Best David Cook Quotes!!

Best David Cook Quotes!!

Ok, so I'm still getting used to these forums, but I've been at the AI Forums since the start. I really need help from you all becasue you are awsome like that! In one of my classes at school, we need to turn in quotes and then they get hung on the wall blahblahblah... anyways i wanted to get a good Cookie quote!!! It has to have "meaning" accorning to my teacher but I want mine to be funny.

SO post your hearts away with your FAVORITE DC quote!!!!!!!!
You guys are amazing i know you can do it!

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At the California State Fair venue in Sacramento there is this weird thing that can only be called a moat in front of the stage. It's actually filled with water. I have no idea why. Anyway at the Sacramento Show on 8/21/09 in David's banter he said
"I have to say - we've been on the road awhile and this is the first time we've ever played with a moat."
it was really funny.

I like the one from this video When he says "Rim shots are for jokes Kyle, that wasn't a joke that was a story...." haha Not sure if I quoted it right though

"Just some live footage and me doing what apparently I always do, which is walking by a river and singing some song" - in reference to the new video for Fade Into Me.

What about his sing song "That's why I wear black, because it's slimming".
One of my favorites.

I stumbled across this! It was buried! There must be some new ones?

ILoveDCYes, Good catch on the "I never shy away from embarrassing myself for a good cause" comment. I too thought it was great. Forgot about this thread though.


David Cook = Infectious Exuberance

"I will never shy away from embarrassing myself for a good cause"

I love this quote during an interview here

David Cook interview during Chris Evert's charity tennis event last weekend! He was the
"newbie" tennis player for this wonderful event!
"I feel alive beside you and all at once I am whole again.."

on Ellen 2008:
" I wanna do things that have substance"
" Life has a strange way of working itself out"
on Extreme Makeover:Home Edition:
"I think it's one of the coolest things in the world to be involved in something bigger than yourself"
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At the Niagra Falls concert in March the crowd was giving him grief about wearing his hat. He agreed to take it off for 10 seconds & he did. Then, after putting the hat back on his head he turned to the audience and said, " Now did you really come to see my hair or to see this?" He proceeded to turn those sexy buns to the audience and laughed. The he apologized to every guy there.

"my brothers are my backbone and my parents are my oxgen"-->david

The first 6 are from the Nokia Theatre, NYC show

The last two are from the Perrysburg, OH show.

"Alright, ok, enough,enough. I got people from the label here *laughs*"

"Step into my office Neal"

"I think this lady with the olive is having a blast. I hope."

"You seriously got that container for me? Oh my god this keeps getting better. You wanna trade me an olive and a bottle for a guitar pick? Alright. I feel like I'm robbing you though. Theres that and thank you"

"Did you know that theres a dude out here wearing a Boston Red Socks hat in the middle of the room? *Crowd starts to boo* No No No No whooo! I'm a Royals fan. I like the red socks, i'm with ya buddy"

"We're about to get the hell booed off stage. Next song coming up"

This ones kindal long, I shortend it a little. not much.

"What is that hand gesture that your doing? What? *people in the crowd yell AC* What does that mean? Oh DC, I thought you were saying PC. Oh TC hes right there *points* *Then some lady yells AC onKC Radio* Oh yeah. I gave him a plug last night I'm not doing it again. I'll let him plug himself *kinda laughs*. That was a PC!"

"Everyone give it up for Kyle it's jis last day. I'm just kidding"

David Cook

Hmmmm....I still think my favorite quote from David was at the Virginia Beach show (Patriotic fest) where he was trying to crack funnier jokes than Matt Nathanson.

"The whole time I was backstage I was like, THAT'S where I'm going to go off stage and run into the crowd. THAT'S it. So I tried it...and I realized..well, I can't get to you guys. *long pause*. But I can go stand by the pissers over dad would be proud."

And at the Delaware State Fair-
"Who watched the mlb homerun durby?! *Very few people cheer* Okay not many baseball fans..walking away from that subject."

