Any Arab Fans?

Any Arab Fans?

Any fans of David Cook and The Anthemic in the Arab World or the Middle East?
I'm Rawan and I live in Jordan, What about you?
Feel free to post anything here, I mean it!


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That's it? oh well. better than nothing.

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It's been a while Sad #missingthis


If seven years means close, then yes we're getting close!!

Hahaha, omg he JUST tweeted something right before I came on and saw this...and, of course I replied. That's what he gets though! At least he has a good sense of humor, otherwise I wouldn't do it. He actually tweeted about singing this time! Shocked Could we be getting close? ...nah, prolly not -_-

I stopped listening to everyone ever since I became a Hanson band. They've been making music for over 15 years, so I have a lot to catch up on and don't get bored. But I apologize for neglecting you DC, I love you...but stop writing and start recording,

I love how whenever he tweets about writing, all three of us send him a very sarcastic response. The other day I laughed so hard. Right when I finished tweeting, I see your responses to him. We're so bad. *ipod smiley smirk*

Seriously! All he does is write! WTF are you writing, a new Bible?! For the love of humanity, get to recording and releasing!!

I don't really listen to him much either, only whatever randomly pops up when I have my ipod on shuffle. I still find him amazing, but how much of the same stuff can u listen to really, especially when there's so much new, amazing music to listen to.

Thanks Sihamese twin. I had a blast.


Seriously though, he writes and writes and writes BUT NEVER RELEASES. COME ON DUDE WE LOVE YOU.

I haven't listened to him in a while *shame on me :(* and when I did the other day I realized how much I actually miss him. lol His voice is just argjshfuin.

AND yay for you for Kris Allen! I'm glad you had fun Denasaur!

I know right! It's gotten to the point where I find it odd when he does tweet! I mean, I know it's his prerogative and he can tweet whenever the flip he feels like it but he used to communicate more with us. When's the last time he even did a Twitter party?

Guuiiiiiiiise! I saw Kris Allen last night and he was AMAAAAAAZING! I didn't even plan on going cuz when I first heard about it I was broke. I tweeted that I was upset that I couldn't go and someone tweeted me back that tix were still available and my brothers were free so I thought WTF, I start work Monday so i'll be making money. I'm sooooo glad I did. His voice is UNREAL live. I've always loved him but his voice really blew me away last night. On top of his own songs, he did a few covers that were all amazing. He did Coldplay "The Scientist", a mashup of George Michaels "Faith" and Fun's "We Are Young","7 Nation Army", another mashup of "Heartless" & "Gangsta's Paradise", and 2 songs I'd never heard before, 1 of which he did a capella with his band...that one was just WOW! We even got a new song that doesn't even have a name yet! His opening act was really REALLY good too. Her name is Jillete Johnson.

I was just coming here to say that David wasn't kidding when he released TLS AND DENA BEAT ME TO IT. A dude tweeted the other day that an artist needs fans more than fans need the artist, so true, David what the hell this is not funny. at least interact with us! TWITTER PARTAY. Are we starting a petition or?

Because we open at 7, it's a half hour drive, and we have to be there a little b4 opening to prep. -_-

OMG, that was hilarious! I believe his exact words were "I still saw that, jerks". bahaha poor Andrew. I cant believe he was creeping on our convo tho. He read stuff he wasn't even tagged in. I laugh everytime I think about it tho. Thank God he has a good sense of humor. Most people would really have been pissed.


But why before 6? That's craycray.

Today during my chemistry class I decided to think about our lovely twitter conversation. "I still saw that" Lmao. I nearly burst out laughing in class. Sorry Andrew, we love you.

I'm excited too. I just hope I'm still alive when he releases this supposed new album.

Ermahgherd, u guys, in a few days I'm gonna have to start waking up before 6 AM!!!!! WHAT IS THAT?? That should be illegal.

