DEC 09 2011 (Fri) IRVING PLAZA (New York, NY)-- tweets, live blogging, setlist, videos, photos, recaps/reviews, etc.

DEC 09 2011 (Fri) IRVING PLAZA (New York, NY)-- tweets, live blogging, setlist, videos, photos, recaps/reviews, etc.

David Cook
DEC 09 2011 (Fri) IRVING PLAZA (New York, NY)-- tweets, live blogging, setlist, videos, photos, recaps/reviews, etc.


Hey everyone! As in past, I will be creating a discussion thread for each stop of this tour in an effort to keep the boards organized and help everyone more easily find info related to each event (and have a record of everything in one place for anyone wanting to look back on these events sometime in future). The following is how these threads will work (subject to change):
>> Thread pinned to the top of or on the main David Cook Discussion forum for 24-48 hrs
>> Thread moved to its respective regional Tour Talk forum (e.g., East Coast, Midwest, etc.)

What should be posted here? Related local radio/TV/press, on-site reports/photos, live blogging, recaps, media and fan reviews, links to related blogs, event photos/videos, etc., etc. Please post links to photos instead of embedding them and please disable graphic footers as this will make the thread easier to read (especially when live blogging). Regarding PRE-SHOW sound check and set list spoilers, please either PM me the info so that I may post it as hidden text in the first pinned reply or, alternatively, if I am not hosting or not here for whatever reason, then please post the spoilers to a blog and link that blog back to this thread in your reply.

Cheers! ~Lisa

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I'd like to thank DCO user mscrc for volunteering to host-post tonight's live blogging. I trust everyone will show her patience and support (especially as the site's EDIT feature is a bit wonky)! If and when time permits, I will circle back to update/format this thread, if necessary. Thx. ~Lisa

ETA: Again, many thanks to mscrc for live blogging last night! Thread now updated. : )

START TIME: ≈ 8:00 PM (David's set should begin ≈ 9:15 PM)

