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++++++New for this year, if you see a @ sign, you need to contact that person via twitter+++++

Since this was so successful at The Dash, I’ve decided to bring over the Ticket Angels thread here to DCO. Lisa was kind enough to transfer the existing thread to me. The purpose of this thread is to centralize a list of everyone who needs a ticket to any of David's upcoming Tour shows. Hopefully if we all help each other out, we can make sure everyone gets in to the shows they want to see without having to resort to scalping.

It works like this: If you need tickets, post on this thread the date, location, and number of tickets you need, along with your board name. If you have extras to sell, post on this thread the date, location, and number of tickets you have, along with seat location info, along with your board name.

I will keep this post updated with the list of people who have posted. I'll try to update as frequently as I can. Names will be posted in show date order, then in post order. Those who need tickets and those who have extras will be kept separate. DCO will keep this post pinned so that it will always be at the top of the Tour thread.

If you find someone who you can match up with please PM the person directly. If you PM me I can try to help but it will be quicker if you go direct. If there is a "@" before their name, then contact them on twitter.

Please work out all payment methods or exchanges with each other. It is important to note that it is the policy of this site that tickets may not be sold for more than the venue price plus fees and postage, so do not post asking price.

If you are lucky enough to get or sell your ticket, please post or PM me, and I will remove your name from the list. I will also remove the names as each show date passes.

Good luck, I hope we all get in to at least one show each on this tour!!!



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Members may discuss such matters at their own risk via private messaging, but information posted on the forums should be limited to need and availability.

Anyone attempting to use these forums to sell tickets for prices other than face value (i.e., scalping) risks being banned from the DCO community permanently and should be reported to a moderator and/or site admin immediately.

Personal information (e.g., email address, telephone number, mailing address, etc.), in the interest of safety and in accordance with site policies, should NOT be posted on these forums/is subject to removal.

Thank you for understanding and please feel free to contact me with questions/comments.

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Cheers! ~Lisa
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mamaG (my sister) and I have one ticket left for the songwriters event in Niagara Falls on March 8th.

mamaG there are people already on Twitter trying to get ahold of you! Please follow back @ragell and @photogirl52! They want 2!!

I have 3 extra tickets for Niagara and I don't want them to go unused. Tweet me if you can go!

Songwriters show in Niagara Falls

I have extra tickets for the Niagara Falls concert. Does anyone need a seat? I know it's been sold out for a while and I would hate to have anyone miss it if they want to come...

We have 2 extra tickets for the Songwriters event with David on March 8th. Table 59. If interested contact me here or on twitter @coco133

I have one ticket for the Niagara Falls event w/ David Cook for March 8 table 60 seat B. DM if interested on twitter @rascalete

Hello everyone,

I have an extra ticket for the show tonight @ MIM in AZ. PM me and I will try to get back to you asap if you're needing a ticket for tonight. FYI, it's a 4th row seat.=) Thanks.

AZ David Fan, PM'd you back. Let me know! Smiling

pweller7-- I just pm'd you a few minutes ago, it's an EXTREMELY time-sensitive PM, so if you could read it as soon as you possibly can, you'll know what I mean!!! Smiling
Thank you soooo much for all your help!!! Smiling
Julie Smiling

Good morning pweller7!!! Smiling
No, I haven't heard from her yet at ALL, and I'm an anxious MESS!!! Smiling

I just pm'd you again about a couple things-- thank you soooo much again for all that you're doing! Smiling
THANK YOU!!!!! Smiling

Well, Phoenix show is one mere day away, and I just wanted to say that I am still hoping to buy any tickets that anyone might find themselves not being able to use! Smiling
There is a possibility right now of me being able to get *one*-- I am PRAYING it is still available! ..but for incase it is not, or even if it IS, I'm still wanting to buy tix! Smiling Even if I can just get one- I will be going on that one, and I am just Praying I can! Smiling ..but I have 2 other people that would enjoy going too, so if there are MORE than one tix available, I would sure love to buy them too! Smiling
Thanks everyone soooo very much, have a great day! Smiling
Julie Smiling

I sent you a pm mysweetevil.

One VIP M&G ticket for Jan 11 available. PM if interested.


Am still Praying someone might have an extra ticket available for this Sunday in Phoenix-- azangel's ticket had already been sold, so I am still holding out hope that something might come up between now and Sunday! If *anyone* ends up hearing of *anything*, *PLEASE* pm me here or email me-- PLEASE! Smiling
Thank you so much! Smiling
Julie Smiling

azangel84--- I pm'd you about the one Phoenix ticket you spoke about--- have my fingers crossed like crazy that you still have it!!! :0)
Thank you!!! Smiling

Hello everyone!!! Smiling

Hope everyone's having a *great* day!!! Smiling

I was hoping to get three total, but at this point I am so desperate and will of course take ANYthing I can get!!! Smiling

So whether they are regular tix or VIP, ANYTHING anyone might have, if you can PLEASE let me know as soon as humanly possible, as the fact that Mr. Cook will be only 7 mere miles from my home on Sunday, and I may not be able to *BE* there, has me in an absolute state of sheer disgust and horror!!!!!!! LOL! Smiling

THANK YOU!!! Smiling :) Smiling

Sorry for the typos, thanks Lisa and follia for catching them!