Floods were crazy here, too. But the weather is fine today so we could have gone to school. BUT HAHA NOPE. They should just give us tomorrow off, too. It's one more day. DO IT YOU CORRUPT GOVERNMENT. DO IT.

YAY FOR RAWAN. Many mwas for you too. <3

Lmao Dena, we're so stupid sometimes. But still, I can't wait for the new album to release in 2020. I'm so excited!!!

Wooohoo! Congrats on ur freedom Rawan.

I saw about the flooding on TV. It looked insane! We've never gottena nything like that here, just crazy snow....which I'll take over flooding any day.

David's still writing. Remember when TLSIWFY came out and we all thought "ohh this album's gonna be out quick to make up for how long we waited last time"? HAHAHA! Silly us.

I'm back I'M BACK! My last 2 finals were yesterday, at one point I literally thought I wasn't gonna make it to college in time. All the roads were flooded with water! WHAT IS THIS. CORRUPTION is what it is.
Good Luck Dena! and enjoy the days off while you can, Siham! Laughing out loud I HAVE NO LIFE ANYMOREEE.
srsly though what is David doing? Is he writing? recording? THE STALKER FAN IN ME NEEDS TO KNOW. Shocked




Haha sorry, I've been busy. I didn't mean to abandon you.

I know he didn't mean to start something and not follow through. He had good intentions, then life went and screwed everything up. I don't really think about it too much anymore. Whatever's meant to be is gonna happen. I'm cool either way but a little communication would be nice.

Hang in there, next thing u know it'll be summer.

My parents decided to buy out my uncle's pizzeria. Our first day is tomorrow. It's a little weird going back to what we tried so hard to get away from for so long, but it's all we know how to do. Hopefully it works out. I'm gonna be working there too....7 A.M. ...prayers would be appreciated. -_-

You guys come back. Don't ditch me like David Sad

That movie knows! Shocked haha

I've abandoned everything.We get flagged too many times. hahah But 140 characters isn't enough, DCO has always been my venting place.

I know that guy has a lot on his plate, but he shouldn't have started anything if he didn't plan on continuing it.

You guys I have school tomorrow. Someone shoot me. Or don't. Maybe feed me to death. Yes, that will do. Seriously though, this vacation sucked. I didn't enjoy it for one moment. WHEN DOES ALL THIS TORTURE END!?! 13 years is just too much -_-

I was never really active there and completely abandoned it once DCO came along....and than I abandoned this slum too, until I found out about this thread....which I also abandoned, but now I'm back so it's ok....

Yea I'm definitely keeping an open mind. I WANT for it to all work out, but I'm sure as hell not gonna set myself up for disappointment by waiting for something that may or may not happen. As badly as I want it to, I know there's no guarantee. No matter how hard either one of us fights for it, if it's not meant to be, it ain't happenin'! Lucky for me, nobody has asked for me since then so I don't have to worry about that decision yet.

I was watching a movie last night and the very first thing I heard, before the name of the movie even appeared on screen, was "Give A Little". I thought it was kinda weird since we've been talking so much about them lately.

Yeah get out anniversary date, I want presents. hahah
I stopped using dash ages ago, I just went back on today to lurk around. Ah the memories!
I used to actually post on dash, I never posted *still dont* post here on DCO except for this forum.

I understand what you mean with it's not off but no on either. I guess this situation just means you have to keep and open mind when it comes to other guess. Continue exploring your options.

Last day of 2012...aka same as any other day. I've never liked new years, it's gonna take me a long time to get used to writing "2013" on my papers. But anyway, Happy New Year my sexy camels. I'm forever thankful that I got to spend 2012 with you girls and hopefully we can spend many more years talking flapdoodle and talking about David Cook's massive skull together. <3

Hey, we both like BSB & Carrie too. We're not THAT different. I think that's the only full album I've heard.

Aww, i remember. You realized I was Arab too and sent me a's been magical ever since. *tears* I need to log back in and find the date of that first message so we can start celebrating our anniversary. I havent been on that site in ages. Hbu?

