APR-9-2011 (Sat) MIX 94.1’s 12th ANNUAL PET-A-PALOOZA (Las Vegas, NV)

APR-9-2011 (Sat) MIX 94.1’s 12th ANNUAL PET-A-PALOOZA (Las Vegas, NV)

banner courtesy of msdarcy (w/photo credit to JumpNegative)
Commissioned banner courtesy of msdarcy (w/photo credit to JumpNegative)
Hey everyone! At the request of DCO's members, this discussion thread has been created in an effort to keep the boards organized and help everyone more easily find info related to this non-tour event (and have a record of everything in one place for anyone wanting to look back on this event sometime in future).

What should be posted here? Related local radio/tv/press, on-site reports/photos, live blogging, recaps, media/fan reviews, links to related blogs, event photos/videos, etc., etc. If you post them down-thread, I'll pop them up here in the OP.

START TIME: David's set should begin ≈2:30 PM PT
**time subject to change so, please stay tuned**
Sched Performers: ≈11:30A Andy Grammer, ≈1:00P Fefe Dobson, ≈2:30P DAVID COOK, & ≈4:30P Train
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Fan-Organized CELLCAST by speedyhotpants (w/backup CraftyFoxLV) on BlogTV (GRACEC4DAVID)
--info now deleted-- at ≈2:30 PM PT ( 3:30 MT / 4:30 CT / 5:30 ET)
Event Photos
>> c/o Alex Mo Photography (complete sets) / Interview photos c/o Mix 94.1 / Courtesy of angelangiekc / Courtesy of hawkslove30 / Courtesy of Cooksongrl / Courtesy of emrasaturngirl / Courtesy of mitziblum / Courtesy of DragonDaisy (fb) / w/fans & performance shots c/o Mix 94.1 / Courtesy of walt.schneider / Courtesy of lovethemusic / Courtesy of Airhead Jordan
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After Reports-in-Brief / Recaps
>> Blog recaps: David Cook Murders Me!!! Round 8 – Vegas / c/o RoseC_72
>> @Mix941: Lots of people asking about the @thedavidcook cover of "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele from Pet-a-Palooza!
>> @markandmercedes: Lots of people asking about the @thedavidcook cover of "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele from Pet-a-Palooza!
>> @kylespeek: Back in OC! Good seeing the guys @nealfingtiemann @andyskib @andyskib @thedavidcook and getting to perform with them again. Hope 4 much more // Whoops! Didn't mean to double up on the skibby. Sending some love to @montyanderson! See you guys all soon on that American Idol show!
>> @nealfingtiemann: Paper heart is trending. I'm happy for my boy @thedavidcook and proud to be apart of it.
>> Cooksongrl: Holy crap that was amazing !! Standing in line for am autograph. Pretty intense . Wish me luck!
>> vsteph1: David Cook show was awesome. I was front and center. new covers were off the chain! I'm in pain, exhausted and HAPPY!
>> Newleaf_in_wa Great day today. David was in good voice to say the least. They sounded fantastic.
>> _Everything_Zen: @thedavidcook good to see you back on the stage and stronger than ever! paper heart is incredible!!! and the covers were fab, too. #vegas
>> Janesixtytwo: Loved the show today! The covers were phenomenal, Paper Heart was beautiful, all the guys sounded/looked great. I got vid of Drive, Rolling
>> mbuckingham84: Today has been an amazing day! @thedavidcook concert was amazing as always and discovered new music which is always great!!
