David's new 2012/2013 music...

David's new 2012/2013 music...

I've caught up with new's that David Cook has parted ways with his record lable, i would like to know will David release physical cds in future or not? because i would like David to release cds cause his music is amazing awesome i'm a big UK fan Smiling

"The Last Song I'll Write For You" is a great song, is it off his up-coming 2012/2013 release ?

I would like to be updated if it is possible and if anyone knows new infomation please tell me Smiling thank you

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From a listening point of view I would say Axium and Analog Heart are Dave's musical history, but living in Tulsa for two years and playing with MWK gave him life experience. Even though he was broke, he was continuing to make music and write on the side for an upcoming 2nd solo effort. Didn't he also do a duo thing in Tulsa? I thought I remember a silly name for their act...D & D Music Factory? Would love to know what kind of music he was doing at those acoustic gigs.

Only brought it up because partlycloudly specifically asked regarding 'Incoherent'. kwim? Let us move on; there is no disagreement here, imo. (Other than, sans the MWK connection D would not have known Neal, and Neal is an important part of his history -- Andy also.They were sympatico enough to write together and it's interesting to me, to listen to the Dave/Neal co-writes and see how they are different/similar to Neal's solo writing, to Dave's solo writing, and to Dave's writing with other collaborators. There was a period during which there was a lot of artistic cross-fertilization there. I think that worked fruitfully in all directions. If ppl are interested in the composing aspects, it's interesting. Vocally, however, you are absolutely right -- no Dave in MWK.)

.......I don't want to argue with anyone, I was trying to clarify what I believe are examples of David's music. GBTAL if you believe MWK is a good example of David's music that is okay but for me Axium and Analog Heart are the best examples of his music pre idol...... Smiling

Sky, IMO it's all part of the musical history. He played MWK material on the DeTour and did not play Axium, for several valid reasons. And he cowrote MWK's Anodyne on Luna Despierta. I think Tulsa-era and forward is quite enough for going on with in the near term. Axium will be there for deep diving, but he's never playing it again.

IMO Axium and Analog Heart are David's musical history. {MWK is a group he played with for a short period. It was never his main deal.} If you want to know about David Axium was his main group that he fronted and wrote the songs for. Analog Heart was his solo project before Idol. Of course you have Idol, then David Cook The Record and then This Loud Morning and This Quiet Night. His latest is The Last Song I'll Write For You which is a single.

ach, no edit button, i stand corrected -- a little bird told me that Andy confirmed to a fan at some point that Dave didn't do any vocals on 'Incoherent.' (It's still a great record. Smiling #heresy Smiling

And yeah, supernova, you will enjoy some of the older music discussed here, I'll bet. Some really great stuff awaits you. I'm kinda jealous of you, with that listening experience in front of you. Cheers.

Hey, PartlyCloudy -- 'incoherent' is an MWK record, you don't have it? It's on iTunes. vintage MWK, really strong songs, some of my favorites -- including Make Me, which D has sporadically covered -- or maybe he only did it once, on the Detewer? (There was some lead-singer controversy among fans as I recall -- as to whether it was Ok for D to sing Andy's part. Tempest in proverbial teapot imo.)

If you're looking for Dave vocals they're not on this record. (Or it is possible he's doing some harmonies but my ear sure can't pick it out. Other than, i think it's def him doing the distorted 'kill me kill me' refrain on 'Killing More than Time.') But he did play on it, and it's a great record.

