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++++++New for this year, if you see a @ sign, you need to contact that person via twitter+++++

Since this was so successful at The Dash, I’ve decided to bring over the Ticket Angels thread here to DCO. Lisa was kind enough to transfer the existing thread to me. The purpose of this thread is to centralize a list of everyone who needs a ticket to any of David's upcoming Tour shows. Hopefully if we all help each other out, we can make sure everyone gets in to the shows they want to see without having to resort to scalping.

It works like this: If you need tickets, post on this thread the date, location, and number of tickets you need, along with your board name. If you have extras to sell, post on this thread the date, location, and number of tickets you have, along with seat location info, along with your board name.

I will keep this post updated with the list of people who have posted. I'll try to update as frequently as I can. Names will be posted in show date order, then in post order. Those who need tickets and those who have extras will be kept separate. DCO will keep this post pinned so that it will always be at the top of the Tour thread.

If you find someone who you can match up with please PM the person directly. If you PM me I can try to help but it will be quicker if you go direct. If there is a "@" before their name, then contact them on twitter.

Please work out all payment methods or exchanges with each other. It is important to note that it is the policy of this site that tickets may not be sold for more than the venue price plus fees and postage, so do not post asking price.

If you are lucky enough to get or sell your ticket, please post or PM me, and I will remove your name from the list. I will also remove the names as each show date passes.

Good luck, I hope we all get in to at least one show each on this tour!!!
December 2, 2014 ABC2 fundraising, Vienna VA rascalete (@rascalete) 1 M&G ticket


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Members may discuss such matters at their own risk via private messaging, but information posted on the forums should be limited to need and availability.

Anyone attempting to use these forums to sell tickets for prices other than face value (i.e., scalping) risks being banned from the DCO community permanently and should be reported to a moderator and/or site admin immediately.

Personal information (e.g., email address, telephone number, mailing address, etc.), in the interest of safety and in accordance with site policies, should NOT be posted on these forums/is subject to removal.

Thank you for understanding and please feel free to contact me with questions/comments.

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Cheers! ~Lisa
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I am looking for 1 tix for benefit show M&G.

you can contact me here or Rabrina on twitter.

Hey, everybody!! It is killing me to have to do this, but I won't be able to make it to the Vienna, VA show, so I'm selling one GA ticket, plus one M&G upgrade. Message me if you're interested, either here or on Twitter (@airheadjordan). Thanks!!

Evening All!

I know this is very last minute, but I'm going to give it my best shot anyways. I am looking for one M&G ticket for Saturday's show, 11/08 in Clearwater, FL.

In Exchange, I will provide you TWO 1 Day Park Hopper tickets to Walt Disney World Resort, for TWO days. That way you can attended all 6 of Dave's performances (3 each day) at Epcot, as well as the ability to visit the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios, should you choose to do so.

I am a 12 year full time cast member, specializing in making people's dreams come true for a living, and would be happy to assist you with a truly "magical" visit. Been waiting a really long time for this Smiling You can message me here or DM me at @bnygrl_btrcup on Twitter if you're able to help me out. Or even if you just have questions.

Let's all enjoy Dave's shows together!!! Looking forward to hearing back from you.

God Bless,

Looking for 1 VIP ticket for November 4th (Gainesville, FL). Thank you Smiling

Looking to buy (1) Meet & Greet for the Brain Cancer Research Benefit for Dec. 2 Can dm me on twitter (rascalete) or pm me here I would be very appreciative. lol Fran

Looking for 2 meet and greets for Clearwater Nov 8? xo Sue

Swannny: Are these meet and greet ticks???? Sue

Please take me off the list - I have my ticket for Fort Lauderdale!!! WoooHoooo!

I have 2 tickets for Clearwater if anyone is interested. Row I seats 20 and 21.

My tickets are sold! One is for ME! So excited!

via DM krschaefers is looking for two David Cook VIP tickets in Clearwater for 11/8

Looking for VIP or other good close seat for Fort Lauderdale, Nov 1 - @cookiebabe7

I don't need VIP to Gainsville anyone.

However I am still looking for 2 VIP for Clearwater..

You can contact me here or on twitter (@Rabrina).

2 Tickets 11/8/14 Clearwater Row J center section by aisle at cost. Message here or DM twitter same name.

I'M GOING after all! Still have a ticket, if interested.

Ft. Lauderdale, Sat., Nov. 1.
2 Tickets, Row E, ORCH C1, on the aisle. For sale at cost.

These are great seats!!

sorry it's been a while since I've updated. Please let me know if you're on the list and have either gotten tix or sold your tix.

Unable to make this trip, so selling 4 tix to the 11/1 show in Fort Lauderdale. Orchestra Right, Row C on the aisle, face value. PM here or twitter @dcvision23

Just as an FYI, my Clearwater ticket has been spoken for.