>> cshore7222: Great show today! Can't wait now for DC
>> mrssmartypantz: Paper Heart will be on album tweeps. #Davesaidso
>> Kristen8108: OMG 3 part harmony on Rolling in the Deep was amazing!
>> GlazeCrazy: That was amazing! So good to see @thedavidcook live in LV. The line for autographs is huge. Watching from the side.
>> [private]: That was.....especially spectacular.
>> "Paper Heart" trended as high as No. 4 worldwide on Twitter following Dave's set http://twitpic.com/4iwuxn (Note: this trend started organically - i.e., it was NOT the result of any organized effort by fans - in the United States before fans noticed it there and then helped it to trend worldwide)
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iTunes Album Art
>> Courtesy of imogenPH
>> c/o MsDarcy: Petapalooza1 Petapalooza2 photo credit: angelangiekc
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>> from MIX 94.1 OFFICIAL VIDEO (w/thx2 imogen_PH)
>> various, from cspannie videos (w/thx2 Jen) / varioius, from 1lynnelynne videos (w/thx2 Jen) / Drive from cooksongrl video (w/thx2 imogen_ph) / Rolling in the Deep from cooksongrl video (w/thx2 imogen_ph)
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In-Concert Tweets/TwitPics
TWITTER LIST (live feed here during event only)
>> @andygrammer: @thedavidcook is covering the sh*t out of "rolling in the deep" by @OfficialAdele
>> TwitVids: (snippets) Heroes / Rolling in the Deep 1 / Rolling in the Deep 2
>> TwitPics: Dave1 / Dave2 / Dave3 / Dave4 / Dave5 / Dave6 / Dave7 / Dave8 / Dave9 / Dave10 / Dave11 / Dave12 / Dave13 / Dave14 (w/Dublin) / Dave15 / Dave16 / Dave17 / Dave18 / Dave19 / Dave20 / Dave21 / Dave22 / Dave23 / Dave24 / Dave25 / Dave26 / Dave27 / Dave28 / Andy&Monty1 / Andy1 / Kyle1 / Kyle2 / Neal1 / Neal2 / Neal3 / Neal4 / band1 / band2 / band3 / band4 / band5
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Tonight's Set List (will post video as it becomes available)
I Did It For You 1lynnelynne / angelangiekc / mendozalejo / SSUPERMAN702 / / CaitHagar / PomWellington
Mr. Sensitive / angelangiekc / luckyducklv (snippet) / janesixtytwo / Kaibiganin / 1lynnelynne / 72RoseC
Heroes (w/Champagne Supernova) luckyduck_lv / 1lynnelynne / cspannie / angelangiekc / Trishabunnyy / 72RoseC / PomWellington (partial)
Drive (The Cars cover) angelangiekc / angelangiekc (banter) / 1lynnelynne / mendozalejo / cspannie* / Cooksongrl (w/banter) / emrasaturngirl / janesixtytwo (w/banter) / Trishabunnyy / LightOnForCookie / debrakay23 / Plrbrrr / 72RoseC (partial w/banter)
Come Back To Me 1lynnelynne / angelangiekc / Trishabunnyy / LightOnForCookie
Paper Heart (unreleased 2010) luckyduck_lv* / angelangiekc / 1lynnelynne / ZitoFan86 / Cooksongrl / cspannie / mendozalejo / janesixtytwo / Plrbrrr
Rolling in the Deep (Adele cover) OFFICIAL MIX 94.1 VIDEO (HQ)** / angelangiekc / 1lynnelynne / ZitoFan86 (partial) / cspannie / justmellowdee / 1lynnelynne (banter) / Trishabunnyy / mskristen8108 / claysamazing12 / Cooksongrl / PomWellington (intro)
Light On cspannie / 1lynnelynne / angelangiekc / LightOnforCookie / Plrbrrr
Misc: 1lynnelynne (Dublin intro) / angelangiekc (intros w/Dublin) / YoungWisdom1701 (clips, various)
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Pre-Show Show-Related Tweets, Net Chatter, etc.