I'm enjoying this thread for discovering a few songs I haven't heard yet. (I didn't think that was -POSSIBLE!) My advice for you Paul: head on over to Youtube. Do a search for David Cook, and you'll be amazed by all of the old stuff as well as full concert songs that are available to watch. My suggestions for fave songs to get you started:
1. Analog Heart (Okay, the whole album is GREAT)
2. Fade Into Me Unplugged
3. Anodyne
4. Souvenir
5. Rolling in the Deep (cover, acoustic)
6. We're Only Honest When We're Sleeping
7. High & Dry (cover)
8. Stockholm Syndrome (cover)
9. Pecking Order
10. Truth is a Gun

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June 13, 2012 - 13:18
hi everyone, i just want to know if are there any concert before 14 july.
and vooooooote for for david in q102 and in DCAwards

You may find an UNofficial list of known upcoming appearances/events here

~L : )

hi everyone, i just want to know if are there any concert before 14 july.
and vooooooote for for david in q102 and in DCAwards

I thought Dream Big was written by Neil Diamond all this time. I listened to Emily Shackelton sing her song, and it was really good. I love her voice, too. I liked her version as well. David did a great job changing up that song, too.

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June 13, 2012 - 11:14
When David Cook was on American Idol on the Finals night David sung a song "Dream Big" which was a new song, i like this song alot was they ever a studio recording of this song or not? and was "Dream Big" written for David or just for the shows final?

Dream Big was written by Emily Shackelton for the American Idol Songwriter Contest that season. The Davids had to select from one of the runner-up entries (The Time of My Life by Regie Hamm being the winning entry) for one of their three performances that night and David Cook chose Dream Big. Here's Ms. Shackelton's original version/contest entry so you can see how Dave changed the arrangement.

While there was no full-length studio recording, there was a live performance recording that was made available by American Idol via iTunes for a limited time and you can download it here. Even though not a full studio version, this track was popular and sold a total 143,596 units (111,052 that finale week and an additional 32,544 the few days the following week before it was pulled), and landed at No. 15 on the Billboard Hot 100, No. 17 on the Pop 100, and No. 7 on Hot Digital Tracks and Hot Digital Songs charts.


When David Cook was on American Idol on the Finals night David sung a song "Dream Big" which was a new song, i like this song alot Smiling was they ever a studio recording of this song or not?
and was "Dream Big" written for David or just for the shows final?

Welcome, Paul. About the only major piece of information that hasn't been explicitly highlighted yet is that, just before going on AI, Cook completed on his second Tulsa solo album (working title either Optimistic to a Fault or Remember This, generally referred to as "the unreleased Tulsa album" or OTAF). The tracks were submitted to RCA for consideration and one, A Daily AntheM, is the final track on DCTR (David Cook: The Record).

He also performed We're Only Honest When We're Sleeping from that collection several times while on the Declaration Tour. (You can find a version on this Youtube playlist of DeTour performances.) And there's a partial performance of Better Never Than Late that he performed on an Oklahoma local travel show before going on AI.

He hasn't said anything about plans to release OTAF (as an artist, he doesn't really like looking back, and as a former RCA signee, the fact that ADAM is on DCTR may complicate the issue), but it's a piece of his songwriting development that a lot of fans would really like to hear in full someday. As it stands, I find those three songs very helpful in understanding the progression from AH to DCTR.

The record he was on is called Incoherent with Desire to Move On.

I'm not sure I've heard that record. Is it still available somewhere?

Welcome, supernova_Paul. David has had some international success, too. He played a concert in Manila with David Archuleta that had over 100,000 in attendance a few years ago, and he's about to go back. He recently had some success on Japanese radio, where a number of stations were playing songs from all over TLM, not just his singles. Phillippines radio and Puerto Rico radio have also played songs that were not singles. It sounds like he has many Indonesian fans, too. Also, there are several British fans who post here, so they could fill you in on all kinds of things from the British perspective.

As far as Bon Jovi, that was a single concert for charity, but we'd all love to see there be more of those. David has almost exclusively headlined or co-headlined.

David also holds the distinction of landing 11 songs on the Billboard 100 in one week in the year he won, a record he alone holds to this day. He's also one of just a few solo males (he's treated that way by the charts) to place three songs in the top 5 of the HAC radio format here.