**times subject to change so, please stay tuned**
Tonight's lineup: Zander Bleck – David Cook
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Fan-Organized Cellcast | Fancast -- info now deleted --
Show #37 of the album cycle
at ≈ 9:15 PM ET ( 6:15 PT / 7:15 MT / 8:15 CT )
>> thread recaps: c/o NyCArole / jayelgee1 / c/o Tlatz / c/o jasmine / c/o Tlatz
>> blog recaps: c/o abethfordc / c/o Joyed / c/o Cookified Texan / c/o LuvinDavid1 / c/o AmysTruth / c/o 17divas / c/o ashleyluvzDC
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Event Photos
>> Collections: c/o mallorydobry / c/o CookifiedTexan / honestys_easy / c/o Roxybella / c/o Kitunen / c/o Kristen8108 / c/o jayelgee1
>> Twitpics IMG1 IMG2 IMG3 IMG4 IMG5 IMG6 IMG7 IMG8 IMG9 IMG10 IMG11 IMG12 IMG13 IMG14 / IMG15 / IMG16 / IMG17 / IMG18 / IMG19 / IMG20 / IMG 21 / IMG22 / IMG23 / IMG24 / IMG25 / IMG26 / IMG27 / IMG28 / IMG29 / IMG30 / IMG31 / IMG32 / IMG33 / IMG34 / IMG35 / IMG36 / IMG37 / IMG38 / IMG39 / IMG40 / IMG41 / IMG42 / IMG43 / IMG44 / IMG45 / IMG46 / IMG47 / IMG48 / IMG49 / IMG50 / IMG51 / IMG52 / IMG53 / IMG54 / IMG55 / IMG56 / IMG57 / IMG58 / IMG59 / IMG60 / IMG61 / IMG62 / IMG63 / IMG64 / IMG65 / IMG66 / IMG67 / IMG68 / IMG69 / IMG70 / IMG71 / IMG72 / IMG73 / IMG74 / IMG75 / IMG76 / IMG77 / IMG78 / IMG79 / IMG80 / IMG81 / IMG82 / IMG83 / IMG84 / IMG85 / IMG86 / IMG87 / IMG88 / IMG89 / IMG90 / IMG91 / IMG92 / IMG93 IMG94 / IMG95 / IMG96 / IMG97 / IMG98 / IMG99 / IMG100 / IMG101 / IMG102 / IMG103 / IMG104 / IMG105 / IMG106 / IMG107
>> VIP Meet & Greet
Photo Credit: Cookified Texan
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Tonight's Set List
Circadian jsalow2 / justicelvr (+Heroes) / DblJerseyGirl / crissangel4eva6159 / stephycharles / 17Divas / breadmom1 / gabicarter
Heroes jsalow2 / Cookiecakes4me / sjmond / 17Divas
Mr. Sensitive jsalow2 / cookiecakes4me / jessib163 / gabicarter / breadmom1
The Last Goodbye jsalow2 / DblJerseyGirl(wb) / crissangel4eva6159 / bobsessive(b) / sAMDmDC
Life on the Moon jsalow2 / bobsessive (b) / Cookiecake4me(b) / CookifiedTexan / gabicarter
Paper Heart jsalow2 / gabicarter / breadmom1
Come Back To Me jsalow2 / stephycharles / 17Divas
Let Me Fall For You jsalow2 / DblJerseyGirl(b) / xnycheartx22 / gsob822 / justicelvr / crissangel4eva6159 / SPN121 / bobsessive(b) / Cookiecake4me / stephycharles / CookifiedTexan (b) / 17Divas / 17Divas(b) / breadmom1(wb) / gabicarter / gabicarter(b)
Dogman (King's X cover, w/Jerry Gaskill on drums) justicelvr / DblJerseyGirl / gsob822 / xnycheartx22 / jsalow2 / Cookiecake4me / stephycharles / Tlaz / sANDmDC / bobsessive / ravenpandora / arlysv / CookifiedTexan (wb) / DCFanOlivia / mskristen8108 / SPN191 / gabicarter(b) / breadmom1
Goodbye to the Girl DblJerseyGirl(b) / justicelvr(wb) / jsalow2(wb) / SPN191 / bobsessive(b) / Cookiecake4me(wb) / stephycharles / Tlaz / ravenpandora / fifthfloorup / 17Divas / breadmom1 / gabicarter
Bar-Ba-Sol DblJerseyGirl(b) / XJackieRomansX(p) / sjmond / jsalow2(wb) / bobsessive(p) / bobsessive(b) / Cookiecake4me / stephycharles / CookifiedTexan (b) / breadmom1 / gabicarter
Light On theJHEYBEE (+8DaW, R&R, FIM) / SPN121 / bobsessive (b) / jsalow2 / gabicarter
... encore...
Eight Days a Week (Beatles cover) (w/Ryan Star & Steven Van Zandt) breadmom1 (+R&R + FIM) / DblJerseyGirl (wb+R&R) / justicelvr (wb+R&R) / jsalow2 (wb+R&R) / DCFanOlivia (wb+R&R) / Joyed3650(wb) / SPN191(+R&R) / gsob822 / btflysbabe / xnycheartx22(+R&R) / sjmond (+R&R) / loriinsi (+R&R) / sjmond (+R&R) / sANDmDC / Tlaz (+R&R) / jsalow2 (+R&R) / cookiecrumb29 (+R&R) / ravenpandora (+R&R) / Cookiecakes4me (+R&R) / CookifiedTexan / emchops2829 / permanentDCfan / mskristen8108 / 17Divas / jsalow2(v2 +R&R) / gabicarter(b)
Rock & Roll Led (Led Zeppelin cover) (w/Steven Van Zandt) CookifiedTexan / btflysbabe / sANDmDC / permanentDCfan / 17Divas / gabicarter
Fade into Me (acoustic) justicelvr / DblJerseyGirl (wb) / gsob822(p) / gmarn17(p wb) / bobsessive(b) / jessib163 / Tlaz / sANDmDC / jsalow2 / emchops2829 / stephycharles / Cookiecakes4me / ravenpandora / Loriinsi / CookifiedTexan (b) / permanentDCfan / 17Divas(b) / 17Divas / christos61978(wb) / gabicarter(wb)
Rapid Eye Movement DblJerseyGirl(b) / SPN121 / Loriinsi / sANDmDC / Cookiecake4me / bobsessive(b) / jsalow2 / Tlaz / CookifiedTexan (b) / 17Divas / gabicarter / emchops2829
... ... ...
Banter: Joyed3650

