Anyone Else Out There "Tebowing It" Tonight? (David Cook Related)

Anyone Else Out There "Tebowing It" Tonight? (David Cook Related)

Perfedtion. I'm watching the Tim Tebow Football game tonight. I don't usually watch football, but I can't miss this game at 8 p.m. Everyone has heard about the impossible odds of a man throwing an average of 31.6 yards per game out of 10 throws and the other plays with "John 3:16" he wore on his black eyes when he played for Florida, and the audience views of 31.6 all kind of too much for coincidence. Anyway, I find it all miraculous and God given, just like I see David Cook and his music to me. Perfection.

Are you watching the game tonight? What are your thoughts?

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I know how you feel, iloveDCYES. 2 freaking touchdowns in the first 10 minutes of the game, and THEN Brocos finally get a touchdown, then they get 4 more touchdowns, and Tom Brady breaks a record. Okay. The last time I really got involved watching sports (heh) was when the Reds won the world series (1990) and I watched all the games and knew all of the players names. I'm still a Tebow fan, still like him being able to use his right to worship God and give God the Glory. Tebow is a good example for us all, and he's not hard on the eyes (just like David). As David tells us in "We Believe" you get up and keep going. That's what Tebow will do! Smiling

Just read about edit button....think about baseball, many of the players, especially Dominicans, brought up Catholic, cross themselves before batting....IMO it is ok to pray anytime, anyplace....just my opinion

I am watching and never watch football lol!

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