Apr-9 EW Interview -- David Cook dishes his sophomore CD!!

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I so love David Cook, he is just awesome. This new album is gonna be great!

"I feel alive beside you and all at once I am whole again.."

I love this guy!! I am so excited to hear David is in full control! I applaud his courage and attitude in regard to not releasing any new "KIID" until he feels it..... at the risk of choosing not to use the "Idol" result show platform. David has a mystical plan! He knows who he is and what he can do! And if that means, taking a "risk" at loosing that Idol Platform.... and releasing it when it will be the best? Well I think we all know David as the Dareman ~ the one who takes risks ~ which won him the AI CROWN..... ya know the one he "OWNS"! <3


So looking forward to this album, loving the sound of all the crumbs he's giving us, 'Four letter word' particularly grabs me as a title, and his description of it.
With Monty heading back (if he can tear himself away from the golf - Go Poulter & Westwood!), Andy returning from his skiiing break it should all start shaping up pretty soon. Quite content to wait a couple of months. Thinking about it this is the first album Dave will have done when he can devote himself to it 100% with no tours, jobs or lack of money getting in the way.

I too am very excited about this. I know it isn't the HUGE SCOOP that many were hoping for but I have to remember WAY back before the internet and even computers when we did not know ANYTHING until a song actually came out. We are lucky that the Rock Star we follow is open and honest with us and lets us in on the writing process, names of collaborators and possible songs etc... and then Twitters to us about everyday things as well. My feeling is still that David is in this for the MUSIC and for his Career and will be around a long time because for him it is about MUSIC not celebrity and for the short term gratification and money.

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These arms hug people, sign autographs, play guitar, & write music-- these arms will never hurt anyone

Any little "cookie crumbs" about DCTR2 are greatly appreciated! I'm soo looking forward to hearing the progression that David's music is taking and even though I am anxious to get my ears around it I respect that David will not be releasing the cd until he feels it is ready. Our man is very wise, very talented, very creative. I know that he is going to totally blow us away..."massive choruses, a dynamic record that pushes the interplay between loud and soft, slow and fast," his magnificant voice delivering lyrics that grab us and take us on a ride that we don't want to end. He really is an artist thru and thru.

Thanks for posting. I'm super excited!

The way he describes the new music makes me very excited to hear it! I can't wait!


Keeper Of David's tendancy to put his hand on his thigh!!!

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