Photo Credit: DblJerseyGirl
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MP3s: Fade Into Me (c/o Jen (w/out banter) / c/o Jen (with banter))
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iTunes Artwork: c/o MsDarcy w/photo credit to jalyndani - iTunes Artwork – Irving Plaza
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Tour Update: (pending)
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Sampling of After Reports-in-Brief
>> @JGaskill57: This is what I did last night...
>> @thedavidcook: Thank you, NYC, and thanks to @StevieVanZandt, @RyanStar, Jerry from Kings X, @MVZaGoGo, and all else who helped make tonight amazing!
>> @KYLESPEEK: Still cant believe that I got 2 perform with @StevieVanZandt last night! Such an honor & a blessing. What a way to end the tour. Thanks man!
>> @andyskib: Such an amazing night in NYC tonight!! Got to play with @StevieVanZandt and Jerry from @KingsX!!
>> @TheRealDevinB: Tonight was mind blowing NYC!!! Thank you Stevie Van Zandt, Jerry Gaskill, and Ryan Star for sitting in with us!!
>> @Kristen8108: I had tears when he let us sing FIM. His reaction will forever be burned in my memory. He was so touched. What a show!
>> @Joyed_: @thedavidcook Thank you for another epic NYC concert! It was a truly beautiful experience. Come back again soon
>> @KTStop22 Katie: @thedavidcook most amazing concert I've ever been to. Thank you!
>> @chris61978: really had a great time tonight, glad I got to take my big sis @boushh2187 to see @thedavidcook great on #AI7 amazing in person!
>> @chris61978: Wow @thedavidcook that was just awesome!
>> @angeliinnax_: best concert of my life. without a doubt. I love you @thedavidcook <3
>> @RanaNYC RanaNYC: @thedavidcook My first time seeing you in concert. You blew me away.
>> @SybilT2: Absofrakinlutely fepic day. Amazing, AMAZING concert, best EVAH, with DD2.
>> @loriinsi: What an epic Dave show. I am physically exhausted...but so happy! Love him and the guys!
>> @YoSwanny: @thedavidcook thank you for an amazing show tonight. Now I'm going to need a week to recuperate!
>> @FoolsApril64: @thedavidcook @andyskib @therealdevinb @montyanderson @kylespeek Just ... F*ing EPIC! Know you felt the love.THANK YOU!! Hurry back!
>> @gmarn17: @ thedavidcook.....just wow...did we show u enough LUV?.....Cause u deserved it & more!! Til we do it again...
>> @alycoo22 @thedavidcook AMAZING show! Just AMAZING!
>> @ashleyluvzDC Omg my brother even said it was the best show ever.
>> @BeccaLambert_23 I love @thedavidcook sooooooo far THE BEST concert ever!!!!!!
>> @RanaNYC Can i see that @thedavidcook concert again please? So good. Flewww by.
>> @John_socal Best show ever
>> @NOH8_ILuvDCnSCM Omg!!!!!what an awesome show!! @thedavidcook looks way beyond hot live!!got a t-shirt of him!! ((: can't wait for the 3rd album n tour!!!
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Sampling of In-Concert Tweets/TwitPics - TWITTER FOLLOW LIST
Apologies, there will be NO live Twitter feed here during tonight's concert
>> @DallinApplebaum: @ryanstar @stevievanzant killin a beatles tune with @davidcookofficial tonight. That's a lot of "@"s on one stage
>> @musicpub: David Cook sounding amazing on Rock N Roll by Zeppelin. Little Steven on guitar.
>> @ConcertSandy: I think there was more star power & def more Rock nRoll cred at Irving Plaza them @that Jinglething! @thedavidcook @StevieVanZandt @RyanStar
>> @JimShearer: @thedavidcook with Ryan Star & Little Steven doin' some Beatles!
>> @MVZaGoGo Plant who? Page who? @thedavidcook @StevieVanZandt @RyanStar and this FAB band rockin' Zep!
>> @ConcertSandy: @RaceTaylor @ryanstar @stevievanzandt @thedavidcook 8 DAYS A WEEK! F***ing epic!!! Then some Zep! Oh dear God! Smokin hot!
>> @musicpub David Cook rocking the Beatles with Ryan Star and Little Steven
>> @musicpub Right into Heroes. Sounds great. Crowd eating it up.
>> @RanaNYC Awesome show. @thedavidcook is rocking Irving Plaza.
>> @Scamandalous: David Cook just got off the stage to give someone in the audience a hug. Things just got real menschy up in here.
>> @MusicPub: David Cook brings out King's X drummer for Dogman. Impressive. Still have that record
Photo credit: honestys_easy
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Sampling of Pre-Show Show-Related Tweets, Net Chatter, etc.
>> @musicpub Full house at Iriving Plaza for David Cook. Considering all that is happening in NY tonight, it is a good sign for him.
>> @musicpub Steven Van Zandt just walked in to the VIP section at David Cook. Who knew the E Street Band was an Idol fan?
>> @RanaNYC This place is pacckkkeeedd. #davidcook
>> @wordupnycvideo: Shooting David Cook tonight at Irving Plaza. Idol is in the building tonight Screaming girls lined up around the block
>> @thedavidcook @JimShearer you're on the list!!!
>> @JimShearer@thedavidcook I accept your official invite. I'll be there. (Can you throw me and the Mrs. on the list?)
>> @AndrewWK: It was an honor to judge “hairmageddon” on #VH1Buzz today @TheDavidCook vs @JimShearer @VH1
>> @thedavidcook: Gonna celebrate my #Vh1Buzz "Hairmageddon" victory tonight at Irving Plaza! Consider this your official invite to the party, @JimShearer!
--- --- ---
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>> ABC News: 'This Loud Morning' "American Idol" winner David Cook talks touring and running the marathon.
>> Spaces Quarterly: David Cook Finds Peace in Rock and Roll
>> Soundspike: Bruce Springsteen and Steven Van Zandt Surprise Weekend Crowds
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REMINDER: It is inappropriate to post info regarding the personal lives and/or real-time whereabouts of Dave, his band, or crew (e.g., name of hotel they are reportedly staying at, restaurant, bar, etc.) on these forums for reasons of privacy/security and posting rumors (i.e., hearsay, gossip, info without certainty as to facts) is against site policies. As always, please feel free to contact me with comments or questions. Thank you. ~L
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Flying hair to start your weekend!