Oh, and as to being solo vs. front man - David fronted the band Axium from the time he was 15, putting out a number of records that reflect a huge early songwriting talent. Those are only available on the secondary market or by download, again recommending a donation to one of his charities. Then for a time he was in a band called Midwest Kings as their rhythm guitarist (and I think at one time bass guitarist, too) after he moved to Tulsa. They also have many records which are still available for purchase. The record he was on is called Incoherent with Desire to Move On. Two of his post-Idol bandmembers came from MWK, and a third came from a friend's band from the era. So, David has been a frontman in the past and is one again since Idol.

I have just watched "Sharp Dressed Man (with ZZ Top)" when David was on American Idol, i'm amazed David has loads of talent solo and he could also be a front man in a band also Smiling

David's cover of "Rolling In The Deep" i've recently seen on youtube is awesome also, i got to say i think David's cover is better then the original Smiling

Another big welcome, Paul! It puts a big smile on my face every time another fan joins our "family;" especially one of his international fans! I can't agree more, David should be a huge star all over the world. He has an amazing voice, writes superb music, champions great causes, and is a wonderful man who really appreciates his fans. Can't wait to hear more from you as you discover all of David's music.

~The World I Know is a better place because of David Cook~

Supernova_Paul: You've restored my faith in all things "finding David" ... have a blast with your discoveries and Welcome! Cheers~!

I have been here for years, still do not know how to use 4shared...I guess with free you cannot download? Just listen? #embarrassed

From Here to Zero is just amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a song!

To be honest with you all i am very surprised David is not a huge big star over here on the rock/indie music scene because his music fits perfect over here, it's bad David dosn't get recognised much for his awesome talent.

Trust me. We've been wondering about that too. So, you're at the right place.

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June 12, 2012 - 09:41
Can you still buy "Analog Heart" as a physical cd ? is it still available to buy ?

Original copies of Analog Heart are rare, but sometimes come up for auction (selling for hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars).

However, in a 2008 interview, Dave encouraged fans to share the 2006 indie album by making and passing out copies of it. So, you may listen to and download the album for free (though many fans have choosen to make a donation to David Cook's Race for Hope Team for a Cure or other supported charity) here: Analog Heart, as well as via other public shares.


Can you still buy "Analog Heart" as a physical cd ? is it still available to buy ?

I have not heard "From Here To Zero" at all, but i did buy "The Last Song I'll Write For You" eventally i opened a iTunes account Smiling
Ooh awesome i didnt know David done a mash-up thank you for letting me know Smiling

David opened up for Jon Bon Jovi but he is still not known worldwide? people need to open there eyes more David is one talented dude his talents should not be ignored!

Let me add my welcome, supernova_paul. - Good thing you are persistent, and searched out the website, because this is the place to find 'everything'...for sure!

While you wait for the albums to arrive - you may enjoy watching this show from May 4th, David did a 'Story Tellers' style concert where he played a lot of songs from both albums, and told us stories about them, with background and bits of information.

I was also reminded by your user name that when David does "Heroes" (from the album David Cook) in concert, there's a mash up in one spot, with part of "Champagne Supernova". I thought that may interest you, if you didn't already know? The last time he did it was on May 28th in Vegas, when he opened for Jon Bon Jovi...if you need to locate the thread.

Enjoy yourself here - we have so much DC Music, dating back to 2002!

Welcome again Paul. It is always cool to hear that David has fans in England or anywhere else for that matter. David is heading for the Philippines and Indonesia next month, and we know he wants to go to Europe as well as Brazil. A lot of us here feel like his management should have gotten him to more countries after his first platinum album David Cook. Whether David has a record label or not, I am confident that he will get a new album out even if he does it himself. Before Idol he had already put out his own material on his album Analog Heart. I love the new single The Last Song I'll Write For You, it's on I-tunes by the way.
We have heard another new song called From Here To Zero which we hope will appear on the new album. He has definitely been writing and has said he wants to get new music out sooner than last time.