My brother saw him a while ago but he didn't say anything. They just hung out and watched football together...I figured if everything was officially, completely off then he would've said something....but then things are obviously not officially on either, so Idk what his deal is.

Okay this is awkward. Dena's not dissing Hanson.
When do we ever agree on music unless it's David?? hahah That album was great, but I like the others more. Although that one has one of my favorites ever on it, "Use Me Up" And ASTS is just sjfgludfb. I love it. I'm glad I discovered them since David us hates making music now. haha

Very true. I can't believe we've been friends for this long! I still remember when we first started chatting on dash. *tears* Do you still use that site, btw?

Lol all guys are confusing. Did your brother end up talking to him again?

They're not really popular here either but VH1 is really good about playing a decent variety of videos so when I used to wake up early, I'd watch a ton of music videos all morning. That's how I found "Give A Little". I hadn't seen them in years so I was shocked they were even alive.That whole album was pretty good but that song's my favorite..I also remember a song called "A Song To Sing" that I was obsessed with for a while. I don't even remember how I found that one but I just dug it up again, thanks to this convo, and I still love it.

You make perfect sense...but that could just be cuz we've been friends for so long I understand ur language. idk..

It's not exactly a new business. He has 2 furniture stores, they just relocated 1 of them. Either way, I hate him.......ugh, no i dont.....I lied. He just confuses me. -_-

You know Give A Little :') :') That makes me so happy! haha Even though you do live in states, so it's not surprising you know who Hanson is lol The people here suck, I have no one to speak of my those three lovely men with! :/ If it's not stupid Rihanna, then they won't know who the singer is. But they are missing out, Hanson has some legit music. YES I JUST SAID LEGIT.
At least David Cook has a bit of a name for himself. He can thank me for 99.9% of that, the other 0.1% is from radio/TV during the Idol era.

Is it just me or did that make no sense? I feel like I'm just typing nonsense.

HEYHEY maybe he's opening a new business to have a stable life for you Eye-wink Just sayin'

Okay I am in no condition to give advice or speak of anything intelligent *as if I ever am*


Yea, we've all noticed ur new obsession Sticking out tongue I used to hate Hanson but they've improved since their MmmBop days. I really like "Give A Little' and a few other songs.

It's not just ur freedom and ur school that suck, EVERYTHING SUCKS! The whole freakin world sucks, life sucks, people suck. I wish the Mayans would have been right. I seriously cannot tell u guys how much I hate everything right now. Living in this house is driving me would-be fiance just opened up his new business near my brother's house, i think Im gonna go down there and strangle him for getting my hopes up of getting outta this nut house. -_-

I've never wanted celebrity merchandise than these past few days. I really want a David Cook shirt and a Hanson shirt.

Oh yeah, as you have probably realized from my tweets, I love Hanson. Damn you spam, I never got to speak of my new loves!! Anyway, they are totes awesome. totes.

My "freedom" sucks. My whole school sucks. And thanks to them, my grades now suck. And I have two days of school this break. Did I mention how much they suck?


Congrats on ur impending freedom Siham!

CRAAAP! Dave's merch store had 1 shirt on sale yesterday for $10. i saw the link on Twitter yesterday and had every intention of ordering it later on....I JUST remembered when i saw the ad for the fan pack!

flapdoodle it is.

Chillax Siham Chemistry is easy; you'll own it, after all there's nothing you can't do !!! Cool

call me when that dinner party takes place.

I have no life either, but that's the beauty of DCO! We speak flapdoodle as Rawan would say.

You guys one more exam and I'm done. HALLELUJAH. It's chemistry though. Sad BUT I DON'T CARE I'M SO HAPPY. This past week has been torture. I want my break.