Picture of a drumstick that Kyle gave to jayelgee1 at Irving Park, NYC 2011
jayelgee1 ‏@jayelgee1 31m
@pipa_SF This is Kyle's drumstick.

OMG I LOVE this photo - Dave reaching out to his fans at Irving Plaza! In B&W, too. Truly awesome. Whoever took this awesome shot - please send it on to Dave! He should see it. And thanks soooooooo much for sharing.

This DC junkie is going into DT's - last stage of DC withdrawal. Need a quick fix! Need a show!

the day I got my hug from @thedavidcook <3 #bestdayever

‏Maureen Van Zandt ‏@MVZaGoGo
... A year ago today this happened! @ryanstar @thedavidcook @StevieVanZandt #magic

New video-middle of crowd view-excellent audio! Fade Into Me-David Cook Irving Plaza 12/9/11 … via Mazie0106

WOOOT! Just found these! (jb8von)
Come Back to Me!!
and Goodbye to the Girl!!

Re-watching all the vids! Can't get enough of this show, esp. Fade Into Me, Mr. S, and 8 Days A Week/R&R!!

Newly Uploaded 8 Days a Week & Rock & Roll! (skychiefs)

Whoa! i love this video. Thanks for finding it.

pweller - thank you for all these great finds! I love coming here and seeing all the new goodies you brought.

Another Rapid Eye Movement! (xsoftball9x) Into the audience CLOSE UP!