>> [SET LIST SPOILERS - highlight to view] (8 songs) I Did It For You, Mr. Sensitive, Heroes, Drive (The Cars cover), Come Back To Me, Paper Heart, [Rolling?], Light On
>> David w/Mix 94.1 http://ow.ly/i/aa7m yfrog.com/h3zhmlmj twitpic.com/4ivlrz twitpic.com/4ivnb3 http://twitpic.com/4ivnur http://yfrog.com/h075efhj The guitars http://plixi.com/p/90977665
>> @Mercedeslv: With @thedavidcook at Pet-a-Palooza #pet2011 ! http://t.co/8cTZ5Bx http://twitpic.com/4ivdl1
>> reports coming in that members of Dave's last tour crew are back - including Johnny Metal, Gabe, and TC : )
>> The Stage: http://ow.ly/i/a9Fg ( aaaand today's cellcaster right up front > http://twitpic.com/4it5wb ) http://twitpic.com/4it76n
>> @montyanderson: My idea of Vegas wasn't soaking my foot in a sink full of ice and water in the hotel room!! I love you?? @getbeyondfit and @thedavidcook // @thedavidcook: @montyanderson boohoo? : ) // @nealfingtiemann: I didn't plan on being up that early today. Good thing there's nothing to do! // @andyskib: Who's coming to Sam Boyd Stadium today? I'll be there. hope to snag another pet and take it home wit me.
>> PHOTO: David Cook w/Carly Smithson backstage at Viva ELVIS http://bit.ly/iiLohR
>> @JuniorCase: Oh my goodness!!! David Cook is at Viva ELVIS!!! ... Oooh! Got my picture with American Idol star David Cook! ... @thedavidcook It was great to meet you tonight! Thanks for checking out Viva ELVIS at @AriaLV!!! // @JuniorCase: Here's the Picture of me and David Cook when he visited Viva ELVIS at the @AriaLV last night! http://twitpic.com/4iwkhq http://twitpic.com/4ix4y3
>> @thedavidcook: Love seeing friends kicking ass and happy. @CarlySmithson and co. were awesome in Viva Elvis! Everyone should go see it if given the chance.
>> @CarlySmithson: @thedavidcook See ya tonight bro !! U might not recognize me so FYI my costume is gold as fuck ! lol #VegasBaby ... @jasoncastro Ill be here for a bit in Viva Elvis . Come visit !! Cook and Menard are here tonight . I wanna see the bump
>> @thedavidcook: Played video American idol slots. @krisallen took my money. Pretty rude, if you ask me. #Vegas! / @krisallen: @thedavidcook Do we get paid royalties for that?
>> @nealfingtiemann: Testing guitars. Anybody gonna come see me play in Las Vegas tomorrow afternoon? // @andyskib: Why hello there Vegas. Nice to see you again. twitpic.com/4ijzll
>> @thedavidcook: Resting now so he can pull a three-day blackjack bender this weekend in VEGAS!!! #highroller http://t.co/OHU64SI
>> @thedavidcook: Day 1 of acoustic, full band rehearsals in the books. Excited to play these re-worked tunes for everyone in Vegas this Saturday! Also worked up a new cover tune. very different for us, but should be a blast to play. // @andyskib: Getting ready for getting ready for this weekend in Vegas with the DC crew. who's coming?!
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>> Mix 94.1 Interview w/David Cook BTS at Pet-A-Palooza
>> Mix 94.1 Frequently Asked Questions for Pet-A-Palooza
>> Mix 94.1 Pet-A-Palooza Flyer
>> All-Access Media Group: KMXB Announces Pet-A-Palooza 2011
>> DCO News David To Perform at Mix 94.1′s Pet-A-Palooza 2011
>> David Cook w/Mark & Mercedes in the Morning on Mix 94.1: Podcast / YouTube Audio / mp3

