Interesting walk down memory lane

Interesting walk down memory lane

I was doing a walk down Idol memory lane tonight and I came across a very surprising article. The author did a review of the song choices that David and Archie had to choose from for their second song of finale performance night. The author reviewed 20 songs including TOML and the 2 that David and Archie sang.

He apparently didn't have a lotta love for our dear magic rainbow and not just the song itself but the actual magic rainbow.

I thought about adding this to the DD thread but I think and hope we'll have a lot to say about it.

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I agree, David brought so much to the song. Something about his voice and the way he sings puts an edge into the song, or any of the songs he sings.

I do wonder, if David Archeleta would have sang the same song, and how it sounded. IN a way, I'm kind of glad that in David's season, they only released one version that year, and also, that we didn't hear it before the winner was announced. I think it added a lot to the impact of it.

And I think only David could have pulled off Dream Big. I heard part of the original, and the way he did it, it almost sounded like it could have been one of his songs.

My thanks as well, teenie & sylvanaire. I watched Reggie's version - made myself listen 'til the end for comparison's sake. Then David's, which was so beautiful and emotional, it always makes me emotional watching it. Just watching him - so humble, emotional, joyful, unashamedly tearful, generously giving credit to his brother and props to Archie, inviting the top 12 to share the stage with him during HIS moment, singling Archie out, singing amazingly with a voice husky with tears - makes me so proud to be his fan. God I love this man!!!

Loved seeing the video over again! It makes me cry also. I can't believe that so much time has passed and I just love David's voice more and more.....sigh. Thank you sylvanaire and teenie!! Smiling
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Thanks teenie for creating the thread. I would have totally missed this had it been buried in some other thread.

Ah, sylvanaire, thank you for posting this video. Two and a half years later and it still brings tears to my eyes from the Paula/Simon hug, to Beth's head on David's shoulder, to the "much to Simon's chagrin" word nerd comment, right through to Andrew mouthing "that's my brother" with their Nana standing off to his side. I bought the video from iTunes as soon as it was available, but it was just the song, so it's really nice to see the full video after all this time.

I remember Michael Slezak and one of his cohorts at EW did a review of all the songs submitted for the competition, and they didn't have much good to say about any of them either, lol. I'm afraid our dear Magic Rainbow is only magic when David sings it, lol.

I rest my case. *shudder*

Here's David's version, just to wash your ears out. *grin* This version of the song I'll never get tired of.

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