Alright so since David is doing more and more radio interviews I decided to move the older interviews to a blog post which can be accessed here:

Previous Radio Interviews

I simply did this because the code was getting to be too much with all the updating I was having to do.


    Tuesday November 18th
  • Sirius Radio - The Morning Mashup on Channel 1 (NOW AVAILABLE): Clip 1. Clip 2. Clip 3. Clip 4. Thanks so so much to DC_song for recording!
  • Kiss 98.5 in Buffalo (NOW AVAILABLE): Click Here. Thanks to elisaday for recording.
  • ABC News Radio (NOW AVAILABLE): Click Here. Thanks to FoolsApril64.
  • 955 PLJ (NOW AVAILABLE): Light On Performance. Radio Interview. Thanks to everyone who pointed these out.
  • Fresh 102.7 (NOW AVAILABLE): Click Here. There is also a performance of Light On.
    Thursday November 20th
  • Alice Cooper's Radio Show (NOT YET AVAILABLE): Click Here.
    Friday November 21st
  • Radio Disney (NOT YET AVAILABLE): Click Here. It starts at 7pm ET/6 pm CST.

Hey everyone...just so you know I am in the midst of college finals so life has been a bit crazy and David has taken a back seat. But I promise to try and keep all the interviews up to date!

If you know of more...please let me know by PMing Me.

Also if you want to stay up to date on where David will be appearing in the coming weeks...check out the UPCOMING EVENTS thread.

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Does anyone have the mp3 to the second part of the XL interview??

They only have the podcast to the first part of the interview and they dont have the part where they were making the love playlists and whatnot.


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Is this a new interview Thursday morning at 7:45?
KVLY 107.9 in Texas:


The Iowa interview was funny. He had the morning show crew laughing the whole time.

WissPhoto, Word Nerd #805

Has anyone tried to listen live on the Star 102.5 website. I am not getting the live stream for some reason.

David is on now

I know I found that tidbit about writing with the band for the next album very promising. Very exciting, I hope they get to do this.

wow the idea of them writing songs together as a band just got me super excited..can't wait for that record,lol!


I love David radio interviews, but I hope the Iowa one tomorrow morning was pre-taped. I hate to think that he might have to get up for a 7:30AM interview when he hasn't been feeling well.

That Valpro interview is verrrrrry interesting! They'll DEFINITELY be writing music for the NEXT album while ON TEWER! Woo Hoo!
Kelly (hungry4more)

The website for STAR 102.5

I thought I should put this here

David will be on star 102.5 in IOWA on Monday morning after 7:30am. --

There's an interview with David from the Valpo college radio station. Mostly standard questions but an interesting response to the last question about writing with the band for the next record.

I will now use the term "Let's just marinate.." religiously, LOL! That interview from Florida was hilarious..haha.

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Photos from this morning's show (podcast not up yet): Dave with Johnny & Jayde on XL106.7

FoolsApril64 - site moderator (fan volunteer)
[ Upcoming Appearances/Events ] [ Archive ]

Thanks for the download link Imogen.

I hope someone record the XL interview too.

It is David C. and its really great!!!!

Here's a recording I made of the Scott & Erica Mix 105.1 interview:

Pinoy fans represent!

"Hi, I'm David Cook and I'm taking over the next 60 minutes of Johnny and Jayde" - promo just played on station. So maybe not Namesake.

ETA: It's DC on now!!!

I think its David A. not our david. Thats what the website says anyway.

Someone please record it since international fans can't listen to this station. Sad

David will be at radio XL at 9:00 am today.

The station website: http://www.wxxl.com/main.html



Tuesday- David Cook, 8:00
American Idol winner David Cook is in the studio with Scott & Erica.




Tuesday- David Cook, 8:00
American Idol winner David Cook is in the studio with Scott & Erica.


Thanks so much FA64!! You RAWK!!

Siggy by Alyycook!

*podcast now available ... right click and save*

Feb 4 (Wed) Podcast: David Cook talks to Josh Strickland on 97.5 NOW FM (Lansing, MI)

FoolsApril64 - site moderator (fan volunteer)


97.5 NOW FM:

Wednesday February 4th PREVIEW
Strickland gets his taxes done at Simplified Tax & Accounting! (That's just a random tidbit and has little to do with the show.) David Cook calls in!

Source: http://www.new975.com/showdj.asp?DJID=40589

I found this at DC=42:

I just heard that David is going to be on 101.1 WIXX in Green Bay, sometime after 3:00 pm, central time. Here's the link:


Apparently David had a radio interview yesterday with The Bounce Radio 91.7
According to this LiveJournal entry.

The person reporting was sure about "The Bounce" name but not at all sure about the number. She did say it was Canada, so I am pretty sure I've linked the correct radio station above. If anyone finds it, please let us all know!
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Is the WDJX interview from this morning in here yet? I don't see it.


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Jan 12 (Mon - approx. 7:10 AM) Details: David Cook w/the Wake-Up Crew on WPST 94.5 (Princeton, NJ)

FoolsApril64 - Site Moderator (fan volunteer)

kcradio posted its interview here: http://www.kcradio.com/downloads.html

Pinoy fans represent!

David made other interview for radio Q102 in Phili today: http://br.youtube.com/watch?v=5D78ZZTFAE4

Youtube for David's interview at KCradio: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FunBtXFfUc8
Link for the radio: http://www.kcradio.com/downloads.html

Brooke (not verified):

according to the FB page for kcradio.com he will be on tomorrow 1/08 at 2 pm

Which is the most recent interview? I'm having a hard time figuring it out. Sorry!

What a great interview! He went to see Lindsay Rose yesterday! That is why I love him

Loved that Q100 radio interview. Some interesting questions and answers from David. He's so articulate.
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Ok everyone...I believe I have updated all the radio interviews let me know if I missed one.

I am sorry it has been taking me so long to update but college finals have consumed my life.

You can download q100 atlanta here:
He's headlining Q100's Miracle On West Peachtree Street Holiday Concert (there tonight)!

This is a great interveiw. Very nice.

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Whoa boy. Somebody remind me to not get too attached to people that are associating with DC next time around. Seems like his sleeve is missing a heart. (Not ours!)

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Good interview with Q100 he did the interview via phone. He is good at skirting around the girlfriend issue that everybody ask. ha ha ~franniew

Looks like it is here

I am downloading it now. Let me check.... ugh. My mom's computer makes me cry. Anyway, that should be it. *smile*
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David was at Q100 Atlanta this morning? Did somebody catch the interview?

I send a PM to the OP, but she didn´t add it to the main post. I hope somebody has some information.

Laughing out loud


List of songs you loved at first listen

Just listened to the Dave and Jimmy interview. Its intresting I like how he beats around some of those questions that he doesnt particularly like.Also liked listening to him talking about SNL.

Youtube for Dave and Jimmy interview:


Interview with Dave and Jimmy is up


Here are the interviews with WNCI - Columbus Ohio

Part 1:

Part 2:


In the second part - a listener gives David a beautiful oil painting that he did of David.

I think this is a syndicated radio show to several Ohio stations but the main one is WNCI. Anyway, David is supposed to be on the Dave and Jimmy show tomorrow.


Thanks for posting this. It answered a question I had about if the whole band was going to perform for the troops and David confirms that they are. He sounds really stoked about this. Always great to hear a new interview!

I found this interview with radio Sophie in San Diego and I don't think we've heard this interview before. I'm not sure the exact date but it was the week of the record release.


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