Ashlieeeeeee =]

"I never cry. There was dust in the air" (in response to Kim Caldwell's comment "You're gonna cry again")

From the golf video: "You got my publishing, my car, my first born son"

"If you can't feel 7 thousand people cheering for you, then you're in the wrong business"

ETA: My absolute fave quotes are my sig and the above.

"The goal is to leave it on the stage" ~DRC

"I hadn't been here in a minute, I forgot how damn hot it gets. If I had known it was gonna be this work, I would have worn a tank top and some booty shorts." ::crowd cheers:: "Let's be honest, I wasn't expecting that reaction ... or was I? ... So I'll tell you what. I'll make you guys a deal. We'll play more music if you guys PROMISE to visit our merch guy Mike up there, and pick up a t-shirt ... or better yet, tell him we need booty shorts ::laughing::"

"Thank you so much for coming out tonite," and "I love you, too"

"I feel alive beside you and all at once I am whole again.."

"im just a goof who got lucky" and also (i love this one), "if this thing doesnt work out im gonna go do that hot dog eating contest" i have many more, but after reading al these, i forgot them!! oh well

carry me down
rolling in your arms,
'cause i cant remember ever falling this hard

I loved reading all of these!! He is truly an amazing person, and it never ceases to amaze me just how down to earth he is. I personally love the quote from the live concert in Tulsa when they did the Radiohead cover--I laugh every time!

Another thing, I went to his concert on July 5th in Galveston, and I was sitting rather close to the front with several hundred people behind me. Well, David asked the audience who all had the album, and, of course, most everyone raised their hands and cheered. After it died down a bit, he says, "Everyone in the back has the album, but there's this guy on the third row who didn't raise his hand. Like, what the hell?" while giggling and shaking his head. Haha just thought I'd share that. Smiling

One of my faves, because I can absolutely identify:

"I can do that. I can speak.......I can talk for days."

First's an example, he says it ALL the time!

"I feel alive beside you and all at once I am whole again.."
and I willl sing your songs at the top of my lungs every day..

"Keep on...keepin on"
It was in an interview (I believe he was talking about Adam) but I don't remember which one. Sorry. I love the quote and have used it myself.
This is a fun thread, thanks for starting it.

"I see why you guys wanted that cup thing so bad" ~David
"Look at that!, Im a balla!" ~David
"I don't know anybody in this room, and I'm not wearing any pants" ~David
"I wish I could taste things" *Making fun of Carly* ~David
"I'm just in it for the cash money" ~David
I'm just being me, and if it comes across as being a superhero, then guess what?!" ~David
"They love me at The Gap!" ~David
"Archie! Get off, my back!" ~David
"Did I just jump negative? What happened?!" ~David
"Hey Archie, wanna hear a joke?" ~David
"Optimistically pessimistic" ~David
"What's more unpredictable than being predictable?" ~David
"f*** you, we're going to do it anyway!" ~David
"I've got this fantastic ab I've been working on here" ~David
"Now I'm not going to tell you what it is, you're just going to have to guess" ~David
"I don't have to get a job!" ~David
"It's expected to 'plode" ~David
"What do you like to do?" *makes face* ~David
"Because I'm hard core like that" ~David
"Don't you know who I think I am?" ~David
"So I tried to do it (heel spin) and I bit, like, hard" ~David
"I call that look 'Sharp Dressed Head'" ~David
"Hes haten on the hair" ~David
"Which camera do i look in?? Yes, Yes, Yes" *He was single Sad but not now lol* ~David
"If I could have a superpower, I'd like the ablility to.... fly... u know so i could like.... soar with the birds" ~David
"Im alright with that" ~David
"Based on family genetics, it'll all be gone someday, so im just letting it enjoy the ride" ~David
"Hey you like that, Ya ya do" *to jason castro* ~David
"Its beyond me how anybody can get used to this." ~David
"If its lying around and theres nothing else to read, I will...peruse... the Cosmo. I just want to find out what women want. And if you see how far its gotten me... I AM Single." *one of my fav lol* ~David
"Are you sexually propositioning her?" ~David
"I am an entry-level Renaissance man." ~David
"This was NOT in the brochure" ~David
"I consider myself a Jack-of-all trades and a master of none." ~David
"Got you this time Simon" ~David
"...explode. Implode? Wait what do stars do?......It's expected to 'plode'." ~David
"I'll take it." ~David Cook
"Brothers and Sisters. This is the Brother Love Show! So show your Brother some LOve!" ~David
These are just quotes Ive had on my YouTube account for a long time maybe it should help?

