David's Tattoo's!

David's Tattoo's!

I feel like every time I look at a picture of David, I find a new tattoo on his arms. How many tattoo's does David have all together & what are they?! It drives me crazy not knowing what each one is. I know, I sound obsessed. But I kinda am... Hahah I LOVE David <3 Smiling If you guys know about his tattoo's, please post a reply on this, thanks!

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@DJLisaFoxx: Dueling Owl tattoos w/Mike @1043MYfm and @thedavidcook haa! I will post video of our sit down chat... http://fb.me/NcdkQ7bP

@thedavidcook and I both have owl tattoos... Sweet. http://pic.twitter.com/uHf7tCjlaK

I thought you might like an up close photo of the owl tattoo. http://pic.twitter.com/DYX7LLrsHA

fyi: David had this tat done while he was in Tulsa on 9/22/13. Fans are at this time guessing that it has to do with his mother Beth who collects owls and when David was little he made her an Owl out of ceramic at school and it was "rainbow" colored like this! Smiling

Hello! Went to the luncheon abd the R4H and it was so special!

I have a tidbit ~ David told a fan at his table at the luncheon who asked about the soundwave tat what it stood for ~ David said that the 5 soundwaves were his neices and nephews saying their names ~ Makes me love the tat even more what a guy!

Meaning of the Bansky Tat (Girl with Heart Balloon)

@dinnac4t @kcbban To quote Banksy 'When the time comes 2 leave, just walk away quietly don't make a fuss.' Letting the balloon (love) go.

He said it has a calming effect on him Smiling RT @dinnac4t: I just realized the true meaning of @thedavidcook

In this vid David talks about Tats!
David Cook Q&A during Meet & Greet @ Ion Sky (Part 2 of 2)

Info on the newest and sexiest tat!!


per JoanieB:

I was the one that asked about the tat at Night of Hope in DC. I was the 1st one up at m&g. I said "you know everyone wants to know about new tat will you tell me what it is?" He laughed & said tell 'em it's the energy drink logo." I said naw it's not...he said same but go on twitter & tell everyone it is!!! So we did what was asked. Michelle was next & he told her the truth...it is a soundwave!! Hope that helps the discussion!

David is a grown man and can do whatever, but I'm not a fan of multiple tats either. Even if he decides to cover himself with them I'll be disappointed, but it won't change the way I feel about him. I still remember when those gorgeous arms were flawless. The new one looks like a cat scratched him. lol

~The World I Know is a better place because of David Cook~

More new tat Love It!

BWAHA!! Of course Andrew is in the background

I love his tats and they always mean something to him. To me he can do what he wants to himself

on this Light On vid from Tiger Jam you can clearly see there are f lines of what ever it is on the newest tat on his upper left arm

Discussion that the newest tat might be these music thingies:
@7Skitty @not_around @ThatGirlDLC I think you guys are on to something!! http://yfrog.com/mn1ovp

I love him, but he's killing me here, lol Not a fan of multiple tattoos.

and from Tiger Jam another new tat? Smiling

Another picture of the new tat from Clovis!

And per David he told a fan what it is!
@DCfanfromMo Pawprint of family dog, Penny (died recently). Andrew's got one too.

Aww. I knew it was a paw print!

Now the new tat is looking like another paw print! 2nd doggy/buddy for Dubs perhaps?

Speculation is that David might have another one above Dublin's paw print on the inside of his left forearm as seen in the picture that Devin Tweeted! Maybe we will know soon since the Orlando Food and Wine show is coming up!

Love all his tats Smiling He is so beautiful Smiling XO

*HINT* in case you don't know, which you probably do since I'M the twitter n00b xP, however....

if you click on it, it gets bigger >=)

I luv seeing pics of Dave's tattoos. I'm usually not a fan, but Dave's are so beautiful and have such great stories behind them! Thanks for posting this collage of DC tats Smiling http://pic.twitter.com/hk5myR3o

gah thanks for posting! that's amazing!

Wow. I didn't know he had THAT many!! but he's gorgeous enough to pull it off Eye-wink

David talking about his Dash Tat in Hanoi

Thank you so much! I saw the "14" on his arm in some recent pictures. I wonder what the meaning of that one is. I never knew he had so many tattoo's! Thanks for explaining them Smiling

Leigh Ann - #1 Fan <3
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opabinia, I think David would like your avi. Not so sure about Banksy, though. LOL

Here are some interviews where David discusses some of his tattoos. Thanks again to Lisa for providing the links:

Heartthrob Tattoo

Early tattoos

Eye tattoo

Rolling Out Across the Desert Word Hero #293
"If I was in a band competing with Andy, I'd quit." -- Neal Tiemann

Just one more that I know of...a puppy footprint on inside of his left wrist. For Dublin.

ETA: Oops, someone beat me to it. For some reason, I rather like the Banksy image; in fact, I made my avi to resemble it. Hope D doesn't mind.

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David's tattoos are:

(1) A heart on his chest. He got this one pre-Idol, when he won the title "Tulsa's Newest Heartthrob" (or something like that). I think the tattoo is sort of a way to make fun of that title. lol

(2) An "AC" on the inside of his upper right arm (is that the bicep? I don't know the medical terms. LOL). It's for his brothers, just like the AC on his guitar.

(3) A "14" on his left arm. No one knows the meaning of that one, although there has been much speculation.

(4) A girl releasing a heart balloon on his left arm, below the "14" tattoo. That's a replica of an artwork by a guy named Banksy.

(5) An eye on his right wrist (at least I think it's the right. LOL). He got that one right around the start of the AI tour. I think it symbolizes his time on Idol and the fact that he's always being watched. May be wrong on that one, though. :/ (ETA: I'm being told that according to David, it's to remind himself to appreciate things in the moment, with eyes wide open).

(6) A gray brain cancer awareness tattoo on his sternum. That's another pre-Idol one.

(7) The last stanza of the poem "The Dash" on his lower left arm. The poem was read at his brother's funeral.

( 8 ) a blue eagle emblazoned with the words "Rock Flag Eagle" on the inside of his upper left arm. That's a reference to his favorite show, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia." Neal has the same tattoo.

I *think* that's it. Although I suppose there may be others in places we can't see. haha

ETA I knew I forgot one! Thanks to Lisa for reminding me...

(9) A paw print on his left wrist. It's Dublin's paw print (Dublin being his Scottish Terrier).

Rolling Out Across the Desert Word Hero #293
"If I was in a band competing with Andy, I'd quit." -- Neal Tiemann

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