David's tweet about Carrie's album!

David's tweet about Carrie's album!

Hi guys! Sorry if it's the wrong place to post this. Did you guys see David's tweet saying that he'll buy Carrie's new album on May 1?(he answered another tweet saying that today, I don't know how to post the link, it should be on his account) That's very sweet of him. He says he has to support his friends. When TLM came out David sent Carrie a copy, then she bought her own, and she wrote a whole blog recomending it. If you read my introduction (or seen my avatar lol) you know how much I love Carrie, so I feel so blessed that they are such good friends. I'll die the day they record or write something together.

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Happy they are friends as I love Carrie too. Any music they would make together would be so special XO

And his favorite song of hers, if someone cares, is "I know you won't". If not her best song, it's right up ther. (My opinion of course).

Here´s a link for those interested:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5gwoFgOt9o
By the way I know this because he tweeted it some time ago.

I also love the way David & Carrie sound together. I wish they would do a duet on David's next album; it certainly wouldn't hurt the sales numbers. Remember how much Carrie loved "Lie?"
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Thank you so much, Leonuru, for the link. It was nice to read that her fans were supporting his album as well. A ton of people would be so stoked to see these two do something together.

Of course I seen and have that performance XD. And it was such a let down when their duet was not broadcasted. I didn't know he said he wouldn't do country, but it's predictible. I think however, that it's very possible for him to appear on her albums. The one coming out on may has no duets, but I'm still excpecting a co write XD
And if not, a duet for the next one.

I'll die the day they record or write something together.

Leonoru - Do you have the "Go Your Own Way" duet they did from the Idol Experience in February of 2009?

Granted, it's not writing or recording a song together - but that may be problematic, since David has said he won't do Country, and Carrie is a Country singer - but they could do other songs... and I still want that lost duet from Carrie's Holiday special - "Why Can't This Be Love" - People who were there at the taping said it was Superfine.

Also. I thought it was cute how she wrote in 2008 that she went out to the WalMart in her Pajamas at midnight to get a copy of David's DCTR the night it went on sale.


Here it is.

"PS she also loves the David Cook album and encouraged everyone to buy it. I agree--- it is AWESOME! "

That would be fantastic. If it's no trouble. I certainly don't want you to go to ant trouble.

I am not a member of the official fan club, where she writes herself, because I'm from Uruguay. However, I can look for the link in the site I visit in wich members tell the rest of us what she writes. Is that okay?

I also agree that Carrie and David would sound wonderfully together. They both have nice strong voices so that one would not outshine the other. It would be nice if they could do a song David has written.

I honestly think I 'll cry tears of joy and excitement should these two good friends and great talents do a record together.

You said Carrie wrote about David's album in a blog? Can you link it somehow? I've never seen it and would love to read it.

I am thrilled that they are friends, too! Yes, an album with them together would be wonderful!

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