"I am quite versitile vocally" ~David
"Wait what was that noise?" ~David
"You seem so calm" Ryan "Seriously? Im glad Im pullen something off" David *David is saying this as he is shaking* *Literally right b4 that guys were blow drying his arm pits cause he was sweating sooo much* LOL
"Everyone thought I was a cute kid.....but i thought i had a massive skull!" ~David
"Boxer Breifs" ~David
"It's gonna be weird trying to sit down and eat lunch looking like this" *he had red hair and a ton of makeup on for the Ford Music Video top 7 or 6 ??* ~David
"The cloths?? comfortably....NOT REALLY" ~David
"The goal is to leave it on the stage" ~David
"What are you guys doing here??" ~David
"Thank you is just too trite at this point." ~David
"So.....thanks....wait i wasn't supposed to say that" ~David
"Life is soo tough." ~David
"I think it would be a huge slap in the face to everybody else who auditioned if I didn't want to win. Out of pride and respect, I definatly want to win! [AND HE DID!!!!]" ~David
"So does that mean im sitting on the dumb side??.....oh right im srry....I was just kidding i didn't mean to call you stupid i apologize" ~David
"I find Mandy Moore soo attractive its Discusting" (LOL) ~David
"Im an excelent tv watcher and sleeper" ~David


Ok I can't believe noone has posted this yet. This was from the Bob & Tom interview today. When talking about Dublin ""Hey buddy, how ya doin' buddy. Wanna go squirt in the dirt?" It was just priceless.

This one is from an interview at the All-Star game:

Interviewer: "How big of a Royals fan are you?"
David: *laughs* "Big enough to where I'm legitimately worried that I might get offed here in St. Louis today, right? Cause you know, there's still some people mad about the '85 Series, and I'm sorry, I was three."

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Fan asks, "When you're up on stage do you ever look behind you at the big screen and think, 'Damn that's a sweet ass,' and then you realize it's your own?"
David responds, "No, but sometimes I look up at the screen and think 'God that's a sweet ass,' and it ends up being the bass player's."

can't remember where I got this, but it was in another thread lol, and I loved it!!!


"If I could have a super power, I'd like the ability I can, you know?...soar...with...the birds."
I like this one.
Hey Katy nice quotes!
Wow you must collect these!


Here's another one.
Springfield OH, "Little ones, ear muffs!"

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Favorite quote: Springfield OH concert. (I shortened it a little) "There are stratigically placed microphones in the crowd, and some peoople are closer than others. We randomly hear 'Get your sexy ass back here!', so to whoever that was, STAGE LEFT, uhm, thanks for saying thoes things about my ass."

Keeper Of David Cook's "Fake Girly Voice"
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From the Saturday show in Michigan:

"You got me as your graduation gift? You must've graduated with a 2.0 or something."

Serious LOL.


LadyBirdSF that quote is now my new fav!! its sooo funny.

My recent fav (from last nights show) ....

"I believe it's man law, you're not allowed to fruit your beer"

hahaha ... Man, I love him!!!

"If you wanna know the truth, you make or break my day.
If you wanna know the truth, I wouldnt have it any other way."

