David Cook Vs. Chris Daughtry

David Cook Vs. Chris Daughtry

I know obviously asking a question like this on this site will probably get some pretty biased answers, but . . .

Who do you guys think is better lyrically, musically, vocally, band as a whole, (for the ladies) looks and appearance, writing style (i guess goes along with lyrically). . .

I personally like both. But lately ive grown bored of chris daughtry's Leave this town album and older music. I have been listening to David's Axium music ALOT lately and they are in my top 3 favorite bands.

Anyways give your HONEST opinions.

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Ah, Chris Daughtry! My first American Idol. I'm an idol rocker ho (LOL) and have been tarred and feathered oft times for my idol indiscretions Eye-wink but I love Chris, David, and Lee. They are my idol triad, my LDCD.

There are a lot of similarities between Chris and David, but not in their actual voices. They are both great performers, both really commanding attention on the stage and both leave it all out there. They are both great singers and lyricists, and great family men. Oh, and they are both gorgeous!

Regarding their voices, I love Chris' tone and I do love his vibrato. But I guess if I were to get my wish to be serenaded by just one Idol, it would be David. His voice is at times powerfully sweet and at other times powerfully sexy. I can take Axium in small doses, but I'm not a fan of 15-20 year old David. I feel like he was trying to find his voice during that time. I much prefer Analog Heart, Idol, DCTR David.

Lastly, I am never bored by either. Daughtry, Leave This Town, Analog Heart, and DCTR are my most played CDs. It helps that they've all been around for 1.5 - 4 years too.

I think Chris can write some good hooky melodic choruses in his rock songs. His first few singles from his first record are my favorites from him. I don't particularly love his vibrato-ish voice, but I do think it works well for what he does. I don't find him particularly interesting personality wise, but I do love that he's such a family man. He seems like a good guy. I think he has pretty eyes and a nice smile. His band has never really caught my attention.

David, on the other hand....writes some incredible lyrics. He's got an amazing way with words and I'm hopeful we'll see more of his wordiness on his next record. It really sets him apart, imo. His voice is unbelievably warm and strong and masculine and sounds great on the radio. I love his style. He writes great songs, and really knows how to emote and connect with the subject matter and make the listener care. David's band is incredibly talented and each band member is an interesting person on and off the stage. They are all great looking (although I could do without the current lumberjack beard on Neal Sticking out tongue) and have great stage presence. David has an incredibly interesting and inspiring personality, and is also very funny and charming.


I want to say that I do think that Chris Daughtry has wonderful musical and vocal gifts, and works hard to achieve the level of success that he has. His vibrato is too much for me in some of his songs, but I think he has learned to control it more over time. I went to a concert with a friend who had an extra ticket, and I thought it was very good. I do think he has a good, big, soaring voice. I truly don't know much about him, though other than that.

We are blessed that both he and David went on AI, so we can listen to both of them today.

Since this is a DC forum, you might guess that I am a bit biased about DC and his many talents. I absolutely love his voice, tone, expression, emotion, inflection, nuance, highs, lows, fast, slow, medium temp. It just calls to me. That's all I can say. Listen to the mp3 of High and Dry from the RMDH and it is just riveting in it's beauty. David's voice moves mountains. He makes me feel the emotion in the song. He takes me on a journey with each one. If I hear about a concert, I want to go immediately. He's sort of like the pied piper. David's stage presence is amazing, larger than life, really. His personality seems to be really warm, funny, and kind. He seems brilliant, complex, creative; and very much a guy's guy. I love the juxtaposition of all of his talent, and then him sitting down watching football, eating pizza with Andrew. He really seems to have a deep love for his friends and family which makes me smile. I do think he is very handsome, and I do think I'd adopt him in a heartbeat. Ryan Star once made a comment on what DC fans think about DC, and he said that DC is "beloved." I do think he is quite open with the fandom, but I think there is almost always more going on inside his head than he says. Quite mysterious and fascinating.

I cannot wait for more David music to be available.

I do love the cast of friends and family that David brings along with him on his big adventure. His band friends all have distinctive personalities that are interesting. Following them all is like watching a movie or tv show, great entertainment.

One word to describe everything about David Cook for me would be "warmth," voice, personality, everything.

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