Damn right, me and MaRawana are too cool for lame crap like DCO. Jk, I just have nothing to say cuz I have no life. :/

hahaha, Siham, ur hell bent on feeding him! I'll help u cook. Eye-wink

I think Dena and Rawan still have their group formed since they've both ditched us now that wr can post again. Boo. Rawan2 is stil my favorite.

Dude, some dude got DC for his daughter's wedding or something like that. Obviously he wasn't just some dude and probably famous in his country. But dude...

Hey David, I invite you to perform during this really awesome event tomorrow I call dinner. We'll feed you.

or a terrorist, hahahaha Laughing out loud

first semester finals finish on Thursday for me, 3 week vacation after that, Hallalujah ! Siham i feel every little datail you wrote there, hang on Sad it's almost over.

WHAT? RAWAN JENSEN ACKLES?!! wow !!! then waiting is fine.

anyone else excited for The Hobbit?

so besides that instagram mini clip Siham sent me, any other news for DC new music? Sad i really want some, like now, so i can just fangirl all vacation, David please !!!

You both have things to cheer about and I'm just like...yeah. hahah

You're so lucky that you're almost done! How did you do it?! I'm so tired! This is insane! I'm practically living at school. Sad I also have this big exams coming up next week. They end our first semester. I DON'T WANNA DO THEM. I DON'T WANNA.


Hooray for ur impending freedom and spending time with hot guys!

Ermahgerd u guys, do u know what I was doing at this time exactly 1 year ago????? Sitting in a dark crowded theatre, waiting for David to come on stage! Laughing out loud I can't believe it's been a year since I met him. I still freak out about it from time to time. He needs to get his prettiful ass back here ASAP cuz I need another show dammit!

Welcome back! The powers above finally felt sympathy, this thread is as dead as Cook's career. But we shall make a return!
Guys. In a month exactly I will be done with university. forever and ever. The only thing I'm gonna miss is sitting around with friends and do nothing literally but eat and take pictures of our ugly faces.
In college today after finishing my classes I waited for this Jensen Ackles look a like after he asked to copy my notes and I didn't mind really at first cause he's hot but then he was 20 minutes late to pick up the notes and once he came he said he was sorry but he needed to go to the restroom, WHAT MAN I HAVE A LIFE OK. I still waited though until he came back which was 10 minutes later and he copied my notes and I laughed it off.
this post is related to David Cook because I said hot and it applies to him so yeah.



Yea I kinda forget this place exists to be honest.

I'm actually looking forward to SOA tonight...only for Joel McHale though. Laughing out loud I haven't seen Breaking Bad yet but Aaron Paul is hot. I always see his tweets all over my feed cuz damn near everyone I follow always RT's him. He does have a lot to say about pizza so I like him already.

omg no one posted for a whole week. I never thought we'd see this day.
Tom is Loki from the Avengers! His british accent got to me, I'm also crushing on Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad, all he tweets about is pizza. hahaha
SOA is getting really weird lately, Dexter is the only show I'm looking forward to each week, even Supernatural's new season is kinda meh.


OMG I KNOW! Im so flippin excited for this season of Dexter!! I can't wait to see how it all plays out. Dude, I think I'm done with SOA. I'm still pissed about Opie. Killing him off didn't make any sense and Sutter's explanation for it just pissed me off more. And yesterday's episode sucked. I'll watch the rest of the season to see if it gets better. But if it doesn't, Idk if I'll watch anymore. I'm kinda over it already.

I have no idea who that guy even is. He's all yours Sticking out tongue

I just got the book "Room". It's been way too long since I read anything. I also got "Reclaim Your Heart" by Yasmin Mogahed because my friend invited me to a lecture the author's doing here on Friday and it sounded interesting. I hope I can finish it before then.

ahh Dena why did you remind meh? It's still really sad a week later, I can't wait to see how Jax deals with it though. and WHAT ABOUT DEXTER? What an episode! I thought we were gonna go through 3 episodes before Deb finds out the whole thing but NOPE WE'RE ALREADY THERE FIRST EPISODE IN GAAH. I love Dexter. YAY LIFE IS PERFECT AGAIN.