courtesy of angelangiekc

Comments (235)

David signing autographs!

from @debrakay23

Thanks for posting those, pweller - I almost forgot!

@ItsMsDarcy: iTunes album art for David Cook @ PetAPalooza #1 http://bit.ly/kn6bUm #2 http://bit.ly/jLCyi… (cont) http://deck.ly/~GNQXe
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
This Quiet Night will get it right...


This was the best online show I ever watched....and his voice was just perfect!

So take a minute just to breathe
And think of everything you wanted....

from @rawanthem http://twitpic.com/4jaly5 - ...And when he smiles.....D=

Found this mash up on YouTube and it belongs here! Adel and David Cook RITD


Sorry for being so late but I just uploaded the following:

Intro + I Did It For You + Banter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3oQ0gxQ29w

Drive (with Intro - Andrew + Dublin) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRnb5VWPmwg&feature=player_embedded#at=49

Four down, four more to go.


made album art for my @thedavidcook Pet-A-Palooza mp3s. in case anyone's interested --> http://blog.naughtiest.us/3153 Smiling


Thanks Coolshades! I forgot about that!


Here is the correct link to the photos pweller was talking about.

Rolling Out Across the Desert Word Hero #293
"If I was in a band competing with Andy, I'd quit." -- Neal Tiemann

If anyone is interested, I made a video mashup of Rolling In The Deep. Smiling

More pictures!
(try that again, with the correct date this time): 74 @thedavidcook photos from Pet-a-Palooza in LV, 4/9: http://bit.ly/hG9SJo
Darn! they are not working now! I will tweet and see if they can be uploaded again!


David Cook has the most generous fans in the whole world. Thanks to fans like you I've been able to survive this "long-distance" relationship with my favorite rocker/singer for the past 3+ years. I haven't seen him once and don't think I'll ever will but images/videos/recaps posted here and there make me feel beyond happy and proud. I just hope the whole world discovers once and for all the awesomeness of this cool and caring dude =)

Here is a link to my Photobucket album for the Vegas show. Hopefully, I will get this right on the first try...

They say I'm crazy but I have a good time..

The Many Faces of David Cook at Pet-A-Palooza! (1lynnelynne)
I Did It For You !(PomWellington)
Champagne Supernova part of Heroes! (PomWellington)
Intro to RITD! (PomWellington)

Lovethemusic: WOW, WOW! Thank you so much for all those fantastic photos you took and shared with us. I've never seen close-ups that close--you can see every mark and wrinkle on David's face, his poor fingernails that he chews to bits, his beautiful teeth, that Hot redish and blondish mustache and beard, his emotions when he sings, and, of course, his gorgeous beautiful smile.

One of my favorite things in the world is to visit gardens and botanical parks. Thank you so much for the beautiful floral pictures from The Bellagio, as well as the photos of all you DCO gals. It looks like you all had a wonderful time. Thanks, again.


pweller.....thanks so much for the mashup. You are great!!

Absolutely love the mashup of David and Adele singing Rolling in the Deep....does anyone have or know where to get an mp3 of it? Thanks in advance for any possible help.

Is this the right place to post my David Concert Pics from Vegas? The pictures include the DCO gals, the Bellagio flowers, David (band) in concert and signing. http://bit.ly/fjxKnc

http://bit.ly/icoLgo Here is the link to my mp3 for David's Vegas concert. It starts with "Drive and goes to the end of the show" Tech difficulties do I didn't get first part.

An extra picture from @Cooksongirl
and a twitpic

That mashup is FANTASTIC- what a masterful editing job, it actually sounds like a real performance.

Mash up of Adele and David's Rolling In The Deep by rupgal


sorry if this is already posted.
Oh please , If there is any justice in the world ,let there be a duet with these 2 for real

rrprieto04 (formerly All I Need is DC)

Pictures from @lovethemusic


NEW!! Dublin and partial Drive (72RoseC)


Pet-A-Palooza cover art, by @imogenPH: http://twitpic.com/4krqak


I think this should go in here too...


My video of David Cook singing "Rolling in the Deep" is finally uploaded to YT: http://youtu.be/JoPkBxAQY6k?hd=1 Enjoy!
Here is another great Drive! (Trishabunnyy)
and Heroes w/CSN! (Trishabunnyy)
RITD (Trishabunnyy)
Mr. Sensitive! (Trishabunnyy)


@lunaticinmyhead, for me, that scream somehow reminds me of 'Watch Over You' by alterbridge.. acoustic version.