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LadyBirdSF I agree with you thats one of my new

I think this recent is one of the best.
David is having luch with his dad and some other ppl. Occasional bypasser a 16-18year girl pointing at David whispers her mom: "That guy, he thinks he`s David Cook!" David`s conclusion:" I`m not good enough to be me! I`m apparently posing as me!"

Sophisticated and Sensual David - Live Performances: VIDEO LIBRARIES 1 & 2


Ha ha, I love the way he begins sentences with..... " First off, ....blah blah...."

He does this a lot!
karen "would you sing my song at the top of your lungs..."

LOVE this thread!! All my favorite quotes have already been mentioned.

"I'm hardcore like that"
"I don't know anyone in this room and I'm not wearing pants"
"I'm alright with that"
"What do stars do? Explode? Implode? It's expected to 'plode."


I love this recent one:

“I get to do what I love for a living,” Cook said. “Even if it's just for a minute, I'm extremely fortunate.”

He says the most profound things in the simplest way.



i have quite a few, so here goes.
"I can talk, I can talk for hours"
"I've had a competitive spirit all my life. Love me or hate me, just don't ignore me."
"Don't try to be. Just be"
"I love when people have expectations because I love proving them wrong"
"The only way for me to internalize a song is for me to write it."
"When in doubt, Rock it out"
"If i can live up to my own expectations, then i exceed everyone elses"
"I have no idea, I have none."
"If there is something that I have learned it's that everyone is loved by somebody.."
"What do stars do? Explode? Implode?..... It's expected to 'plode"
"I'm just bein' me. So, if it comes across as being a superhero, then guess what?"
"Sometimes I geek out"
"I'm not athletic, I apologize"
"Enjoy the experience, don't just experience the experience"
"All of my songs will have melody, and probably some form of instrumentation. I'll come out... sing into a microphone... probably be wearing clothes..."
"Standing in line in Omaha with my brother…it was raining, it was 5:30 in the morning, I was tired, I’d never been up before noon…."
"I just want to be remembered at all!"
"What's more unpredictable than being predictable?"
"Who is your favorite Jonas brother?" David says, "Um, I wanna say Barry."
"My brothers are my backbone. My parents are my oxygen. I can't live without them."

"My brothers are my backbone. My parents are my oxygen. I can't live without them."

"I get to see all of your smiling faces, and the band's ugly ones..."

Hey archie, wanna hear a joke?


If i could have a superpower, i'd like the ability I can, you know?..soar...with..the birds"

did you hear about the new pirate movie??? ITS RATED ....ARGGGGGGG!!!!! haahah that one is my favorite!!

The "suck it Archuleta"? is from VH1 Best year ever. Go check it out on youtube and it will make sense. Our man needs to add comedic genious to his list of talents.

Okay, something is bothering me about one of the quotes in this thread. What was the context behind "Suck it Archuleta"? It doesn't sound much like our sweet David, is all I am saying.... Sad

Where did the "media whore" quote come from? I love it! lol. Whoever does know, can you send me a message b/c I probably wont check here. Thank you!!!!

"Lets be real folks, did you come here to see the hat *the crowd boos* or did you come to see thiiiiiiis" haha I was @ that concert everyone was just rolling.

"Tiemann, I'm gonna beat your a**"
haha i love it.

People tend to have a sort of pattern when talking... I usually talk in British slang... someone I used to talk to online said "Just happens to be" A LOT... But yeah... I don't have a quote... Just wanted to say that...

"First off, " have you noticed how he says this all the time lately?

I love it~ at the beginning of vlogs, bulletins......cute!

"I'm still the same person," he says. "I still have the same morals and values and the same things are still important to me. The surroundings have changed quite a bit."

This one is a bit old, but I love it

"My mindset in writing Truth Is A Gun was to convey my regret for whatever dishonesty I had committed in life and how it had hurt those around me. The lyrics, however, contradict that idea. The lyrics seem to suggest that I am condemning others for lying, when in fact I m condemning myself. "

"I'll be damned if there isn't this green sign with my name on it".



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