Another Fade Into Me!! (xsoftball9x) Beautiful!

Wow! Found another Let Me Learn to Fly!! (xsoftball9x)

Another Circadian!! (xsoftball9x)

Another Heroes!! (xsoftball9x)

and another Bar-Ba-Sol!! (xsoftball9x)

from @BeccaLambert_23

Another Fade Into me with Banter! (gabicarter)

Found a new Life on the Moon!! (gabicarter)

Another Mr. Sensitive!! (gabicarter)

Another Circadian!! (gabicarter)

And Another David introducing RS and SVZ! (gabicarter)

And Rock and Roll!! (gabicarter)

Another Light On!! (gabicarter)

Rapid Eye Movement!! (gabicarter)

Bar-Ba-Sol!! (gabicarter)

Goodbye to the Girl!! (gabicarter)

David Presenting Jerry Gaskill! (gabicarter)

Let Me Fall for You!! (gabicarter)

Die for a Hug the Label is here Banter before Let Me Fall for You! (gabicarter)

Paper Heart!! (gabicarter)

I've made an mp3 of Fade Into Me, using mostly the audio from justicelvr's video, but blending in some of DblJerseyGirl's for the sing-along, and also breadmom1's to get the complete lead-in banter. Enjoy!

[MP3] Fade Into Me (David Cook Live @ Irving Plaza):
without banter:
with banter:

OMG Mr. Sensitve-Irving Plaza is THE hottest performance of that song yet, imo!! Good Lord he was on FIRE! I've never played an instrument so not up on the lingo so please bear with me here when I say "strums", but that ending part, I actually counted those rockin' "strums"...there were 15!! It was smokin' hot...that part and really all of the song! Of course the counting came in after about the 4th time watching when I recovered enough to want to count. Before that, all I could do was watch in awe and excitement. I wish SO bad that I had been at this concert. How epic was that? I've already decided that next tour, regardless of where the last concert of it is, I will BE THERE!

Thank you, everyone, for all the videos and guys are the best! I'm still catching up on videos/concerts and have finally made it here. Have only gotten through The Last Goodbye so far. I like to go in order, although I have seen the epic FIM and the ones with VanZandt because people kept tweeting them and it was too hard to wait, lol. Now I'm working my way through and just had to remark about Mr. S.! Awesomeness!!

I have somewhat of an odd question for the people that went to (or bought tickets & didn't go to) Irving Plaza.

I need a "hard" ticket from this show for an art project that I'm working on. Obviously I went to the show, but I had an eticket that I bought at the last minute. The hard ticket I was supposed to receive never got to my house- it must have gotten lost in the mail. I know not everyone is a pack rat like me (lol), so if by chance anyone has a leftover hard ticket that they didn't sell, or if you're just going to toss one out, please let me know. You can message me here on DCO, find me on Twitter (@jalyndani), or just private message me.

Thanks, everyone. I truly appreciate you taking the time to read this. What an incredible show this was...

Another Rapid Eye Movement by emchops2829!

Dogman featuring Jerry Gaskill by @breadmom1!

Goodbye to the Girl from @breadmom1!

and Bar-ba-Sol from @breadmom1!

another Banter re Sign AND Let Me Fall for You this one from @breadmom1

Another Wonderful Circadian from @breadmom1

Another Banter & 8 days from @breadmom1!

Another Mr. Sensitive from @breadmom1!

Another Paper Heart from @breadmom1!

Hug Banter before Let Me Fall for You!! (breadmom1)

and Heroes from 17Divas!!

An incredible concert, incredible videos. Thanks to everyone for capturing all of the special monents of that night. Goes without saying that I would have loved to have been there. Just watched REM for the first time...brought tears to my eyes... then his "I'm speechless banter". Just love him!!

Just uploaded a bunch of videos from this amazing concert. Got some cool stills, one which I posted here along with a glowing review You'll find all the videos on youtube channel here (still a few more to upload too).

Got a lot of banter too and if you're the girl from South Carolina who got a hug from David, my camera didn't get a close up but did captured the moment from a far. That was so cool. That David has a heart of gold!

My irving plaza recap:

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