David Cook's Light On Challenge

No way you can sing as well as David Cook, but hey, you can always give it a shot. We’re asking you to create a video of yourself rocking a rendition of Cook’s new hit, "Light On." You can sing it with a ukulele, sing it a cappella, or sing it with a full-blown band – it’s up to you. It’s your chance to show the world how down you are with David. And guess what? The singer himself may very well comment on it.

Getting this done is easy. Upload your clip onto VH1.com , and then take the resulting embed code and paste it below. Visitors to both sites will be able to view, comment on, and rate your efforts.

David encourages you to put a spin on his song – that’s how he rolls. Check the video above for a short musical lesson from the master himself. He’s also going to be keeping an eye on all those creative clips that wind up right here. Don’t be shocked if he weighs in on which ones tickle him most on his personal blog and on VH1.com. You will be able to upload your videos through December 2.

United States