Thanks, everyone, but no, not ABMB or High & Dry--though I certainly enjoyed investigating and I understand why you made the suggestions. I haven't listened to the Idol songs in forever (even though I intended to a few weeks ago) and I only listened to High & Dry a few times--I've been holding out hope for a better, more complete version someday. (I can't believe that was way back in Nov. Man, we really have been waiting forever!) I probably should have clarified that it wasn't necessarily a DC song. I'm kind of thinking now that Drive might be reminding me of a Melissa Etheridge song. But it doesn't matter: that song just ticks all the boxes for me: his vocal sweet spot, gorgeous piano, a somewhat melancholy feel but at the same time lots of intensity--it has some kind of hypnotic effect on me. (RITD wakes me right back up!)

ETA: Listening to Drive 17 times in a row while I was typing that didn't prevent me from checking out Polarbrr's video--great sound & some lovely close ups.

the lunatic is in my head . . . you raise the blade, you make the change . . . you re-arrange me 'till I'm sane

The other two vids I took with apologies from the videographer. heh:


Rolling in the Deep

David Cook on AI7 in HD

I haven't been able to post mostly because of the Captain (oy!). Here's a link to the acoustic Paper Heart mp3 in case some haven't seen it. I had to tack on a little piece from cspannie's audio because a nanosecond was missing from Cooksongrl's audio -

Paper Heart (Live Acoustic) MP3 (from Cooksongrl's video)

The links to the mp3s I and Along4TheRide have made are all at http://cookistangmiron.wordpress.com, btw, in case anyone wants a quick listing. Along4TheRide has added 2 mp3s (Mr. Sensitive and Heroes) from 72RoseC's videos yesterday.

Pinoy fans represent!

*Kat* "Can't wait for the next DC Album ~ Ohio State Fair~front row 8/8/09,more to come ~ "Ohio has spoiled us, and I love it!"~David Cook ~Proud owner of a white David Cook gituar pick~

Good job, Polarbrrr--closeup Dave and blue sky. Nice sound. Now I wanna see the other two!

There's always hope..... Pt78

Finally able to transfer the vids from my camera to my computer. Thank you, Jen!!

Here's the link to Paper Heart .

The other two - Drive & RITD - will have to wait until I get home from work.

David Cook on AI7 in HD

DavidCook just gets better and better. His voice.
Edit to say... I didn't think it was possible. This kind of scares me a little. I'm not gonna lie. How perfect is perfect?
~One of David's People

Wow the dust has not settled, the ripples continue to spread. Who'd have thought that this 8 song acoustic set, on a cloudy and intermittently rainy, cold Las Vegas field would have proven such a PR coup? And such a treasure trove of memorable performances.

Silly Grin!!! Well guess that's why I "had to be there", Just in Case.

captcha is giving me nothing but grief today, have given up on multiple posts
"He turned out to be a fantastic winner for Idol: thoughtful, insightful, true to himself, talented, and a real artist." Simon Fuller about David Cook.

lunaticinmyhead could the "scream" in Drive remind you of the "scream" in his High and Dry cover that got cut off?

lunaticinmyhead, the only thing I can think of that sounds a bit similar to the "you scream" is the part in "Always Be My Baby" when he comes to the end of the chorus and adds a long "yeah" at the end of the word 'baby." It's at 1:53 in this video.

There may be some other times he uses a similar tone, though. All depends on what note he's hitting, I suppose. LOL

Rolling Out Across the Desert Word Hero #293
"If I was in a band competing with Andy, I'd quit." -- Neal Tiemann

Somebody please tell me what song the "youuuuuu screeeeaammm" in Drive reminds me of--it's driving me crazy (all puns intended). I don't usually download mp3's & 4's, but there's no way I can live without these, so let me add my thanks for all the expertise & generosity that goes into them.

the lunatic is in my head . . . you raise the blade, you make the change . . . you re-arrange me 'till I'm sane

Hi, I just posted a recap of my experience last Saturday:


I apologize for any wrong spelling, punctuation and grammar. I'm exhausted as I'm writing this and it didn't help that English is my second language.

ETA: Thanks pweller7

United States