hi supernova, i'm huge fan of david i'm from morocco and i have to tell this you have a great taste to choose david because he's a great misician and songwritter with unique voice and great personnality. and guys don't forget to vooooote for david in q102

Thank You JeannieL Smiling i am going to download David's videos on American Idol when it was his season. I've just ordered "This Loud Morning [Deluxe Edition]" & "David Cook" albums on amazon can't wait for them to come now Smiling

Supernova_Paul: Hi and huge welcome! So glad you found David Cook and I must commend you on your impeccable taste in music Smiling I became interested in David Cook quite by accident because I was coerced into watching an episode of season 7's "American Idol" . I highly recommend watching his American Idol journey that year along with all the other goodies this forum gifts us. Wishing you nothing but the best! Smiling

WOW you people are so welcomeing Smiling thank you Smiling

I just heard about David Cook from his song "The Last Goodbye" that played once on the TV over here in UK but never again since and i liked the lyrics so i searched about him.
To be honest with you all i am very surprised David is not a huge big star over here on the rock/indie music scene because his music fits perfect over here, it's bad David dosn't get recognised much for his awesome talent. He sings songwrite etc that to me is talent it's very rare these days people can do both!

Supernova_Paul...Welcome to DCO. As others have said, you have come to the right place for everything you need to know about David Cook.. Check out the Everything Thread for lots of past and present goodies. Other great threads are Daily Digest, various tour threads and the Billboard thread. As for upcoming tour dates....check out the Events section.

We are hoping for a new album ...but no concrete news on that yet....stay tuned. Meanwhile, enjoy what is here and the new songs: The Last Song I'll Write For You and From Here to Zero.

Once again....Welcome to this awesome community of loyal David Cook fans.

I just want to welcome you Paul, to DCO. It looks like you have been given directions to where you need to go to see all of the information these awesome fans have stored. You could also visit the Tour threads from the main community page. There are videos saved there of every concert from the Declaration tour, This Loud Tour, and-one offs from everywhere.

How did you find David Cook and when? We like hearing stories about how fans became fans. Would you share with us what your favorite songs are from his albums?

Another little tidbit of information you may be interested in is that I got to speak to David at a VIP Meet and Greet last November. I took several letters to him, mostly from international fans, and half of those were from Europe. I told him he had a lot of European fans really wanting to see him live and he said he would love to tour there and told someone from his team to really work on finalizing some plans for that. He then told me they had been working on it but he didn't know how long it would take to actually pull it together, but he indicated it could be late this year.

I'll just say again, if there is anything you are looking for but can't find, just come back here and ask, or you can ask on any of the threads really.

Supernova_Paul: If you want to find some of David's older music, the best place to look is on the Find Everything thread right here on DCO http://tinyurl.com/7gmwcrq.

Another new song is From Here to Zero (FHTZ). He first sang it at a radio gig in Las Vegas, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNTDyu3XgJ0 and played it for the May 5 Night of Hope (NOH) concert with a bit of banter, lol. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlD43Ln_K5g


Welcome, Paul! Dave's been working on new music and fans are eager to hear what's next, including any news re a new album so, stay tuned!

In the meantime, Dave has some upcoming appearances and, as has been mentioned, there's a wealth of music you may not have heard yet, as well as interviews, vlogs, concert footage and other resources here you might enjoy checking out - just give a shout if you need someone to point the way.

Cheers! ~Lisa

Welcome, supernova_paul! So glad that you enjoy David's music. In addition to his recordings, have you seen any of the many videos of his concert performances? If not, what wonders await you! Just ask if you need help navigating to find them.

Hi supernova_paul
David has said in recent interviews that he is working on his third album. He currently still is without a label, so it is not clear yet if that will be with a label or how that will play out.

Since you are new here I have to ask if you have heard all of his previous music? Are you aware of Analog Heart, his self-published album from before Idol? Or the several individual non-released older songs we have heard from him, like Souvenir? Those might help tied you over,

United States