times in a row, I find it quite addictive. Can´t wait to hear what will be on the new record. No matter what I´m sure I will love it. The VOICE, enjoy the little early Easter egg I just found:

Imogen thanks for those 6 velvety nanoseconds of ear-candy! Sticking out tongue

Hi Nina and Hummingbird and thanks Smiling

United States