Looking for one VIP ticket to the 01/05 Omaha show at the Waiting Room. You can message me here or @greeneyeskc

Looking for VIP for Las Vegas Hard Rock Jan 11. Contact me here or twitter @CookieBabe7. Thank you.

Jan 11 Hard Rock Live, Las Vegas NV follia (@follias) 1 VIP ticket. I've been trying to
contact you about your VIP. Is it still available, if so PM here or Wanda@CookieBabe7 on twitter. Thanks.

I just sold my last Phoenix ticket, so no more left to sell.

Need 2 GA tickets to Knucklehead's on Jan 4th. PM me here or DM tweet connico479. Thanks!

Just found out that I have one more ticket available...front row for Phoenix show - Row A Seat 18. It's a will call ticket, so if you want to buy it I can call the box office and have it transferred to your name. Please PM me here or DM on twitter (debrakay23) if interested. Thanks!


I'm looking for 1 GA tix to the KC show. DM or tweet me at gretchi. Thanks!

Update: Found one! Thanks!

I still have a VIP ticket to SELL for the Las Vegas Show.

Tickets Sold: My regular GA for Knuckleheads has been sold, as have both my Phoenix tickets (Row A Seat 6 and Row B Seat 10).

I might have one more available for Phoenix, but not sure yet.

I have one GA ticket available at cost for Knucklehead's in KC on Jan. 4, 2014. Contact me here by PM or on twitter @wave_length

ETA: That was fast. My ticket for Knucklehead's has been sold.

Looking for two GA tickets to the Knuckleheads show in KC 01/04. I've got two people who haven't been to any of the shows on this tour and would really like to go.

Hey all. It's been a bit. Smiling

I have a ticket for sale for the Phoenix show. Row A Seat 19. You can either PM me here or contact me on Twitter at @SoOrdinary9900. Thanks!

My Row A Seat 6 ticket for the Phoenix show has been sold.

I still have Row B Seat 10 for Phoenix available, if anyone's interested.

My regular GA ticket for the Kansas City Knuckleheads show has been sold.

I have a VIP ticket to Las Vegas, NV for sale. Up top has me listed as a buyer [fixed by mod], but that's a mistake. I'm a seller. (BTW, Las Vegas was in NV not AZ [fixed by mod] the last I looked. lol.)

Update to tickets I'd like to sell for the Phoenix show... In addition to the Row B Seat 10 seat, I also have Row A Seat 18 and Row A Seat 6 for sale.

Sounds a bit excessive, but on ticket buying day I kept going back and finding better seats, so ended up with extras. If you're interested, please let me know on here on or twitter. Thanks!

I still have my Las Vegas VIP available.

I also have 1 ticket for the Phoenix show, Row B Seat 10. Please DM me on twitter (debrakay23) or PM me here at DCO if interested.

I've got one regular GA ticket for the KC Knuckleheads show for sale. If interested, please DM me on twitter (debrakay23) or PM me here on DCO. Thanks!

Looking for a regular admission ticket for knuckleheads in KC on Jan 4!!!!

I have one (1) VIP e-ticket to sell for the Las Vegas show. Reply both here and on twitter @follias

Hi! I'm looking for 1 VIP ticket for Vegas show at Hard Rock on January 11th.

I also have three GA tickets to sell for the same show.

Looking for 1 or 2 VIP tickets for Knuckleheads, Jan 4th for friends.

I am looking for 2 VIPS to Kansas City . I also have one regular ticket for Vegas if anyone is interested:)

My sis Archucookie has decided to meet me in Las Vegas!! We would love to go to sound check. Anyone with 2 extra VIP's for Jan 11 Hard Rock Live, Las Vegas, please contact me or Archucookie. Thank you!

Interested in buying VIP for St. Louis.

Looking to purchase VIP tickets for St. Louis and Louisville!

I have an extra VIP for Cats Cradle Nov 14 if needed.

Thanks to a ticket angel on twitter, I got the Louisville VIP, so my earlier post is unnecessary now.

Looking for a VIP for the Louisville show November 23rd. I have a friend going and this will be her only show of the tour, and she would love VIP. Thanks in advance if anyone can help out!

Does anyone still have (1) VIP for The Hamilton? If so, contact me @rozzie42. thanks

jayelgee1 and glenna515 if you see someone on the list who matches you, you should contact them via PM or twitter or whatever other mechanism. Don't wait for them to call you.

Good luck.

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