I have 2 tickets to the Clearwater show in the front row of the Mezzanine. Row AA Seats 7 and 8. Face Value. Please contact me on Twiiter @MsCRC if interested.

Need to sell my David ticket for his Clearwater show on November 8. Going to Epcot instead (it's closer/less hassle)...I have Row D, Seat 2 which is on the aisle. I'm looking to sell it at face value. It's a single ticket. I don't come to the board very often, so you can contact me via twitter at @alicat1032

Ft. Lauderdale, Sat., Nov. 1.
2 Tickets, Row E, ORCH C1, on the aisle. For sale at cost.
On Twitter I'm lovinlife__
Please leave a direct message either site.

abethfordc there is someone om Twitter who has 2 for sale for Clearwater really good seats. Wish you did Twitter!! It is @breadmom1

Need to buy 1 Clearwater ticket with better seat than row "0". Don't do/have twitter so please PM me here. Thanks.

my tickets and DCJerseyGIrl tickets to Ft Lauderdale have been sold. Thanks.

Hey, everybody!! I'm desperately seeking one M&G ticket for either the Jacksonville, Gainesville or Ft. Lauderdale show. I'm not picky...any show will do!! If you end up with an extra ticket for any of these shows, I'd be more than happy to buy it. I may even attempt to kiss your feet!! You can message me here or on twitter, @airheadjordan. Thanks!! Smiling

I am selling 2 tickets for November 1st show in Broward County FL.

Orchestra Center Section in Row F

If you are interested contact me at Twitter @Eliza630. If you don't have twitter PM me here.

hugedcfan4eva8 That is great Bobbi!! Smiling

Wanted to let everyone know that my two extra Gainesville tickets have sold.

Hi everyone.. I am looking for 1 M&G for Gainsville and 2 M&G for Clearwater.. You can contact me here or on twitter (@Rabrina). thanks..

I have 2 tickets to sell for the Nov. 1st/Fort Lauderdale show. OrchR1 Row C. @catalm

Looking for two tickets to Clearwater show November 8, 2014. M&G preferred (of course!) or Orchestra Rows A through H. Twitter id is @alhillia

someone advises me there's actually such a thing as VIP for Ottawa? or was?

Need a ticket for Ottawa on Aug. 15? I have one for Main Floor Seating, Row J. Can't make it to this one, and hate to let the ticket go to waste. DM me here or Twitter @opabinia_seabug.

I have an extra ticket for sale to the Sandy show on 7/26 - section 1, row c, seat 13. If you're interested, the best way to reach me is on twitter @debrakay23.

I have 1 ticket for the Ottawa IL show on August 15th: Row G seat 5. Best way to contact me is on Twitter - @curly_jas, or PM me here.

Hi JerseycGirl-2, I'm @lovinlife__

Lovinlife, Let me know your twitter name and I'll add it to the post above.

sorry I haven't updated here in a while. Will do it now. Me first, I no longer need M&G for Clearwater. But I do have 1 ticket for Ft Lauderdale, row A Left for sale.

Also @dcjerseygrl has two tickets for Ft. Lauderdale row D Right.

Hi, looking for 1 or 2 VIP tickets to Ft Lauderdale, Nov. 1
Reply DM on Twitter, if possible. Five months is a long time to keep checking here, daily. Wish we had a notice on DCO for DMs.

UPDATE: I only have 2 GA tickets left for the Gainesville show on Nov 4th. If interested please contact me on here or @ArtFanatic89 on twitter. Thanks!

hugedcfan4eva8 Bobby check your messages here!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I still have 3 General Admission tickets for the Gainesville, FL show on Nov 4th that I really need to sell. If anyone is in need of one or knows someone who is, please contact me on here or @ArtFanatic89 on twitter.

I, too, was disappointed that all M&G tickets to the Clearwater show were sold out prior to even the presale. I was so excited when the 2 Florida shows were announced. I did get a M&G to the Gainesville show, but I would still love a M&G for the Clearwater show being it's the only other show in my state. I don't have the means to go out of state so I would love to make both of these Florida shows. I am only looking for 1 ticket. Thanks!

Susanne, you didn't say how many you need.

Clearwater Florida Concert November 8
Does anybody have meet and greet tickets that they could sell me??? I am devastated. I waited 3 days and there are no more meet and greets available. I so want to meet David. Please let me know. I'd do anything to meet him. Thank you. Sue

I have 3 general admission tickets for David's November 4th show in Gainesville, FL that I no longer need as I was able to get VIP. So I now need to sell them. If anyone is in need of one or knows someone who is, please contact me on here or @ArtFanatic89 on twitter.

Very happy to open up the ticket angels thread again.

I'll start - Looking for two M&G tix for Clearwater November 8.


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