I don't know why we even post here anymore, guess we're trying to prove our existence. david come to the middle east yalla yalla.

I have a crush on Tom Hiddleston if anyone's interested. back off.

Yea I didnt like Adam for the same reason, until I saw him on The Voice. He's not how I thought he was AT ALL. He's sooooo sweet and actually pretty hilarious. I was shocked. You don't have to share, you can have ur Donny and I'll have my Adam. Sticking out tongue

Ermahgerd u guys. My favorite TV show killed off my favorite character this week and I'm devastated over seriously, I've been so sad since Tuesday. I feel like I might go into a serious depression. I have no life... ;-( MaRawana feels my pain tho.

those 3 weeks passed like 3 months WHYYYY and i'm expected to go through a whole year hmmm *denial*

ok, he's single chill ..... Dena what you're doing is a brilliant idea, teach me how ! but not with Adam Levine, i don't know i just feel like he's such a bad boy, i'm not ruining your relationship, just sayin Laughing out loud
my fantasy bf is Danny O'Donoghue he's available *looks up and thanks god* we're so happy btw i accept sharing him, but hurry before i change my mind Eye-wink that dude is the definition of perfect !


But not Adam Levine...he's single. And he will always be single until I find a real man, then he can be with whoever he wants.

LOL, I always have strange, pointless dreams too. And for some reason, whenever my dreams take place at home, it's never the house I actually live in, it's my old one that I moved out of 11 years ago.

Why do we all still post here? We all agree that we hate it, we all talk on Twitter like everyday, yet we always come back here. haha

LOL Everyone is taken! or gay! UGH WHY. Every time I try choosing a celebrity they turn out to be taken. What ever happened to living with cats & staying single? Sticking out tongue

I had the weirdest dream yesterday, I wanted to take 2 of my friends for a ride in my car, only this car was a bicycle, and all 3 of us sat on this tiny seat and it was really hard to move forward cause we were too damn heavy but I managed, and the pickle was that I was trying to change lanes but my bike didn't have a rear-view mirror, so we almost got run over. omg hahaha

Nope, nothing at all. haha

LMAO, it's just you....but I might start now. Thanks.

Now that we know David's not single, I think I've transferred my love over to Adam Levine. If he's taken too, I DONT WANNA KNOW! Just let me pretend I have a shot.

Haha Dena, so nothing new really. Sticking out tongue
First week of college almost over and almost all my professors are plotting my demise, they are REALLY boring and I can't imagine having to attend their classes FOR THE REST OF THE YEARRRR. /dramatic music.

When any of you sing TLS out loud do you go "I can tell that something's not the same THE SAME THE SAME THE SAME.. cause we're both losing at the loving game VING GAME VING GAME" or is it just me?

I need new glasses too but Im too poor to get them. There's not really anything wrong with mine, they're just not comfortable.

I don't have any good stories today, Rawan. My week has completely and totally sucked. My sis in law and her family have been causing all kinds of unnecessary drama with mine left & right, like we don't have enough problems to deal with. I hate them ALLLLLLLL -_-

Well I go back to college tomorrow, I'm kinda looking forward to it, about time I start having a purpose to wake up every day other than updating my blog lol

About a week ago I got my eyes checked and found that I need a new pair, so my dad took them to this place in which I absolutely hate to get them changed, and now I'm certain that I hate them till the day I die, cause I got them 4 days later and one of the lenses was popping out of its frame, a wire was coming out of the other, and scratches were all over the place. I lost whatever was left of my sanity! and when I went back to tell that stupid biatch what she's done, she said that it's our fault and it's what we asked for.
so I still don't have my glasses, and I'm getting pretty mad cause I can't drive or see crap.

aw I miss telling you guys stories. Laughing out loud

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